Shabazz Palaces Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Shabazz Palaces Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Hottabatch
2 Ishmael
3 Sonic MythMap for the Trip Back
4 NSplendared
5 Harem Aria
6 Clown Music
7 Sparkles
8 Noetic Noiromantics
9 Swerve…The Reaping of All That Is Worthwhile (Noir Notwithstanding)
10 Spechol-analog
11 The Ballad of Lt. Maj. Winnings
12 Kill White T, Parable of the Nigga Who Barrels Stay Hot, Made by [email protected]
13 100 Sph
14 Dawn in Luxor
15 Are You… Can You… Were You (Felt)
16 A Treatease Dedicated to the Avian Airess from North East Nubis (1000 Questions, 1 Answer)
17 Forerunner Foray
18 Falling Up the Bean Stalk
19 An Echo from the Hosts That Profess Infinitum
20 They Come in Gold
21 Are You...Can You...Were You?
22 Solemn Swears
23 Endeavors for Never (The Last Time We Spoke You Said You Were Not Here. I Saw You Though)
24 Colluding Oligarchs
25 Free Press and Curl
26 Suspicion of a Shape
27 The King's New Clothes Were Made By His Own Hands
28 MindGlitch Keytar TM Theme
29 Recollections of the Wraith
30 …down 155th in the MCM Snorkel
31 Swerve... The Reeping of All That Is Worthwhile (Noir Not Withstanding)
32 Divine of Form
33 Chuch
34 Yeah You
35 #Cake
36 Find Out
37 Youlogy
38 Motion Sickness
39 Gunbeat Falls
40 Soundview
41 New Black Wave