Show Business Giants Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Show Business Giants Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Gramma's Pies
2 My Brother's Kid's A Waste Of Sperm
3 Mothra Has Taken Tokyo
4 Wake Up & Roar, Bachelor God
5 I Am The Yellow Fly
6 T-Shirt
7 Let's Fill The World Up With Little Babies
8 Because He Comes From Here
9 England
10 Sugartown
11 Fun To Work With Chuck
12 Pauline
13 The Love Boat
14 Glow In The Dark
15 Drug Days
16 Vampire Hookers
17 I'm A Square
18 Marvellous
19 Baldwang Must Die
20 Candy And Dolls
21 Something To Me
22 Ace & Joan
23 I'm In Love With A Guy Called Paul
24 Maybe It's Just Me
25 Floody Basement
26 Gold In Canada
27 Why Don't You F**k Off?
28 Soundcheck
29 Bats
30 Mistakes Happen
31 El Catrin
32 Will There Be Corn?
33 You Can Count The Rings
34 Anything But Love
35 My Slacks
36 Small Problem
37 Carrying The Ball
38 The Crested Perry
39 History Aspires To Myth
40 I've Got A Crush On Wendy Mesley
41 Teeny Weeny Man
42 Country Ride On Demerol
43 This World Is Too Crowded
44 Summer Is Coming To The Duplexes
45 Everything Comes From Here
46 Good-bye, Luftwaffe Girl
47 All Night Man
48 Ten Busy Little Men
49 Daddy Big Boots
50 Big Regrets
51 She Called Me Pete
52 [not Listed]
53 Introduction / Shanty Tramp
54 The Blood Of The Five Brothers
55 Try To Smile
56 Primate Boogie
57 Soul Of A Woman
58 Tummy Tuck Town
59 My Hometown
60 Japan Is Turning Into Eric Burdon
61 I've Got Gingivitis
62 Story Of P
63 Let's Get Together
64 Woody Strode
65 At One With Everything
66 I Can't Get Russell Johnson Off My Mind
67 That Weiport Feeling
68 Chew Excavating
69 A Walk In The Black Forest
70 The Irish Pub
71 I Am The Lickspittle Of The Animal Kingdom
72 Acres Of Paper
73 Kwellada
74 Opening Day
75 We Don't Do TV
76 Big In Real Estate
77 Explicit
78 Last One To Know
79 Security
80 Typical Babies
81 The Other Side Of Mr. Sulu
82 The Things You Do
83 The Flintstones
84 Someone Beneath Me
85 Generic Childrens Song A La Yngwe Malmsteen
86 The First Pygmy In Space
87 Fireball X-l5
88 Crosswords
89 Boy With A Truck

Show Business Giants Bio

Canadian indie rock band, with a rotating lineup centred around musician Tom Holliston. Other contributors to the band have included Scott Henderson, John Wright, Andy Kerr, Carolyn Mark, Ken Kempster, Keith Rose, Ford Pier and Jello Biafra, who appeared in spirit form only during a seance conducted by the mystical Holliston.