T.I. Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

T.I. Lyrics - by Popularity

1 On Top Of The World(feat. Ludacris And B.o.B.)
2 Motivation
3 I Know You Missed Me
4 Act I (T.I.P.)
5 Front Back
6 Dead And Gone
7 King Back
8 T.I. Vs. T.I.P.
9 Whatever You Like
10 Asap (Remix Feat. P$c)
11 What You Know
12 Act II: T.I.
13 What You Say To Me
14 Remember Me
15 Swing Your Rag
16 Pledge Allegiance To The Swag
17 Dope Man
18 Look What I Got
19 My Life, Your Entertainment
20 Show It To Me
21 Be Easy
22 No Matter What
23 Layin\' Down Da Trap
24 Hustlin'
25 You Know What It Is
26 Life Of The Party
27 Swing Ya Rag
28 Goodbye My Dear
29 Live Your Life (EP)
30 Yeah
31 Hello
32 I'm Talkin' To You
33 Be Better Than Me
34 Goodlife
35 Why You Wanna
36 Top Back
37 Big Things Poppin' (Do It)
38 I'm Illy
39 Yeah Ya Know (Takers)
40 Tha King (Explicit Album Version)
41 Porn Star
42 Hands Up
43 Do It
44 Slide Show
45 Dope Boyz
46 Told You So
47 Get Ya Shit Together
48 Bring Em Out
49 Chooz U
50 What You Know (Clean)
51 My Swag
52 Chillin' With My Bitch
53 Let Me Tell You Something
54 Stand Up
55 Tell 'Em I Said That
56 Ride Wit Me
57 I'm A King
58 Da Dopeman
59 No Sweat
60 I Can't Quit
61 Prayin' for Help
62 Swagga Like Us
63 No No No (Remix)
64 T.I. - you dont know me(dirty)
65 No More Talk
66 Long Live da Game
67 Never Scared
68 Hurt
69 Ready For Whatever
70 Ya Hear Me
71 You Ain't Missing Nothing
72 What Happened?
73 Can You Learn
74 24’s
75 Let Your Heart Go (Break My Soul)
76 Pimp
77 KingOfDaSouth (Explicit Album Version)
78 Rubber Band Man (Remix)
79 Swing Ya Rag - feat. Swizz Beatz
80 She's So Fly
81 Every Chance I Get
82 24's (Master Radio)
83 Top Back Remix (feat. Young Jeezy, Young Dro, Big Kuntry King, B.G.)
84 Bitches, Bottles
85 Chillin With My Bitch Ft Jazze
86 Like I Do
87 Castle Walls - feat. Christina Aguilera
88 Hi Hater (Remix) [feat. Maino, Swizz Beatz, Plies, Jadakiss]
89 A Better Day
90 Hot Nigga Freestyle
91 Million Dollar Misfits
92 Go Get It
93 Fireworks (feat. Tyrese)
94 I See Ghost (feat. Future)
95 Different From Others
96 Dope Boys
97 Lets Get Away
98 You Can Tell How I Walk
99 This Time Of Night
100 What They Do
101 We Do This
102 Celebrate
103 Swagga Like Us - T.I. and Jay-Z feat. Kanye West and Lil' Wayne
104 Dying In Your Arms
105 King of da South
106 Yeah Ya Know
107 Money Talk
108 Sorry (Single)
109 Why You Wanna (Radio Version)
110 Hold Up
111 Got Your Back - feat. Keri Hilson
112 Err-Body (feat. B.o.B, Young Dro, Trae Tha, Truth, Shad Da God)
113 How Life Changed
114 Good Life
115 Sugar Cane
116 Bitches Bottles Remix
117 ビッグ・シングス・ボッピン(ドゥ・イット)
118 Be Better Than Me (Explicit Album Version)
119 Why You Wanna (Explicit Version)
120 Welcome Back to the Trap
121 Oh Yeah
122 In A Nutshell
123 Praying For Help
124 I'm Serious (The Lil Jon Remix - Club Mix)
125 Slide Show - feat. John Legend
126 Deuces
127 Big Things Poppin' (Do It) [International Radio Edit]
128 I'm Flexin' (feat. Big K.R.I.T.)
129 Intro (The M)
130 Ready Set Go [feat. Killer Mike]
131 I'm Straight
132 Trap Muzik - feat. Mac Boney Explicit
133 Fcks (feat. B.o.B, Chip, Travis Scott & Tha Truth)
134 I Can't Help It
135 I Don't Know
136 I Don't Like
137 Trap Back Jumping
138 I'm Back (Bonus Track)
139 We Don't Get Down Like Y'all
140 Spazz Out
141 No Mediocre
142 Jeezy Speaks
143 Let's Get Away (Revised Edited Album Version) [Old Hook]
144 Get Yo Girl (feat. Rich Kid Rashad)
145 Party People
146 You Know Who
147 Super Freak
148 Heavy Chevys
149 Pledge Allegiance (feat. Rick Ross)
150 Yeah (feat. Lil Wayne)
151 Been Doing This
