Shed Seven Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Shed Seven Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Casino Girl
2 On Standby
3 Dirty Soul
4 Mark
5 Return (Live)
6 She Left Me On Friday
7 Ocean Pie (BBC Session-Mark Radcliffe Live 27/09/94)
8 Long Time Dead (Live)
9 Bully Boy
10 Dirty Soul (BBC Session-Mark Radcliffe Live 27/9/94)
11 She Left Me On Friday (Live)
12 Drink Your Love
13 Getting Better (BBC Session-Mark Radcliffe Live 4/3/96)
14 Devil In Your Shoes (Live)
15 Going for Gold (BBC Session-Mark Radcliffe Live 4/3/96)
16 Devil In Your Shoes (Single Mix)
17 Where Have You Been Tonight?
18 The Skin I'm In (BBC Session-Evening Session 16/9/96)
19 Magic Streets (live)
20 Disco Down
21 Let It Ride (BBC Session-Evening Session 25/2/98)
22 Long Time Dead (Live At Zap Club, Brighton, UK / 1994)
23 Dolphin
24 Return
25 The Heroes (BBC Session-Evening Session 25/2/98)
26 Disco Down (Live On Top of the Pops, London / 1999)
27 Head And Hands
28 Ladyman
29 She Left Me On Friday (BBC Session-Evening Session 25/2/98)
30 Devil In Your Shoes (Demo Version)
31 Long Time Dead
32 Bully Boy - Live At Glastonbury, UK / 1995
33 Devil In Your Shoes (BBC Session-Evening Session 25/2/98)
34 Bully Boy (Live At Glastonbury, UK / 1995)
35 Long Time Dead - Live At Zap Club, Brighton, UK / 1994
36 On Standby (Live)
37 Missing Out
38 Disco Down - Live On Top Of The Pops, London / 1999
39 Going for Gold (Live)
40 Ocean Pie
41 Devil In Your Shoes - Demo Version
42 She Left Me On Friday (BBC Concert-Phoenix 19/7/97)
43 On An Island With You
44 Disco Down (Live)
45 Step Inside Your Love (Live)
46 Speakeasy
47 Chasing Rainbows (Live)
48 Cry for Help (Live)
49 Stars In Your Eyes
50 Speakeasy (BBC Session-Mark Radcliffe Live 27/9/94)
51 Devil In Your Shoes (BBC Concert-Phoenix 19/7/97)
52 On Standby (BBC Concert-Wolverhampton 13/12/96)
53 Dolphin (BBC Concert-Glastonbury "95" 23/06/95)
54 Never Again (BBC Session-Mark Radcliffe Live 27/09/94)

Shed Seven Bio

Shed Seven are an English Indie Rock band from York and were one of the groups which contributed to the Britpop music scene that evolved during the 1990s, yet never received the degree of mainstream success achieved by bands such as Oasis and Blur. They formed in 1990 and originally comprised Rick Witter (vocals), Joe Johnson (guitar and keyboards, later replaced by Paul Banks), Tom Gladwin (bass) and Alan Leach (drums).

They belonged to the post-Smiths wave of UK musicians such as The Sundays and Marion, with a sound relying heavily on complex guitar arpeggios often in a minor key, and wailing vocals. At the height of their popularity between 1994 and 1999 they had fifteen Top 40 singles and four Top 20 albums in the UK. The band officially broke up in 2003, but reformed for a greatest hits tour in July 2007. The band have continued to play shows around the UK periodically but have not released a new studio album.

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