Skyclad Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Skyclad Lyrics - by Popularity

1 A Bellyful Of Emptiness
2 Still Spinning Shrapnel
3 Jeopardy
4 Skyclad
5 Cardboard City
6 Land Of The Rising Slum
7 Black Summer Rain
8 The Once Piece Puzzle
9 Superculture
10 Tunnel Visionaries
11 Quantity Time
12 A Well-Travelled Man
13 Men Of Straw
14 Intro: Pagan Man [1:00]
15 Ring Stone Round
16 Hit List
17 Salt On The Earth (Another Man's Poison)
18 Another Fine Mess
19 In The... All Together
20 The Wickedest Man In The World
21 Brimstone Ballet
22 Trance Dance (A Dreamtime Walkabout) [5:29]
23 Eirenarch
24 My Mother In Darkness
25 Thinking Allowed
26 Desperanto (A Song For Europe?)
27 A Room Next Door
28 Bury Me
29 No Deposit, No Return
30 Halo Of Flies
31 Emerald
32 Think Back And Lie Of England
33 Penny Dreadful
34 A Well Beside The River
35 A Dog In The Manger
36 Just What Nobody Wanted
37 When All Else Fails
38 The Antibody Politic
39 A Broken Promised Land
40 Science Never Sleeps
41 Words Upon The Street
42 The One Piece Puzzle
43 Alone In Death's Shadow
44 Snake Charming
45 Civil War Dance
46 The Present Imperfect
47 Still Small Beer
48 The Cradle Will Fall
49 Karmageddon (The Suffering Silence)
50 The Sinful Ensemble
51 Gammadion Seed
52 Turncoat Rebellion
53 War and Disorder
54 The Wrong Song
55 A Minute's Piece
56 A Near Life Experience
57 Sins Of Emission
58 Moongleam And Meadowsweet [4:35]
59 Babakoto
60 Dance of the Dandy Hound
61 R'vannith
62 A Word To The Wise
63 Our Dying Island [7:07]
64 Bewilderbeast
65 The Truth Famine
66 Skyclad [5:01]
67 Spinning Jenny
68 Cry Of The Land
69 Womb Of The Worm
70 Terminus [6:38]
71 Which Is Why
72 The Declaration Of Indifference
73 Earth Mother, The Sun And The Furious Host
74 It Wasn't Meant To End This Way
75 The Cradle Will Fall [6:26]
76 Modern Minds
77 History Lessens
78 Schadenfreude
79 Art Nazi
80 The Sky Beneath My Feet [5:41]
81 I Dubious
82 The Ilk Of Human Blindness
83 A Stranger In The Garden
84 The Widdershins Jig [3:40]
85 Master Race
86 Inequality Street

Skyclad Bio

Skyclad are a British heavy metal band with heavy folk influences in their music. They are considered one of the pioneers of folk metal. The etymology behind the term "skyclad" comes from a pagan/wiccan term for ritual nudity, in which rituals are performed with the participants metaphorically clad only by the sky, as a sign of equality. The name alludes both to the bands' religious leanings and to their social beliefs, as set out in the song "Skyclad" on their first album.

The band was founded in 1990 by then former Sabbat vocalist Martin Walkyier and Satan/Pariah guitarist Steve Ramsey, after Walkyier left Sabbat over an argument with guitarist Andy Sneap as to the direction of the music. The two's aim was to put together the 'ultimate pagan metal band' (initial ideas for the band included such extravagances as traditional Robin Hood costumes, though these concepts were soon dropped). Rounding out the group with another ex-member of Pariah, bassist Graeme English, as well as drummer Keith Baxter, they penned a deal with German record label Noise International and recorded and released The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth in 1991. The album cover was designed by Garry Sharpe-Young.

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