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Genre: Pop

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1 17
2 The Postcard
3 Something Good
4 Kiss Me (extended version)
5 She Loves Me
6 The Girl of the Year
7 Icing on the Cake (remix)
8 Julie Christie
9 You Are
10 The World at Large Alone (remix)
11 Masterpiece
12 Kiss Me (US mix)
13 She Makes Me Quiver
14 Done For
15 Jane
16 Hollywood Wives
17 Kiss Me (1982) (Unidentified Bob Lamb mix)
18 Icing on the Cake
19 The Deal
20 A Masterpiece
21 Cocksure
22 Galaxy
23 Holes in My Shoes
24 Kiss Me (1985)
25 What If I Fell in Love With You?
26 But Is It Art?
27 Nathalie
28 Vision Of Bliss
29 Baby Impossible
30 Wednesday Jones (Dixie)
31 One Day One of These Fucks Will Change Your Life
32 The Darkest Blues
33 Hey Kat!
34 In This Twilight (long)
35 I Love You
36 Mao Badge
37 Be There
38 House Of Flowers
39 Broken Home
40 Blasted With Ecstasy
41 Comedown
42 Believe in Me
43 Holding Hands With Grace
44 Love's Duet
45 Love Is Driving Me Insane
46 London Girls
47 Sugar High
48 The Disenchanted
49 Push It
50 It Sparkles!
51 Kiss Me (1983)
52 Needle Mythology
53 Mr. 20th Century Man
54 Totem
55 Barbarellas
56 Natalie
57 Kiss Me (Mixe Plural) (1984 version)
58 A Child Is Waiting
59 The Waitress' Story
60 Autopsy
61 World At Large Alone
62 She Wants to Share Her Magic
63 Kiss Me (12" mix)
64 The Kids on Every Corner
65 A Vision of Bliss
66 Lovers Beware
67 Twenty Three
68 Music in Colours
69 A Lot Of Ink
70 Ghetto Child
71 Wednesday Jones
72 The Sugar On The Pill
73 Holte End Hotel
74 Unkiss That Kiss
75 Starfit
76 The World At Large Alone
77 Tabitha's Island
78 Charlotte's Conversations
79 When You Go To Bed
80 Rachel
81 Something Special
82 Eucharist
83 In The Evening Of Her Day
84 A Fall From the Sky
85 She Freak
86 Natalie (feat. Nigel Kennedy)
87 Love Station
88 Kiss Me With Your Mouth
89 Kiss Me
90 Smitten
91 Sunday Supplement
92 We'll Never Argue
93 She Belongs To All

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Stephen Duffy Bio

Stephen Anthony James Duffy (born 30 May 1960, Alum Rock, Birmingham, England) is an English singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He was a founding member and vocalist/bassist of Duran Duran. He went on to record as a solo performer under several different names, and is the singer and songwriter for The Lilac Time with his older brother Nick. He has also co-written with Robbie Williams and Steven Page.

While attending the School of Foundation Studies & Experimental Workshop at Birmingham Polytechnic (now Birmingham City University) Duffy met John Taylor. Together they formed the group Duran Duran, along with Taylor's childhood friend, Nick Rhodes. While Taylor was the guitarist (later switching to bass) and Rhodes played the synthesizer, Duffy was the band's vocalist/lyricist and bassist. He left both the school and the band in 1979, before Duran Duran signed with EMI in 1980.

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