Tampa Red Lyrics

Genre: Blues

Tampa Red Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Witchin' Hour Blues
2 We Gonna Get High Together
3 I See You Can't Take It
4 No Matter How She Done It
5 Got To Leave My Woman
6 I'm Gonna Get High
7 Singing And Crying Blues
8 Worthy Of You
9 What Am I Going To Do?
10 When The One You Love Is Gone
11 Oh Babe, Oh Baby
12 I’m Gonna Put You Down
13 It’s Too Late Now
14 She Said It
15 Let Me Play with Your Poodle
16 When Things Go Wrong With You
17 Harlem Swing
18 But I Forgive You
19 It’s a Brand New Boogey
20 Taking It And Make My Get Away
21 My First Love Blues
22 That's The Way I Do
23 The Most Of Us Do
24 My Za Zu Girl
25 Look a There Look a There
26 When Things Go Wrong with You (It Hurts Me Too)
27 The Jitter Jump
28 She Wants to Sell My Monkey
29 Someday I'm Bound To Win
30 A Lie In My Heart
31 When Love Comes In
32 She’s a Cool Operator
33 Please Try to See It My Way
34 Rock It In Rhythm
35 Mean & Evil Woman
36 Sad Letter Blues
37 I Give My Love To You
38 You Stole My Heart
39 I Won’t Let Her Do It
40 Keep Jumping
41 Don’t Deal with the Devil
42 (I Could Learn To Love You) So Good
43 Pretty Baby Blues
44 Green and Lucky Blues
45 I’ll Dig You Sooner or Later
46 Happily Married
47 You Better Be Ready to Go
48 Uncle Bud (Dog-Gone Him)
49 Evalena
50 Early in the Morning
51 Roamin’ and Ramblin’
52 Nutty And Buggy Blues
53 Texas Stomp
54 You Got Me Worryin'
55 Big Stars Falling Blues
56 She’s Dynamite
57 I Know My Baby Loves Me
58 I Need You By My Side
59 Seminole Blues
60 Delta Woman Blues
61 Rambler’s Blues
62 Sweet Little Angel
63 You Better Woo Your Baby
64 Right Or Wrong
65 Wrong Idea
66 When Bad Luck Is On You
67 Deceitful Friend Blues
68 If I Don’t Find Another True Love
69 Midnight Boogie
70 Let’s Try It Again
71 My Gal Is Gone
72 It's Hard To Believe It's True
73 Cheatin' On Me
74 So Crazy About You Baby
75 I Miss My Lovin’ Blues
76 Crying Won’t Help
77 Crying Won't Help You
78 You're More Than A Palace To Me
79 If She Don’t Come Back
80 1950 Blues
81 Play Proof Woman
82 Stockyard Fire
83 Sweetest Gal In Town
84 Heck Of A How-Do-You-Do
85 So Much Trouble
86 Love Her with a Feelin’
87 Corrine Blues
88 My Baby Said Yes
89 I'm So Disappointed In You
90 Grouchy Hearted Woman
91 I’ll Never Let You Go
92 It’s Good Like That
93 Travel On
94 Detroit Blues
95 You Missed A Good Man
96 That Don't Matter Now
97 Too Late Too Long
98 New Deal Blues
99 I Got My Habits On You
100 Whoopee Mama
101 Stop Truckin' And Suzi-Q
102 Got a Mind to Leave This Town
103 That’s Her Own Business
104 Why Should I Care?
105 Mary Lou Blues
106 You Got To Learn To Do It