Seal Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Seal Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Stand By Me
2 Blues In 'E'
3 Amazing
4 Puff (The Magic Dragon)
5 Bring It On
6 Crazy
7 Les Mots
8 Killer
9 When a Man Is Wrong
10 Kiss from a Rose
11 Silence
12 Kissed By A Rose
13 Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
14 Wedding Day
15 Love's Divine (The Pazzengerz Sanctuary Club Mix-New Vocal Version 8/21/03)
16 Deep Water
17 Fly Like an Eagle
18 Human Beings
19 Let Me Roll
20 Love's Divine
21 Love Is Powerful
22 Prayer for the Dying
23 Violet
24 Get It Together
25 Wild
26 Knock On Wood
27 I'm Still In Love With You
28 Touch (Acoustic Version)
29 Fast Changes
30 Don't Cry (Acoustic Version)
31 A-Minor Groove
32 Bird Of Freedom
33 My Vision (Jakatta Mix Radio Edit)
34 Newborn Friend (The Silver Mix)
35 The Right Life
36 Dreaming in Metaphors
37 People Asking Why
38 Rolling
39 Missing My Baby
40 I Can't Stand The Rain
41 Latest Craze
42 Come See What Love Has Done
43 Crazy (Acoustic Version)
44 Lost My Faith
45 Out Of The Window
46 Touch
47 Waiting for You
48 I've Been Loving You Too Long
49 No Easy Way
50 Crazy (Ananda Project Vocal Mix)
51 If It's In My Mind, It's On My Face
52 State of Grace
53 Crazy (Acoustic Version/Instrumental Version)
54 The Wind Cries Mary
55 Don't Cry
56 Sparkle (Extended Version)
57 Just Like Before
58 What's Goin' On
59 Free
60 Don't Make Me Wait
61 This Could Be Heaven
62 Tinsel Town
63 All For Love
64 Loaded
65 Love Don't Live Here Anymore
66 Crazy (Acoustic/Instrumental Version)
67 Who Wants To Live Forever
68 Kiss from a Rose (Acoustic Version)
69 If I Could
70 All For
71 Backstabbers
72 People Get Ready
73 Killer (Peter Rauhofer Remix) (Pt. 2)
74 I'm Alive
75 Best Of Me
76 System
77 I'll Be Around
78 Dumb
79 Don't Cry (Uncut Version)
80 Violet (Acoustic Version)
81 Big Time
82 Love Won't Let Me Wait
83 Mona Lisa
84 Came See What Love Has Done
85 Show Me (Acoustic Version)
86 Killer (Acoustic Version)
87 Newborn Friend
88 I Know What You Did
89 Lean On Me
90 Killer (Acoustic)
91 Colour
92 Don't Cry (Soulpower Club Remix)
93 Get It Together (Acoustic Version)
94 If I'm Any Closer
95 Oh Girl
96 Heavenly...(Good Feeling)
97 Where There's Gold
98 Hey Joe
99 Future Love Paradise (12" Nelee Hooper Mix)
100 Future Love Paradise
101 Deep Water (Acoustic Version)
102 Letting Go
103 Immaculate
104 Let's Stay Together (Single)
105 Just Like You Said
106 The Beginning (Single Remix)
107 Hide
108 Kiss from a Rose (Kicks from a Rhodes Mix)
109 A Change Is Gonna Come
110 Secret (Single)
111 Human Beings (Reprise)
112 The Way I Lie
113 What's Going On
114 Crazy (Single Mix)
115 Waiting for You (29 Palms Remix Edit)
116 Killer (Morel's Pink Noise Vocal Mix)
117 Weight Of My Mistakes
118 It's A Man's Man's Man's World
119 Love T.K.O.
120 Loneliest Star
121 Let's Fall In Love
122 Heavenly...
123 Manic Depression
124 Don't Cry (Radio Edit)
125 Show Me
126 Everything Will Be Alright
127 Waiting For You (Thick Dick, Passengerz, 29 Palms, D. Carter)
128 Secret
129 Prayer for the Dying (Acoustic Version)
130 The Beginning
131 Come See What Love Has Done (Live Version)
132 Excerpt From
133 You Get Me
134 Just Like You Said (Acoustic Version)
135 Whirlpool (Acoustic Version)
136 Crazy (Chick on My Tip Mix)
137 Crazy (7" Mix)
138 Love's Devine
139 Wishing On A Star
140 It's Alright
141 Don't Cry (Acoustic)
142 Princess
143 Quicksand
144 Crazy (Orange Factory Mix)
145 Whirlpool
146 I Am Your Man
147 Love TKO
148 If You Don't Know Me By Now
149 Life On Mars (Uncut Version)
150 Reprise
151 Walk On By (Acoustic Version)
152 Sparkle
153 The Beginning (Roundabout Mix)
154 Blues in "E" (Non-Album Track)
155 Ooh Baby Baby
156 My Vision
157 Prayer For The Dying (Acoustic)
158 Stone Free
159 Bring It On (Reprise)
160 Hey Joe (Live Version)
161 Let's Stay Together
162 Colour (Acoustic Version)
163 Still Love Remains
164 Killer (William Orbit Remix)
165 This Could Be Heaven (Radio Edit)

Seal Bio

Seal Henry Olusegun Kwassi Olumide Adelo Samuel (born 19 February 1963 in Paddington, London) is a British soul singer and songwriter. His name Olusegun means "God is victorious". Known professionally by his first name, Seal is known for his numerous international hits and his marriage to supermodel Heidi Klum.

Seal was born Henry Olusegun ("God is victorious") Kwassi Olumide Adeola Samuel to Nigerian parents in London, England. The rumor that he was half Brazilian is false. He was adopted because his parents were unable to support him financially. He was raised in Paddington, a district of the City of Westminster in inner London. He graduated with a degree in architecture, and worked in various jobs in the London area.

While there have long been rumors as to the cause of the scars on his face, they are not the result of a tribal scarification rite. Seal’s appearance is the classic example of a relatively rare condition, discoid lupus erythematosis (DLE). Seal has revealed in interviews that he was afflicted with this syndrome as a teen. A condition where the immune cells attack various body tissues, DLE usually affects young people. Intense inflammation develops in the skin, particularly in sun-exposed areas. If not treated aggressively with sun protection and anti-inflammatory medicines, Seal-style scarring can result. Not only did it cause the cheek scars, but he had significant scalp involvement, causing hair loss. The singer's condition has been in remission for years.

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