Seven Mary Three Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Seven Mary Three Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Punch In Punch Out
2 Lucky
3 Cumbersome
4 Times Like These
5 Headstrong
6 Wait
7 Roderigo
8 Blessing In Disguise
9 Flagship Eleanor
10 Oven
11 In-Between
12 Peel
13 What Angry Blue?
14 Shelf Life
15 Upside Down (Live Acoustic)
16 Lame
17 Southwestern State
18 First Time Believers
19 Hammer & a Stone (Live Acoustic)
20 Margaret
21 Super-Related
22 Last Kiss
23 Zeroes And Ones
24 Each Little Mystery (Live Acoustic)
25 My My
26 Gone Away
27 Laughing Out Loud
28 Where Are You Calling From?
29 Southwestern State (Live Acoustic)
30 Home Stretch
31 Was A Ghost
32 Found My Center
33 Lucky (Live Acoustic)
34 Honey of Generation
35 Dreaming Against Me
36 This Evenings Great Excuse
37 That's How Strong My Love Is (Live Acoustic)
38 Water's Edge
39 Houdini's Angels
40 Hammer & A Stone
41 This Evening's Great Excuse
42 Lame (Acoustic/Electric)
43 I Could Be Wrong
44 Break The Spell
45 Last Kiss (Live Acoustic)
46 That's How Strong My Love Is
47 Chasing You
48 You Think Too Much
49 Oceans of Envy (Live Acoustic)
50 Devil's Holy Joke
51 Make Up Your Mind
52 Strangely At Home Here
53 Wait (Live Acoustic)
54 Each Little Mystery
55 Needle Can't Burn (What the Needle Can't Find)
56 She Wants Results
57 Laughing Out Loud (Live Acoustic)
58 Upside Down
59 Dreaming Against Me (Live Acoustic)
60 Anything
61 Hang On
62 People Like New
63 Dead Days In The Kitchen
64 Home Stretch (Live Acoustic)
65 Player Piano
66 Things I Stole
67 Dead Days In the Kitchen (Live Acoustic)
68 Devil Boy
69 Joliet
70 RockCrown
71 Rock Crown
72 She Wants Results (Live Acoustic)
73 Favorite Dog
74 Over Your Shoulder
75 Punch In and Out
76 Flagship Eleanor (Live Acoustic)

Seven Mary Three Bio

Seven Mary Three, occasionally abbreviated to 7 Mary 3 or 7M3, is an American hard rock band. They have released seven studio albums and one live album, and are best known for their hit singles "Cumbersome", "Water's Edge", "Lucky", and "Wait".

Seven Mary Three formed in 1992 when Jason Ross and Jason Pollock met while attending The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Originally an acoustic duo, Ross and Pollock split song-writing duties and performed with Ross singing and Pollock playing guitar. Later, drummer Giti Khalsa and bassist Casey Daniel joined the band, and the foursome played coffeehouses and clubs. Paul Smith of Megaphone contributed guitar tracks to Seven Mary Three's second and third studio albums (Rockcrown, and Orange Ave.), and toured as an additional guitarist with the band in support of both albums.

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