Small Factory Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Small Factory Bio

American indie rock band formed in 1991 and based in Providence, R.I.. The group was well regarded as an exemplar of 1990s indie rock although they never achieved great success or influence. The band broke up in 1995, and Dave Auchenbach formed Flora Street, while the other two members continued working together as The Godrays. Phoebe Summersquash later voiced a character on the TV series Downtown, and in 2005 appeared in Sarah Silverman's film "Jesus Is Magic." Alex Kemp moved to Chicago and formed the band Assassins with Joe Cassidy, Aaron Miller, Merritt Lear and David Golitko. After signing with the major label Arista, the album was subsequently never released as the label's president L.A. Reid was fired and the holding company, BMG, briefly closed the company. He then moved to Los Angeles and became Creative Director for Hum Music.