Tamia Lyrics

Genre: R&B

Tamia Lyrics - by Popularity

1 You Put a Move on My Heart
2 Dear John
3 Stranger in My House
4 Poetry
5 Long Distance Love
6 Who Do You Tell?
7 Make Tonight Beautiful
8 Stranger in My House (Maurices' Club Radio Mix)
9 Love Me in a Special Way
10 Can't Go For That (Remix)
11 It's A Party
12 Rain on Me
13 Me
14 Stranger in My House (So So Def Remix)
15 Why Can't It Be
16 Almost
17 Officially Missing You (Felix's Hechtic Club Mix)
18 So into You
19 Can't Get Enough
20 Offically Missing You
21 Dance My Dreams
22 Officially Missing You
23 Too Grown For That
24 Stranger In My House (Maurice's Club Radio Mix)
25 Can't Go for That
26 Imagination
27 Questions
28 Still
29 Smile
30 Love And I
31 Go
32 Become Us / Hanky Panky (Interlude)
33 Officially Missing You (Rizzo Sexy Radio)
34 Stranger in My House (Maurice's Club Anthem)
35 Have To Go Through It
36 If I Were You
37 Love Falls Over Me
38 Show Me Love
39 (They Long To Be) Close To You
40 Stranger in My House (HQ2 Club Mix Acappella)
41 Last First Kiss
42 Chaise Lounge
43 Can
44 Love & I
45 Officially Missing You (Midi Mafia Mix)
46 Beautiful Surprise
47 Sandwich and a Soda
48 This Time It's Love
49 Interlude
50 Stranger in My House (Album Version)
51 Lose My Mind
52 Nowhere
53 I'm Yours Lately
54 Give Me You
55 Lipstick
56 Why Ask Why
57 Happy
58 Day Dreaming
59 Stanger In My House
60 It's Not Fair
61 Tell Me Who
62 Special
63 Whispers
64 Believe In Love
65 Un'h...To You
66 Like You Do
67 Gotta Move
68 Whisper
69 Officially Missing You Remix
70 I'm So Into You
71 Is It Over Yet
72 Wanna Be
73 Stuck With Me
74 Become Us
75 Love I'm Yours
76 Careless Whisper
77 No Lie
78 Can't Go For That"(feat. Missy Elliott
79 Tomorrow- Tamia
80 Officially Missing You (Rizzo Global Club Mix)
81 Questions (Album Version)
82 Him
83 Falling for You
84 Day One
85 Wanna Be"(feat. Missy Elliott
86 Tomorrow (Radio Edit)
87 Protect My Heart
88 Still Love You
89 Gotta Move On
90 Black Butterfly
91 Officialy Missing you
92 Things I Collected
93 Tomorrow
94 When A Woman
95 Because of You
96 The Way I Love You
97 More
98 This Christmas
99 Single
100 Is That You?
101 Tamia
102 Into You
103 The Christmas Song
104 Can't No Man
105 No Way
106 Loving You Still
107 Party
108 Mr. Cool
109 Sittin' On The Job
110 Happy / Every Part of Me (Interlude)
111 Never Gonna Let You Go
112 On My Way

Tamia Bio

Tamia Hill (born Tamia Marylin Washington on May 9, 1975), professionally known as Tamia, is a Canadian-American Grammy-nominated R&B singer. She first gained prominence at age 19 for contributing to "You Put a Move on My Heart," the first single from Quincy Jones' 1995 album Q's Jook Joint.

She is best known for her 2000 hit "Stranger In My House" and Fabolous' 2003 song "Into You", sampling her 1998 song "So Into You", from her debut album.

Tamia was born to a teenage African Canadian mother. She grew up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada with her brothers Tiras, Tajhee and Trajan. Although having a start in the traditional gospel choir, she soon developed an interest in singing popular music as a solo artist. At first only aspiring to be a vocal coach, she began singing in Southern Ontario, performing "We're Gonna Make It" on the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children Telethon in 1993. She soon earned a reputation and several awards, including the YTV Vocal Achievement Award in 1993. The following year, she won the Steve Ross Music Scholarship at the American Academy of Achievement's Annual Salute to Excellence in 1994. Her star ascending, she embarked on a trip to Los Angeles where her voice caught the attention of producer Quincy Jones at a 1994 award show after party.

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