Screeching Weasel Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Screeching Weasel Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Murder In The Brady House
2 Hanging Around
3 My Brain Hurts
4 Professional Distribution
5 Surf Goddess
6 I Wanna Be A Homosexual
7 Panic
8 Love
9 Degenerate (Ben Weasel)
10 Jeannie's Got A Problem With Her Uterus
11 Nicarauga
12 Joanie Loves Johnny
13 Get Off My Back
14 Cancer In My Body
15 Phasers On Kill
16 Claire Monet
17 Slogans
18 53rd & 3rd
19 I Hate Led Zeppelin
20 Bite Marks
21 We Skate
22 Going Home
23 Tower Of Talent
24 Automatic Rejector
25 I’m A Lonesome Wolf
26 You Are My Sunshine
27 I, Robot
28 I Think We're Alone Now
29 I Love To Hate
30 Little Big Man
31 Zombies
32 I Can See Clearly
33 All Winter Long
34 Crying In My Beer
35 Just For Now
36 27 Things I Wanna Do To You
37 Leather Jacket
38 Judy Is A Punk
39 I Wanna Be Naked
40 The First Day Of Summer
41 El Mozote
42 Havanna Affair
43 You Broke My
44 I’ve Got VD
45 Poveretta
46 Chain Saw
47 Peter Brady
48 You Blister My Paint
49 Fuck This
50 I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
51 Cindy's On Methadone
52 Kewpie Doll
53 I'm Not In Love
54 We Never Knew
55 Chainsaw
56 Rubber Room
57 Talk to Me Summer
58 Mad At The Paper Boy
59 Stupid Girl
60 99
61 Carnival of Schadenfreude
62 Don't Turn Out The Lights
63 The Entourage
64 It's All In My Head
65 24 Without Belief
66 Blitzkreig Bop
67 Three Sides
68 Follow Your Leads
69 More Problems
70 Handcuffed To You
71 Burnout Girl (Ben Weasel)
72 Fox News
73 Fathead
74 Baby Fat’s Got A Girlfriend
75 I Was A High School Psychopath
76 Sleeping Beauty
77 American Suicide
78 Thrift Store Girl
79 Frankengirl
80 My Right
81 (She Got) Electroshocked
82 Queen Kong
83 Guest List
84 God Damn You
85 Bound To Fall
86 Go Fuck Yourself
87 Totally
88 Beginningless Vacation
89 It's Not Enough
90 If I Was You
91 Muscle Mary
92 I Wanna Be With You Tonight
93 Satan Leapt
94 Movin' On Up
95 Trance
96 Dry Is The Desert
97 Police Insanity
98 I Will Always Be There
99 I Hate Your Guts On Sunday
100 The Parasite Murders
101 Kamala's Too Nice
102 Things Aren’t So Bad After All
103 Like A Parasite
104 A New Tomorrow
105 Janelle
106 Totem Poll
107 Psychiatrist
108 Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart
109 I Wrote Holden Caulfield
110 No Reason to Lie
111 Making You Cry
112 Living Hell
113 One Step Beyond
114 Chicago
115 Creepy Crawl
116 Stupid Over You
117 Degenerate
118 Kathy Isn't Right
119 Under the Bus
120 Thine Eyes Of Mercy
121 Sad Little Girl
122 Runaway
123 Ashtray
124 Three Lonely Days
125 Sunshine
126 Mary Was An Anarchist
127 Kathy's On The Roof
128 Cool Kids
129 Creeping In Silence
130 Second Floor East
131 Every Night
132 The Girl Next Door
133 Dingbat
134 Friday Night Nation
135 All Over Town
136 Supermarket Fantasy
137 You'll Be In My Dreams Today
138 Nobody Likes You
139 Johnny Are You Queer?
140 Teenage Freak Show
141 Here To Stay
142 Slomotion
143 Falling Apart
144 I Fall To Pieces
145 Hey Suburbia
146 Fortune Cookie
147 The Hunter
148 Liar
149 Planet Of The Apes
150 Il Tremendo Fantasma (Baby Fat Overture)
151 The Science Of Myth
152 Cursed
153 Ain't Got No Sense
154 I Don't Wanna Be Friends
155 Havana Affair
156 Holy Hardcore
157 Baby Talk
158 This Ain't Hawaii
159 Cat-Like
160 Attention!
161 Veronica Hates Me
162 In The Pale Light Of The Midnight Sun
163 D.I.Y.
164 I'm Gonna Strangle You
165 Blitzkrieg Bop
166 I Believe In Ufo's
167 Come And See The Violence Inherent In The System
168 Used Cars
169 Burnout Girl
170 Time Bomb
171 So Long, Mojo
172 What We Hate
173 Disharmony
174 Inside Out
175 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue

Screeching Weasel Bio

Screeching Weasel are an American punk band from Chicago, Illinois. They were formed in 1986 by Ben Weasel and John Jughead. The band gained prominence in the early 1990s after signing a record deal with the East Bay punk label, Lookout! Records. After Weasel, Jughead was the longest member of the band, having been present in every version until the 2009 version. The next two most prominent members in the band have been Danny Vapid on guitar and bass and Dan Panic on drums. However, since their formation, the band has been through many line-up changes and at times included such notable musicians as Mike Dirnt and Mass Giorgini.

Many of todays popular bands cite Screeching Weasel as influential, including Green Day, Blink-182, Rise Against.

In 1986 teenage friends from the Chicago area Ben Foster and John Pierson were inspired to start a band after attending a Ramones concert. Foster (who played bass and sang) rechristened himself Ben Weasel, while Pierson, a guitarist, dubbed himself John Jughead. The duo recruited a drummer who went by the alias of Steve Cheese to complete the group.

The band originally called themselves All-Night Garage Sale but changed their name to Screeching Weasel, a variation of a name a friend had suggested, Screaming Otter, which was a reference to a t-shirt that read, "I'VE GOT A SCREAMING OTTER IN MY PANTS!".

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screeching_Weasel