152 You Ain't Missin' Nothing
153 Magic
154 Let's Get Away - Revised Explicit /Old Hook
155 G.D.O.D (feat. Big Kuntry & Doe B)
156 Strip
157 Get Some
158 King
159 Bury Me A G
160 The Introduction
161 The Way We Ride
162 About the Money
163 Thats Right (feat.Big Kuntri)
164 Whatcha Saying Tip?
165 Ain't Gonna See It
166 Who What When
167 Trap Muzik (Featuring Mac Boney) (Explicit Album Version)
168 Big S**t Poppin' (Do It)
169 F*ck Da City Up (feat. Young Jeezy)
170 Go Get It (Single)
171 Live In The Sky
172 Still Ain't Forgave Myself
173 What Up, What's Haapnin'
174 Broadcast Live
175 Plain Jane (feat. Gucci Mane, Rocko)
176 Got Your Back
177 Hell of a Life
178 Rubber Band Man - Explicit + Buster Skit
179 Problems (feat. B.o.B & Mac Boney)
180 Salute
181 Get It
182 In The Jungle
183 Cruisin'
184 No Mediocre (feat. Iggy Azalea)
185 I'm Flexin'
186 U Don't Know Me
187 Yeah You Know (Takers)
188 Peanut Butter Jelly
189 Piss'n On Your Ego
190 Freak Though
191 Yeah Ya Know (TAKERS) [Bonus Track]
192 Hot Wheels (feat. Travis Porter, Young Dro)
193 Feeling You
194 Stand Up Guy
195 The One
196 Ain't Gonna See It Coming
197 Leaving With Me (feat. Chris Brown)
198 Daydreaming
199 Whatever You Like (EP)
200 Live Your Life
201 Bezzle - feat. Eightball & MJG, Bun B of UGK Explicit
202 Only Atlanta (feat. Young Jeezy & Shad da God)
203 Everything On Me
204 Murda Bizness
205 I Do This
206 Addresses
207 New National Anthem
208 Here Ye, Hear Ye (Single)
209 Once Upon a Time
210 Dope (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)
211 Harry Potter D.O.P.E
212 Bitch Who
213 Where They At
214 On Purpose (feat. Trouble, Rich Kidd Shad)
215 Trouble Man
216 Big Shit Poppin' (Do It)
217 Ya Hear Me (Bonus Track)
218 Check, Run It
219 Fighting Words (feat. Trae Tha Truth, Juicy J)
220 Welcome To The World
221 I Ain't Goin
222 Bankhead (feat. P$C and Young Dro)
223 Yeap (feat. B.o.B, Trae & Young Dro)
224 Lay Me Down
225 What's Happening
226 Who Want Some
227 Stay
228 Here Ye, Hear Ye
229 ASAP
230 Whether You Like It or Not
231 Bring Em Out (Rolling Stone Original Version)
232 I See Ghost's
233 Why You Mad At Me
234 On Top of the World
235 Who What When (feat. Meek Mill)
236 Wave Hello
237 Respect This Hustle
238 Soldiers
239 Price of Fame
240 Get Ya Shit Together (feat. Lil' Kim)
241 Spend It (feat. 2 Chainz)
242 Kill Em All
243 King And Queen
244 OG Bobby Johnson (Remix)
245 My Potna
246 Chasing Me (feat. Iggy Azalea, Young Dro & Kris Strephens)
247 Rubber Band Man
248 Don't You Wanna Be High
249 Big Things Poppin' (Do It) [Instrumental]
250 Hallelujah
251 G' Shit
252 Pyro
253 Why U Mad At Me (Explicit Album Version)
254 Celebration
255 Blackman (Ft. Quavo, Meek Mill & Ra Ra)
256 I'll Show You
257 Freak Though ft. Pharrell
258 I Know You Missed Me (Bonus Track)
259 Piss'n On Your Ego (feat. B.o.B.)
260 Who I Shall Be Sorry For
261 Raw
262 I Need Dollas
263 Stand Up (feat. Trick Daddy, Lil Jon & Lil Wayne) - Screwed Version
264 I Do (feat. Young Dro, Big Kuntry King)
265 Get Back Up
266 Danny Glover
267 Trap Back Jumpin
268 Bugatti (feat. Ace Hood, Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz & Future)
269 You Dont Know Me
270 Doin' My Job
271 Do This
272 Follow Your Dreams
273 Private Show
274 I'm Flexin' (Single)
275 Here We Go Again
276 Switchin Lanes (Ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Trev Case)
277 Oh Yeah (from Fuck Da City Up Mixtape, 2012)
278 What's Yo Name
279 Whatcha Sayin TIP
280 I'll Show You (feat. Pusha T)
281 Fight Music
282 The Greatest
283 Hero
284 Bring Em Out - Amended
285 Cream (feat. Maino, Meek Mill)
