Size 14 Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Size 14 Bio

Size 14 was a rock band in the late 1990s based out of Hollywood that gained some notoriety with the novelty song "Claire Danes Poster". This song appeared on the Dude, Where's My Car? soundtrack; other Size 14 songs appeared on movies such as Sugar & Spice, 100 Girls, and 100 Women. They released one self-titled album on Volcano Entertainment in 1997.

Size 14 started after Linus of Hollywood answered an ad placed by bassist Robt Ptak in Recycler magazine looking for a lead or rhythm guitarist. Initially Ptak and Linus listened to each other's tracks, and decided to work on the demos Linus brought to the table. They demoed all the material on Ptak's 8-track.

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