Sammy Hagar - Miscellaneous Album

Artist: Sammy Hagar

Genre: Rock

Album: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Lyrics Sammy Hagar
1 Rise of the Animal
2 Shaka Doobie (The Limit)
3 Let Sally Drive
4 Serious Juju
5 The Message
6 Deeper Kinda Love
7 A Little Bit More
8 Ten 13
9 Protection
10 3 In The Middle
11 The Real Deal
12 Tropic Of Capricorn
13 Mas Tequila
14 Shag
15 Sympathy For The Human
16 Red Voodoo
17 Lay Your Hand On Me
18 High And Dry Again
19 The Revival
20 Don't Fight It (Feel It)
21 The Love
22 Right On Right
23 Returning Of The Wish
24 Little White Lie
25 Salvation on Sand Hill
26 Who Has the Right?
27 Would You Do It for Free?
28 Leaving the Warmth of the Womb
29 Kama
30 On the Other Hand
31 Both Sides Now
32 The Yogi's So High (I'm Stoned)
33 Amnesty Is Granted
34 Marching to Mars
35 High Hopes
36 Buying My Way Into Heaven
37 I'll Fall In Love Again
38 There's Only One Way to Rock
39 Heavy Metal
40 Eagles Fly
41 Baby's on Fire
42 Three Lock Box
43 Two Sides of Love
44 I Can't Drive 55
45 Give to Live
46 I Don't Need Love
47 Red
48 (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
49 I've Done Everything For You
50 Rock & Roll Weekend
51 Crusin' & Boozin'
52 Turn Up The Music
53 Reckless
54 Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)
55 Love Or Money
56 This Planet's On Fire (Burn In Hell)
57 Plain Jane
58 Bad Ruputation
59 Bad Moter Scooter
60 You Make Me Crazy
61 When the Hammer Falls
62 Hands and Knees
63 Boys' Night Out
64 Returning Home
65 Standin' at the Same Old Crossroads
66 Privacy
67 Back into You
68 What They Gonna Say Now
69 Swept Away
70 Rock Is in My Blood
71 Dick in the Dirt
72 VOA
73 Don't Make Me Wait
74 Burnin' Down the City
75 Remote Love
76 Remember the Heroes
77 Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
78 In the Room
79 The Rise Of The Animal
80 I Wouldn't Change a Thing
81 Growing Up
82 Never Give Up
83 Keep On Rockin'
84 Fillmore Shuffle
85 Don't Stop Me Now
86 Can't Get Loose
87 Baby It's You
88 Surrender
89 Inside Lookin' In
90 Sweet Hitchhiker
91 Piece of My Heart
92 Iceman
93 Run For You Life
94 Urban Guerrilla
95 20th Century Man
96 Miles From Boredom
97 Mommy Says
98 In The Night
99 Heartbeat
100 Danger Zone
101 Growing Pains
102 Child To Man
103 Feels Like Love
104 Never Say Die
105 Wounded In Love
106 Falling In Love
107 Straight To The Top
108 Young Girl Blues
109 It's Gonna Be All Right
110 Try (Try To Fall In Love)
111 Straight From The Hip Kid
112 Hey Boys
113 Someone Out There
114 Crack In The World
115 Catch The Wind
116 Free Money
117 Hungry
118 The Pits
119 Love Has Found Me
120 Little Star/Eclipse
121 Flamingos Fly
122 China
123 Silver Lights
124 All American
125 Confession (Please Come Back)
126 Rock & Roll Romeo
127 Stand Up
128 Someday
129 Fast Times At Ridgemont High
130 The Girl Gets Around
131 Bad Motor Scooter
132 Where Eagles Fly
133 Rock ' N Roll Weekend
134 Winner Takes It All
135 Little Bit More
136 Sailin'
137 Why Can't This Be Love
138 Right Now
139 I Can't Drive
140 Space Station No. 5
141 Run For Your Life
142 Bad Reputation
143 Rock And Roll Romeo
144 Urban Guerilla
145 My Home Town
146 Thinking Of You
147 Open
148 Valley Of The Kings
149 Missing You
150 Cruisin' & Boozin'
151 He Will Understand
152 Crusin' And Boozin'
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Sammy Hagar - Miscellaneous Album Lyrics
1.Rise of the Animal Lyrics
2.Shaka Doobie (The Limit) Lyrics
3.Let Sally Drive Lyrics
4.Serious Juju Lyrics
5.The Message Lyrics
6.Deeper Kinda Love Lyrics
7.A Little Bit More Lyrics
8.Ten 13 Lyrics
9.Protection Lyrics
10.3 In The Middle Lyrics
11.The Real Deal Lyrics
12.Tropic Of Capricorn Lyrics
13.Mas Tequila Lyrics
14.Shag Lyrics
15.Sympathy For The Human Lyrics
16.Red Voodoo Lyrics
17.Lay Your Hand On Me Lyrics