286 All She Wrote
287 Flying with Angels
288 Propane
289 Blocka (feat. French Montana, Meek Mill & Young Dro)
290 My Life
291 Countdown
292 Bounce Like This
293 Don't Like
294 Like That
295 Jet Fuel
296 We Don't Get Down Like Ya'll
297 Love This Life
298 40 Acres (Ft. B Rossi & Killer Mike)
299 Popped Off
300 Kingofdasouth
301 F*ck Da City Up (Outro)
302 Oh Yeah (feat. Trey Songz)
303 Ball
304 Trap Muzik
305 Rydin'
306 Get Back Up - feat. Chris Brown
307 Topless (feat. Dr. Dre, Nas)
308 No Mercy
309 I Can't Be Your Man
310 Why You Wanna (Acappella)
311 Project Steps
312 All Gold Everything 2013 (feat. 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, Trinidad James)
313 Rubberband Man
314 Bezzle
315 Mob
316 24's
317 Paperwork
318 Intro
319 Jeezy Speaks (Interlude)
320 I Swear
321 Outro
322 Watch What You Say
323 56 Bars (Intro)
324 F*ck Da City Up (Intro)
325 Popped Off (feat. Dr. Dre)
326 Guns and Roses
327 T.I. - Why You Mad At Me
328 Bring 'Em Out (Edited Version)
329 That's All She Wrote - feat. Eminem
330 No Competition (feat. Young Jeezy)
331 Big Picture
332 Why You Wanna (A Cappella)
333 Wit Me
334 I'm Serious (Club Mix)
335 F….k Da City Up (feat. Young Jeezy)
336 Limelight
337 Bankhead
338 Fighting Words
339 Let's Get Away
340 About My Issue
341 Fuck Da City Up
342 Stunt'n Like A Fool
343 Warzone
344 So Close
345 Touch Down
346 I Know You Missed Me (Bonus Version)
347 Be Easy - Edited
348 Why You Wanna (VSO)
349 Why U Mad At Me
350 Big Things Poppin' (Do It) [Live from the Riviera Theatre]
351 No Mercy - feat. The-Dream
352 Grand Finale (feat. Lil Jon, Bun B, Jadakiss, Nas, Ice Cube)
353 Amazing
354 Bring Em Out (Screwed Version)
355 Why You Wanna (Benztown Remix Explicit)
356 Collect Call
357 I’m a Boss (Remix) [feat. Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Swizz Beatz]
358 I'm Back
359 Wonderful Life
360 That's What I Thought
361 At Ya' Own Risk
362 Hot Wheels
363 Let Em' Talk
364 Mr. Kodak
365 We Will Not
366 Hear Ye' Hear Ye'
367 Whatever You Live
368 What You Know (Instrumental)
369 Let's Get Away - Revised Edited /Old Hook
370 We In This Bitch
371 Undertaker
372 My Type
373 ASAP (Live from the Riviera Theatre)
374 Strip - feat. Young Dro & Trey Songz
375 I Do This (feat. Rico Love, DJ Khaled, Trae Tha Truth)
376 Poppin' Bottles
377 Hotel
378 Prayin for Help (Screwed Version)
379 Go Get It Remix
380 Right Now
381 Loud Mouth (feat. 2 Chainz)
382 Wild Side
383 Make You Sweat
384 On Doe, On Phil
385 Loud Mouth
386 Rubberbandman
387 What You Know (Radio Version)
388 On Top Of The World - feat. Ludacris & B.o.B
389 Grand Hustle Kings
390 Dead & Gone
391 Whatever You Like (Live from the VMAs Version)
392 Wit Me (feat. Lil Wayne)
393 Harry Potter
394 You Ain't Fly
395 My Dear
396 Whatever You Like (Live from the VMAs)
397 Amazing - feat. Pharrell
398 Harry Potter (feat. D.O.P.E.)
399 Castle Walls
400 Help Is Coming
401 Turn It
402 I Got That Sack
403 Live Your Life (Radio Edit)
404 This Time of Night (feat. Nelly)
405 Whatever You Like (Skribble & Acid's Rock Mix)
406 Sorry
407 Way That You Want It
408 Light Em Up (RIP Doe B)
409 On Purpose
410 Why You Wanna (Benztown Remix)
411 My Life Your Entertainment - feat. Usher
412 That's All She Wrote
413 I Still Luv You
414 Big S**t Poppin' - Do It Explicit
415 G Season
416 Get Loose (Featuring Nelly) (Explicit Album Version)
417 My Air Forces
418 Rubber Band Man (Buster Skit)
419 Poppin Bottles - feat. Drake
420 End of The Road (feat. Jim Jones, Bun B)
421 Did You Forget
422 Wnna Win
423 Pull Up
424 Whatever You Like (Radio Edit)
425 Magic (feat. Future)

