Smokey Robinson Lyrics

Genre: R&B

Smokey Robinson Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Ooh Baby Baby
2 The Tears Of A Clown
3 Way Over There (1960)
4 Who's Gonna Take The Blame
5 One Time
6 Please Don't Take Your Love
7 Really Gonna Miss You
8 Point It Out
9 More Love
10 Don't Know Why
11 You're The One For Me
12 Being With You
13 That Place
14 Shop Around
15 Love Bath
16 Who's Lovin' You (1960)
17 Doggone Right
18 I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying
19 I Love Your Face
20 You're Just My Life
21 A Fork In The Road
22 Oh Be My Love
23 The Composer
24 Quiet Storm
25 Cruising
26 Quiet Storm (Groove Boutique Remix)
27 Time Flies
28 The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage
29 Mickey's Monkey
30 The Agony and the Ecstasy
31 I'm On the Outside (Looking In)
32 Baby Come Close
33 Going To A Go-Go
34 Just To See Her Again
35 Just My Soul Responding
36 An Old Fashioned Man
37 Baby, Baby Don't Cry
38 Daylight & Darkness
39 The Tracks Of My Tears (Featuring Elton John)
40 Ooo Baby Baby
41 Night And Day
42 Sweet Harmony
43 Love Will Set You Free
44 Get Out Of Town
45 I'm Loving You Softly
46 You Really Got A Hold On Me (Featuring Steven Tyler)
47 Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
48 Aqui Con Tigo
49 Castles Made Of Sand
50 Cruisin'
51 It's A Good Night
52 My Girl (Featuring Miguel, Aloe Blacc, JC Chasez)
53 Wanna Know My Mind
54 Into Each Rain Some Life Must Fall
55 So In Love
56 I Love The Nearness Of You
57 Whatcha Gonna Do?
58 Cruisin' (Featuring Jessie J)
59 I've Got You Under My Skin
60 Asleep On My Love
61 Wine, Women And Song
62 Open
63 I Don't Blame You At All
64 The Hurt's On You
65 Satisfy You
66 Quiet Storm (Featuring John Legend)
67 My Girl Has Gone
68 I Am I Am
69 Melody Man
70 When You Came
71 I Second That Emotion
72 Ever Had A Dream
73 The Way You Do (The Things You Do) (Featuring Ceelo Green)
74 Just Passing Through
75 I Want To Be Your Love
76 Do Like I Do
77 If You Can Want
78 Get Ready
79 Being With You (Featuring Mary J. Blige)
80 You Go To My Head
81 Wedding Song
82 A Tattoo
83 Food For Thought
84 Baby That's Backatcha
85 Just to See Her
86 Share It
87 Ain't That Peculiar (Featuring James Taylor)
88 You've Really Got a Hold On Me
89 Oh Girl
90 The Family Song
91 If You Wanna Make Love (Come 'Round Here)
92 Like Nobody Can
93 After You Put Back The Pieces (I'll Still Have A Broken Heart)
94 Yes It's You Lady
95 The Tears Of A Clown (Featuring Sheryl Crow)
96 Let Me Be the Clock
97 It's Her Turn To Live
98 Who's Sad
99 Coincidentally
100 Tears Of A Clown
101 I Can't Find
102 Ooh Baby Baby (Featuring Ledisi)
103 Special Occasion
104 Much Better Off
105 The Love Between Me And My Kids
106 Can't Fight Love
107 Why You Wanna See My Bad Side
108 Noel
109 Mama You're My Daddy Too
110 Get Ready (Featuring Gary Barlow)
111 The Tracks Of My Tears
112 Virgin Man
113 You Are Forever
114 Love So Fine
115 Girlfriend
116 Our Love Is Here To Stay
117 One Heartbeat
118 When The Words From My Heart Get Caught Up In My Throat
119 She's Only A Baby Herself
120 As You Do
121 Feeling You, Feeling Me
122 Just My Imagination
123 Holly
124 Fulfill Your Need
125 I Hear The Children Singing
126 Madame X
127 What's In Your Life For Me
128 Medley: Never My Love / Never Can Say Goodbye
129 Happy
130 Heavy On Pride (Light On Love)
131 Shoe Soul
132 Travelin' Through
133 Cruisin Together
134 A Silent Partner In A Three-Way Love Affair
135 Love Letters
136 Trying It Again
137 Vitamin U
138 Crusin'

Smokey Robinson Bio

William "Smokey" Robinson, Jr. (born February 19, 1940) is an American R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, and former record executive. Robinson was the founder and front man of the Motown vocal group The Miracles, for which he also served as the group's chief songwriter and producer. Robinson led the group from its 1955 origins as The Five Chimes until 1972 when he announced a retirement from the stage to focus on his role as Motown's vice president.

However, Robinson returned to the music industry as a solo artist the following year, later having solo hits such as "Baby That's Backatcha", "A Quiet Storm", "The Agony and the Ecstasy", "Cruisin'", "Being With You" and "Just to See Her". Following the sale of Motown Records in 1988, Robinson left Motown in 1990. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

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