Slaughter Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Slaughter Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Burnin' Bridges
2 Desperately
3 Mad About You
4 Real Love
5 Eye To Eye
6 Move To The Music
7 You Are The One
8 Rocky Mountain Way
9 Days Gone By - 2003 Digital Remaster
10 Strappado (live)
11 Hard to Say Goodbye
12 Stuck On You
13 Live Like There's No Tomorrow
14 Hold On - 2003 Digital Remaster
15 Nocturnal Hell
16 Mad About You (Live)
17 Old Man
18 Get Used to It (Live)
19 Days Gone By - Acoustic;2003 Digital Remaster
20 Tyrant of Hell
21 Spend My Life (Live)
22 Dance For Me Baby
23 Dance for Me (Live)
24 Fly To The Angels - Live
25 Parasites
26 Tortured Souls
27 Take Me Away
28 The Wild Life
29 Breakdown n' Cry
30 Strappado
31 Nothin Left to Lose
32 Do Ya Know
33 Tongue 'N' Groove
34 Up All Night - Live
35 F.O.D. (Fuck of Death)
36 Dance for Me
37 Revolution
38 Fly To The Angels
39 The Curse
40 Heaven It Cries
41 Guck
42 Spend My Life
43 Disintegrater
44 Shake This Place
45 Heat of the Moment
46 Days Gone By
47 Incinerator
48 Streets Of Broken Hearts
49 You're My Everything
50 Hold On
51 The Curse (live)
52 Times They Change
53 I'm Gone
54 Reach For The Sky - 2003 Digital Remaster
55 Tortured Souls (live)
56 Reach For The Sky
57 Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
58 Up All Night
59 Nocturnal Hell (live)
60 Hard to Say Good-Bye
61 Disintegrator
62 Incinerator (live)
63 Gave Me Your Heart
64 American Pie
65 Fly To The Angels - 2003 Digital Remaster
66 F.O.D.
67 Move to the Music (Live)
68 Loaded Gun
69 Can We Find A Way
70 Out For Love - 2003 Digital Remaster
71 Tales of the Macabre
72 Real Love (Live)
73 She Wants More
74 That's Not Enough
75 Out For Love
76 The Wild Life - 2003 Digital Remaster
77 Tales of the Macabre (live)
78 Shout It Out (Live)

Slaughter Bio

Slaughter is an American hard rock/glam metal band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum. The band reached stardom in 1990 with their first album, Stick It to Ya which spawned several hit singles including "Up All Night", "Spend My Life", "Mad About You", and the power ballad "Fly to the Angels". The album reached double platinum status in the United States.

Slaughter first formed in Las Vegas, Nevada at the height of glam metal's dominance over MTV and rock radio. Achieving popularity at the tail end of the movement, Slaughter's day in the spotlight proved to be bright but fickle and brief. They have, however, continued to record and tour.

The band formed in 1988 out of the ashes of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum's previous group, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, which had featured the titular lead guitarist. Slaughter and Strum completed the lineup by recruiting lead guitarist Tim Kelly and drummer Blas Elias. Their debut album Stick It to Ya saw 3 songs hit the Billboard Hot 100: "Fly to the Angels" (#19), "Up All Night" (#27), and "Spend My Life" (#39).

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