T.I. Albums

T.I. Bio

Father, astute businessman, fashion icon, King of the South, future Hollywood A-Lister, and hip-hop standard bearer. With all these titles, no wonder Atlanta, GA native Clifford Harris needs two monikers to tell his whole story. And with the release of the year's most anticipated rap album, T.I. vs. TIP, we get both sides of one of contemporary music's most compelling characters.

"It's really a conceptual LP," T.I. explains. "Some would say I have a dual personality: calm, cool, collected one minute, and ready to take somebody who violates' head off the next. I'm just taking the time out to illustrate both my personas. T.I. is definitely more laid back, more on the business side; he's a more suave cat. He came out on songs like 'Let's Get Away,' 'Why You Wanna,' and 'Get Loose.' Tip, that's a cat that's somewhat of a loose cannon. He's been reflected on records like 'U Don't Know Me,' 'Bring Em Out,' 'Rubber Band Man,' even 'Soldier' with Destiny's Child."

In reality, for those who really know him, T.I. has been called Tip way longer than he has by the stage name the world is familiar with. Tip is the name he's had since he was a child. It wasn't until later in life, when he signed his first record deal with Arista Records, that he had to drop the 'P' and switch to T.I. - because the label was also home to the more established MC at the time, Q-Tip, from the legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest.

Since his 2001 debut LP, I'm Serious, T.I. has become one of the rare hip-hop artists who can not only say that his fan base and his record sales have increased with each new release, but that the critical accolades have continued to flow as well. His hard work and consistency was finally recognized earlier this year with the most high-profile nods of praise in his career so far - a pair of Grammy Awards.

