Sentenced Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Sentenced Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Northern Lights
2 The Way I Wanna Go
3 Wings
4 Noose
5 Fragile
6 Nepenthe
7 Bleed
8 Dead Leaves
9 In Memorian
10 No One There (Live)
11 Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
12 Keep My Grave Open
13 For the Love I Bear
14 Digging the Grave - Bonus Track
15 Drown Together (Live)
16 Capture Of Fire
17 Ever-Frost
18 Crumbling Down (Give Up Hope)
19 One with Misery
20 Digging the Grave (Bonus Track)
21 Vengeance Is Mine (Live)
22 Epic
23 Burn
24 Sun Won't Shine
25 The Suicider
26 The Trooper (Iron Maiden)
27 In Memoriam (Demo)
28 Fields Of Blood, Harvester Of Hate
29 Broken
30 Ode to the End
31 The Rain Comes Falling Down
32 Killing Me Killing You
33 Wings (Demo)
34 My Sky Is Darker Than Thine
35 0132
36 Warrior of Life (Reaper Redeemer)
37 Grave Sweet Grave
38 The Trooper (Originally By Iron Mayden)
39 Broken (Live)
40 No Tomorrow (Bonus Track)
41 I'll Throw the First Rock
42 Drown Together
43 The Suicider / Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
44 The Suicider / Excuse Me While I Kill Myself (Live)
45 Despair-Ridden Hearts (Live)
46 The War Ain't Over!
47 Let Go (The Last Chapter)
48 The Suicider/Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
49 Northern Lights (Live)
50 Everything Is Nothing
51 Cross My Heart and Hope to Die (Live)
52 Phenix
53 No Tomorrow
54 Dance on the Graves (lil' siztah')
55 Turn To Dust
56 Led To Sin
57 Dead Moon Rising (Live)
58 New Age Messiah
59 Creep
60 Moon Magic
61 Ever-Frost (Live)
62 Sun Won't Shine (Live)
63 Forever Lost
64 Digging the Grave
65 Bleed (Live)
66 Digging the Grave (Bonus Track)
67 The Way I Wanna Go (Live)
68 Funeral Spring
69 The House of the Rising Sun
70 The Rain Comes Falling Down (Live)
71 Shadegrown
72 White Wedding
73 Moon Magick
74 Dreamlands
75 End of the Road (Live)
76 Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
77 The Golden Stream of Lapland
78 Obsession
79 Neverlasting (Live)
80 The Trooper
81 I Wanna Be Somebody
82 Kaamos
83 Aika Multaa Muistot - Live
84 Aika Multaa Muistot (Everything Is Nothing) [Live]
85 Mourn
86 Intro - The Gate
87 Farewell
88 Aika Multaa Muistot
89 Farewell (Live)
90 Awaiting The Winter Frost
91 Love And Death

Sentenced Bio

Sentenced was a Finnish heavy metal band that played melodic death metal in their early years. The band formed in 1989, in the town of Muhos, Finland, and broke up in 2005. Sentenced started in 1989 as Deformity and changed their name to Sentenced in 1989, after a few line-up changes. The original line-up consisted of Miika Tenkula (lead guitar and vocals), Sami Lopakka (guitar), Vesa Ranta (drums), and Lari Kylmänen (bass). They recorded two demo tapes: When Death Joins Us... in 1990 and Rotting Ways to Misery in 1991. The band actually got their very first record deal (with the French label Thrash Records) after their first demo.

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