Slim Harpo Lyrics

Genre: Blues

Slim Harpo Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Rainin' In My Heart
2 Mohair Sam
3 Rain' in My Heart (Remastered)
4 What a Dream
5 Ive Got Love If You Want It
6 Blues Hang-Over (Remastered)
7 Baby Scratch My Back
8 Blues Hangover
9 I'm a King Bee (Live Version)
10 You'll Be Sorry One Day (Remastered)
11 Don’t Start Cryin’ Now
12 I'm a King Bee
13 Buzz Me Babe (Remastered)
14 Dream Girl
15 I’m a King Bee
16 Don't Start Cryin' Now (Remastered)
17 Folsom Prison Blues
18 My Home is a Prison
19 I'm a Kingbee
20 One More Day (Remastered)
21 I Got Love If You Want It
22 Moody Blues
23 I’m a King Bee (Digitally Remastered)
24 I Got Love If You Want It (Remastered)
25 This Ain’t No Place For Me
26 Snoopin’ Around
27 I'm A King Bee (Digitally Remastered)
28 Late Last Night (Remastered)
29 One of These Days
30 Blues Hangover - Single Version
31 Rainin' in My Heart (Live)
32 That Ain’t Your Business
33 I Got Love If You Want It - Single Version
34 I'm A King Bee (Live)
35 Things Gonna Change
36 Baby Scratch My Back - Single Version
37 I’m A King Bee (Remastered)
38 Wonderin’ And Worryin’
39 I'm a King Bee (2nd Take) [Live]
40 I'm a King Bee (Remastered)
41 Strange Love
42 I Got Love If You Want It (Live - Alternate Edit)
43 Loving You (The Way I Do)
44 Rainin' in My Heart (overdubbed version)
45 You’ll Be Sorry One Day
46 Bobby Sox Baby
47 Raining in My Heart
48 One More Day
49 Bobbysox Baby
50 Rain' in My Heart
51 Buzz Me Babe
52 I Got Love If You Want It (Live)
53 What a Dream (Remastered)
54 Late Last Night
55 I've Got Love If You Want It

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