Savage Garden Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Savage Garden Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Truly Madly Deeply
2 I Knew I Loved You
3 The Animal Song
4 All Around Me
5 To The Moon And Back
6 Keep Moving On
7 I Dont Know You Anymore
8 To the Moon & Back
9 Mine
10 A Thousand Words
11 Carry On Dancing
12 Promises
13 Two Beds And A Coffee Machine
14 I Don't Care
15 Universe
16 Violet
17 Affirmation
18 Last Christmas
19 Gunning Down Romance
20 Break Me Shake Me
21 I Want You
22 The Best Thing (UK Radio Edit)
23 The Lover After Me
24 The Animal Song (Hex Hector Club Mix)
25 I Knew I Loved You (Live At Paris Radio)
26 Truly Madly Deeply (From “Music From Another Room”)
27 Santa Monica
28 I Want U
29 The Lover After Me (Live At Paris Radio)
30 You Can Still Be Free
31 Tears Of Pearls
32 She (1994 Demo)
33 Cherry Cola
34 Truly, Madley, Deeply
35 Fire Inside the Man
36 To the Moon & Back (Short Edit)
37 Truly Madly Deeply (PCM Stereo Version)
38 So Beautiful (Spike's Album Version)
39 Truly Madly Deeply (Edit)
40 Hold On
41 I'll Bet He Was Cool
42 California
43 Two Beds and a Coffee Machine (album version)
44 I Knew I Loved You (Eddie's Savage Dance Mix)
45 Affirmation (Almighty mix)
46 Chained to You
47 Love Can Move You
48 Chained to You (Live)
49 The Best Thing (Live)
50 Crash And Burn
51 Memories Are Designed To Fade
52 Crash & Burn
53 I Want You (Live At London Radio)
54 The Lover After Me (Live)
55 Insatiable
56 Truly Madly Deeply (Live At London Radio)
57 I Don't Know You Anymore (Live)
58 Hold Me
59 This Side of Me
60 Santa Monica (Hard Rock Live)
61 To the Moon and Back (Live At The ARIA Awards)
62 Two Beds and a Coffee Machine (Live)
63 I Don't Know You Anymore
64 To the Moon and Back Medley (Live)
65 I Want You (Live Acoustic)
66 Gunning Down Romance (Live)
67 I Knew I Loved You (Live Edit)
68 Break Me Shake Me (Live Acoustic)
69 You Can Still Be Free (Live)
70 To the Moon & Back (Hani's Num Club Mix)
71 Hold Me (Live At London Radio)
72 Truly Madly Deeply (1998)
73 The Best Thing
74 To the Moon & Back (Hani's Num Dub Mix)
75 Crash and Burn (Live At London Radio)

Savage Garden Bio

Savage Garden was an Australian pop rock duo consisting of Darren Hayes as vocalist and Daniel Jones as instrumentalist. Formed in Logan City, Queensland in 1994, the duo achieved international success in late 1990s and early 2000s with the number-one hit singles "I Want You", "To the Moon and Back", "Truly Madly Deeply", "The Animal Song" and "I Knew I Loved You". Their two studio albums, Savage Garden and Affirmation reached number-one in Australia and peaked in the top ten in both the United Kingdom and United States.

The group won a record number of ten ARIA Music Awards in 1997 for their debut album and its related singles. They disbanded in 2001 and Hayes continued as a solo artist.

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