Taylor Dayne Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Taylor Dayne Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Tell It to My Heart
2 The Door To Your Heart (Duet With Keith Washington)
3 Love Will Lead You Back
4 You Can't Fight Fate
5 Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe
6 Heart of Stone
7 There is no heart that won't heal
8 Prove Your Love
9 Where Does That Boy Hang Out
10 How Many (wES wALLACE Dub)
11 The Fall
12 Floor On Fire (Marc Lime & K-Bastian Remix)
13 Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
14 Tell It To My Heart (Remastered)
15 Naked Without You
16 Prove Your Love (House Mix)
17 How Many (Eddie X & Spiritual Being Mix)
18 I'm over My Head
19 Floor On Fire (Zoned Out Vocal Mix)
20 Send Me a Lover
21 Can't Get Enough of Your Love (C & C extended club mix I)
22 Original Sin (theme from The Shadow)
23 How Many (The Larry K Classic Club Mix)
24 My Heart Can't Change
25 Floor On Fire (Joe Marton Extended Version)
26 Can't Get Enough of Your Love (C&C Extended Club Mix I)
27 Whatever You Want
28 Original Sin (theme from The Shadow) Film Mix
29 Tell It to My Heart (single mix)
30 Satisfied
31 Floor On Fire (Marc Lime & K-Bastian Dub Mix)
32 Up All Night
33 Whenever You Fall
34 How Many (Big Bang Radio Edit)
35 Don't Rush Me (Live)
36 Beautiful
37 Don't Rush Me (Re-recorded Version)
38 You Meant The World To Me
39 Someone Like You
40 How Many (Friburn & Urik Club Mix)
41 Dont Rush Me (Live)
42 Crash
43 How Many (Bet Boyz Vocal Dub)
44 Ain't No Good
45 Original Sin
46 How Many (Menergy's Sound Factory Vox Dub)
47 I'll Wait (Live)
48 Dedicated
49 How Many (Betboyz Vocal Dub)
50 Want Ads
51 How Many (Guido Osorio Dub)
52 Send Me a Lover (Live)
53 Kissing You
54 How Many (Guido Osario Club Mix)
55 Memories
56 Wait for Me
57 How Many (Friburn & Urik Dub)
58 How Many (Lifestylus Dub)
59 I'll Always Love You
60 Under the Bridge
61 Don't Rush Me (Re-Recorded)
62 Soul Dancing
63 Hour Of Love
64 How Many (K-Pable Mix)
65 I’ll Always Love You
66 Can't Get Enough of Your Love (Live)
67 Shelter (Live)
68 I Know the Feeling
69 Supermodel
70 How Many (Vibelicious Radio Edit)
71 Love Will Lead You Back (live)
72 Don't Rush Me
73 With Every Beat of My Heart
74 Tell It to My Heart (club mix)
75 I'll Wait
76 If You Were Mine
77 How Many (DJ Manolo & Gene Therapy Mix)
78 I'll Be Your Shelter
79 Don’t Rush Me
80 Unstoppable
81 Floor On Fire - Casey Alva Remix
82 I Could Be Good for You
83 How Many (Big Bang Mix)
84 I’ll Be Your Shelter
85 Floor On Fire (The Thin Red Men Radio Edit)
86 I'm Not Featuring You
87 Floor On Fire (Bimbo Jones Dub Mix)
88 Say A Prayer
89 Soon As My Heart Breaks
90 How Many (DJ's Inc. Mix)
91 Hymn
92 Floor On Fire (Original Radio Mix)
93 She Doesn't Love You
94 Floor On Fire (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
95 Say A Prayer (Vission Lorimer Mix)
96 Don't Make Me Love You
97 How Many (Nocturnal Minds Mix)
98 Fool to Cry
99 Floor On Fire (Joe Marton Radio Mix)
100 Stand
101 Floor On Fire (Bimbo Jones Remix)
102 I'll Wait (E-Smoove Hot Mix)
103 Love's Gonna Be On Your Side
104 How Many (Vibelicious Anthem Mix)
105 Love Chain
106 Floor On Fire (The Thin Red Men Club Mix)
107 Forever
108 Floor On Fire (Tony Marinos Club Remix)
109 Dreams
110 Floor On Fire

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