In 2006, T.I. - who was given the nickname King of the South by fans and his peers years ago - graduated to the next level of royalty, King of Rap. His fourth Grand Hustle/Atlantic album in five years, King, was by far the top-selling hip-hop album of the year and if you had an ear to the streets, undoubtedly the most-played. At the same time, Tip proved to be just as potent a guest star, with cameos that dominated radio and music video outlets, including his appearance on Justin Timberlake's Grammy-winning "My Love."

If you ask the thought-provoking MC if he's satisfied with his success, he'll tell you it's not enough. Yes, he is grateful for all the support, but he still feels he has way more to offer and is far from being content. T.I. vs. TIP is his most eclectic project to date and finds the rap icon at the apex of lyrical skill. The album is broken into three parts. Songs by Tip open up the opus, then records by T.I. take center stage. Towards the end, the listener has a front row seat to one of the great epic sparring matches ever, as both T.I. and Tip are featured together. Along the way, both T.I. and TIP enlist such friends as Eminem, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Justin Timberlake, Timberland, Ciara, and Wyclef as tag team partners.

The first single, "Big Things Poppin," is a Mannie Fresh production - a brash anthem that trumpets Tip's triumphs and puts everything inconsequential to rest.

"Big sh-poppin and little sh-stopping," Tip declares, bringing a level of energy paramount to his and Fresh's previous hit collabos like "Top Back." "Do it like a ball player when you see me ballin...," he adds on the song. "...Pullin' out that pistol nigga, who you think you finnin to scare, 20 rounds of missiles will have you pissin' in your underwear."

"Basically, I'm just telling people that everything I do or I say I'm going to do, I back up. There are a lot of individuals out there who can't say the same. Also, after all the success I have attained for myself, there are still some people out there who want to doubt me, which is cool, but I love to shut them up."

Almost a definite second single is "U Know What It Is," which has Tip teaming up with the tenured, versatile maestro, Wyclef Jean. Rich with Jean's Caribbean bravado and Tip's trap-instilled poise, the track infuses Down South bounce with a worldly look that will undoubtedly shake the clubs to their foundations this summer.

Meanwhile, "Swagger," another Wyclef production, gives a lesson on what separates T.I. from everyone else, his mojo so to speak. "You couldn't duplicate this if I told you how to," he raps.

Khao, who came up with the track for "Why You Wanna," from King, helms the beat on "Life of the Party," where T.I. reflects on his rowdier days and tells of his modern-day tribulations of shaking off haters and ducking riff raff just to enjoy himself when he goes out.

Other producers contributing to the project include Danja, Street Runner, and even Tip himself. "I've done a few tracks for my previous albums that some people may or may not have noticed, but I have a team and we do some things," he said modestly. "I'm really trying to get my hands into all aspects of entertainment, not just rapping. I can multi-task."

Last year, multi-tasking became a must for Tip. As he continued to keep a controlling stake in the music business, he also made his critically acclaimed Hollywood acting debut in the coming of age dramedy "ATL." T.I. starred as Rashad, one of four childhood friends who escapes the pressures of being a man of the house, of his senior year in high school, and of finding his way in life by going to the roller rink every weekend with his friends. As audiences discovered, roller-skating was just a small part of the film, as themes of responsibility, love, and loyalty were brought to the forefront.

Tip's turn at acting was so well received, he became one of the most admired young stars in Hollywood and for his follow-up role, he was chosen to appear alongside Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington. The two will be featured as uncle and nephew in the upcoming "American Gangster," slated to hit theaters in November.

Besides being an artist in the recording studio and on the silver screen, T.I. has several businesses off the ground, including his record label Grand Hustle - home to such artists as the Mixtape King, DJ Drama, Big Kuntry, and the platinum-certified Yung Dro - and his clothing line created with his manager Jason Jeter, AKOO (A King of Oneself).

"I'm not stopping," Tip states. "Yes, I've come very far from where I was on my first album, but I consider this just a small measure of success. I'm always going to continue to strive to be the best."

And whether he goes by T.I. or Tip, he already has quite a story to tell.

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