Sammie Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Sammie Lyrics - by Popularity

1 My Own Way
2 The Bottom
3 When I Grow Up (interlude)
4 Friend Like You
5 Do It For You
6 Hero
7 If I Can
8 Let It Ride
9 The Crazy Things I Do
10 Crazy Things I Do
11 You Should Be My Girl
12 Come With Me
13 Jam On Me
14 Used To
15 Put It In
16 Depends On Love
17 40 Days 40 Nights
18 I Won't Tell Nobody
19 Love Don’t Play Fair
20 Zzzz s Interlude
21 Out There
22 You Are
23 We Can Work It Out
24 Better Off
25 I Like It
26 Lullaby
27 Wake Up
28 Sammie Baby
29 RB Love
30 Armageddon
31 Stuff Like This
32 Quarter Century
33 Slow Motion
34 Phone Call
35 Sorry Is Not Enough
36 Time
37 Intoxicated
38 Like A Candle
39 Dear Industry
40 Don’t Wake Me Up
41 Morning After
42 Back 2 Love
43 When A Woman's Fed Up
44 Marvin's Room (Remix)
45 Better Than Good Enough
46 Spontaneous Love
47 Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
48 Tryna Fall Asleep Intro
49 Another Last Chance
50 Triangle
51 Fight For Love
52 Insomnia
53 What About Your Friend
54 Love Angel
55 I Adore You
56 Ambien Nights
57 Heavenly
58 Black Rain
59 Free Falling
60 Time Machine
61 Coming Home This Christmas
62 Indigo
63 Dumb Dumb Interlude
64 I Like It (Remix)
65 Slow
66 Dear Hater Outro
67 Exes
68 Can't Let Go
69 Catching Feelings
70 Heart Killer
71 Sexin' In The Rain
72 Naughty Girl
73 Your Dude
74 Ryder
75 Count
76 Man Cry
77 Magic Show
78 Round 2
79 You
80 Last Day
81 Unappreciated
82 Old Thing Back
83 B Word
84 It's Over
85 Two
86 Fell for Her
87 Regret
88 Put It On My Tab
89 Make Pretend
90 Emergency 911
91 Slow Down

Sammie Bio

Sammie Bush (born on March 1, 1987), better known by Sammie, is an American R&B singer. He is best known for his hit, "I Like It" (1999) from his debut album, From the Bottom to the Top (2000). He returned with his second studio album, Sammie in 2006. He is currently finishing his third album Coming of Age under Interscope Records, which will be released in the second quarter of 2011.

Sammie was born Sammie Bush on March 1, 1987, in Boyton Beach, Florida. His mother was a former professional singer that sung in a church choir, while at the time carrying him. His first public appearances with singing was at a church at the age of four, he sung for an auditorium performing "Troubles Don't Last Always." He attended a magnet school with a special performing arts program where he formed a vocal group with two junior high kids called, "The Wonder 3". The group then audition for Showtime at the Apollo in 1998. Shortly afterwards, Dallas Austin's agent Joyce Irby contacted Bush and his mother. Austin brought Bush to Atlanta, Georgia to record several demos and was signed to Austin's Freeworld Entertainment.

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