Sammy Hall Lyrics

Sammy Hall Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Needy People
2 I Knew Jesus Before He Was a Superstar
3 Crazy Over You
4 The World Didn't Give It to Me
5 Let Me Inside of Your Dreams
6 A Funy Thing Happened On the Way to Hell
7 Twenty Minute Break
8 Sunshine On My Shoulders
9 God Bless America
10 It's Not Just a Story
11 I'm Excited
12 Past the Point of No Return
13 People Like You
14 Guess Who's Coming
15 Deadeye
16 The Winter Long
17 Too Busy
18 Lost in a Lost World
19 No Man Is an Island
20 Circles, Crazy Circles
21 Like Old Friends Do
22 Stand Up Together
23 The Best of the Best
24 Intro: Come Back Home
25 Intro: He Was There All the Time
26 Power to Be
27 I Can See Clearly
28 Ode to the Outlaw
29 Old Shep
30 Different World
31 Heavenly Music
32 Come Back Home
33 He Was There All the Time
34 Precious Jesus
35 Salute to the Dreamer
36 Hide and Watch
37 How Great Thou Art
38 Makin' Friends
39 Accountability
40 Intro: King Jesus
41 Try a Little Kindness
42 Speak to Me
43 She Believes in Me
44 God Never Said It Would Be Easy
45 Tears in Mama's Eyes
46 I've Never Been to Heaven
47 King Jesus
48 If Nobody Loves You, Create the Demand
49 Ten Thousand Years
50 Love Hurts
51 Lift Up the Name of Jesus
52 I Lost It All to Find Everything
53 Free At Last
54 My Dependable Friend
55 Intro: It's Too Late
56 Intro: If You Can't Believe in Love
57 Cat's in the Cradle
58 Whatever It Takes
59 Grandma Sang Off Key
60 The Chains of Yesterday
61 Knee Power
62 It's Too Late
63 If You Can't Believe in Love
64 Guess Who Moved
65 Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dreams
66 Rain
67 I Wonder If God Cries
68 Jesus Keeps Takin' Me Higher
69 Intro: I've Got a Piece of the Rock
70 Amazing Grace
71 Jesus Is My Soul Supporter
72 Let Your Love Flow
73 It Takes a Whole Lotta Loving
74 Everybody Has a Dream
75 You Can't Get to Heaven
76 I've Got a Piece of the Rock
77 Sammy Hall's Testimony
78 No Shortage
79 The Best to You
80 Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child
81 Keep On' Keeping On
82 How Ya Gonna Know When God Is Calling (When Your Always On the Phone)
83 Intro: Redemption Draweth Nigh
84 It's Now
85 The Days We Let Slip By
86 Circles, Those Crazy Circles
87 Sleeping At the Wheel
88 Winners Circle
89 Fired Up for Jesus
90 Redemption Draweth Nigh
91 Invitation to Audience
92 We Have Become the People Our Parents Warned Us About
93 Dream Sessions
94 When I Let Go of the Robe
95 Have a Nice Day
96 Antiseptic Christian
97 Bridge Over Troubled Water
98 He Is Lord
99 We're Not Getting Older, Just Closer to Home
100 See You At the Top
101 Learning to Live Like a Child of the King
102 Best of the Best
103 The Tears in Mama's Eyes
104 America
105 Friends
106 Turn, Turn, Turn
107 American Trilogy
108 How Do You Spell Relief? Jesus
109 You Can Go Your Way
110 It's a Good Day
111 Intro: Needy People
112 I Found the Answer
113 The Devil Is Like a Searching Wind
114 Mary Ann
115 The Chains of Yesteday
116 Hey, the Moon Is Fallin'
117 If Your Happy, Notify Your Face