18.High And Dry Again Lyrics
19.The Revival Lyrics
20.Don't Fight It (Feel It) Lyrics
21.The Love Lyrics
22.Right On Right Lyrics
23.Returning Of The Wish Lyrics
24.Little White Lie Lyrics
25.Salvation on Sand Hill Lyrics
26.Who Has the Right? Lyrics
27.Would You Do It for Free? Lyrics
28.Leaving the Warmth of the Womb Lyrics
29.Kama Lyrics
30.On the Other Hand Lyrics
31.Both Sides Now Lyrics
32.The Yogi's So High (I'm Stoned) Lyrics
33.Amnesty Is Granted Lyrics
34.Marching to Mars Lyrics
35.High Hopes Lyrics
36.Buying My Way Into Heaven Lyrics
37.I'll Fall In Love Again Lyrics
38.There's Only One Way to Rock Lyrics
39.Heavy Metal Lyrics
40.Eagles Fly Lyrics
41.Baby's on Fire Lyrics
42.Three Lock Box Lyrics
43.Two Sides of Love Lyrics
44.I Can't Drive 55 Lyrics
45.Give to Live Lyrics
46.I Don't Need Love Lyrics
47.Red Lyrics
48.(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay Lyrics
49.I've Done Everything For You Lyrics
50.Rock & Roll Weekend Lyrics
51.Crusin' & Boozin' Lyrics
52.Turn Up The Music Lyrics
53.Reckless Lyrics
54.Trans Am (Highway Wonderland) Lyrics
55.Love Or Money Lyrics
56.This Planet's On Fire (Burn In Hell) Lyrics
57.Plain Jane Lyrics
58.Bad Ruputation Lyrics
59.Bad Moter Scooter Lyrics
60.You Make Me Crazy Lyrics
61.When the Hammer Falls Lyrics
62.Hands and Knees Lyrics
63.Boys' Night Out Lyrics
64.Returning Home Lyrics
65.Standin' at the Same Old Crossroads Lyrics
66.Privacy Lyrics
67.Back into You Lyrics
68.What They Gonna Say Now Lyrics
69.Swept Away Lyrics
70.Rock Is in My Blood Lyrics
71.Dick in the Dirt Lyrics
72.VOA Lyrics
73.Don't Make Me Wait Lyrics
74.Burnin' Down the City Lyrics
75.Remote Love Lyrics
76.Remember the Heroes Lyrics
77.Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy Lyrics
78.In the Room Lyrics
79.The Rise Of The Animal Lyrics
80.I Wouldn't Change a Thing Lyrics
81.Growing Up Lyrics
82.Never Give Up Lyrics
83.Keep On Rockin' Lyrics
84.Fillmore Shuffle Lyrics
85.Don't Stop Me Now Lyrics
86.Can't Get Loose Lyrics
87.Baby It's You Lyrics
88.Surrender Lyrics
89.Inside Lookin' In Lyrics
90.Sweet Hitchhiker Lyrics
91.Piece of My Heart Lyrics
92.Iceman Lyrics
93.Run For You Life Lyrics
94.Urban Guerrilla Lyrics
95.20th Century Man Lyrics
96.Miles From Boredom Lyrics
97.Mommy Says Lyrics
98.In The Night Lyrics
99.Heartbeat Lyrics
100.Danger Zone Lyrics
101.Growing Pains Lyrics
102.Child To Man Lyrics
103.Feels Like Love Lyrics
104.Never Say Die Lyrics
105.Wounded In Love Lyrics
106.Falling In Love Lyrics
107.Straight To The Top Lyrics
108.Young Girl Blues Lyrics
109.It's Gonna Be All Right Lyrics
110.Try (Try To Fall In Love) Lyrics
111.Straight From The Hip Kid Lyrics
112.Hey Boys Lyrics
113.Someone Out There Lyrics
114.Crack In The World Lyrics
115.Catch The Wind Lyrics
116.Free Money Lyrics
117.Hungry Lyrics
118.The Pits Lyrics
119.Love Has Found Me Lyrics
120.Little Star/Eclipse Lyrics
121.Flamingos Fly Lyrics
122.China Lyrics
123.Silver Lights Lyrics
124.All American Lyrics
125.Confession (Please Come Back) Lyrics
126.Rock & Roll Romeo Lyrics
127.Stand Up Lyrics
128.Someday Lyrics
129.Fast Times At Ridgemont High Lyrics
130.The Girl Gets Around Lyrics
131.Bad Motor Scooter Lyrics
132.Where Eagles Fly Lyrics
133.Rock ' N Roll Weekend Lyrics
134.Winner Takes It All Lyrics
135.Little Bit More Lyrics
136.Sailin' Lyrics
137.Why Can't This Be Love Lyrics
138.Right Now Lyrics
139.I Can't Drive Lyrics
140.Space Station No. 5 Lyrics
141.Run For Your Life Lyrics
142.Bad Reputation Lyrics
143.Rock And Roll Romeo Lyrics
144.Urban Guerilla Lyrics
145.My Home Town Lyrics
146.Thinking Of You Lyrics
147.Open Lyrics
148.Valley Of The Kings Lyrics
149.Missing You Lyrics
150.Cruisin' & Boozin' Lyrics
151.He Will Understand Lyrics
152.Crusin' And Boozin' Lyrics

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