Salt-N-Pepa Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Salt-N-Pepa Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Like It Like That
2 Good Life
3 Spinderella's Not a Fella (But a Girl DJ)
4 Start The Party
5 Shake Your Thang
6 Let the Rhythm Run (Remix)
7 What A Man
8 Soul Power (Syncopated Soul)
9 I Gotcha
10 Boy Toy
11 Sexy Noises Turn Me On
12 My Mic Sounds Nice
13 Push It
14 You Showed Me
15 I'll Take Your Man
16 None of Your Business
17 Say Ooh
18 Champagne
19 Let's Talk About Sex (Remix)
20 Tramp
21 I Desire
22 Imagine"(feat. Sheryl Crow
23 Solo Power (Let's Get Paid)
24 Twist and Shout
25 Knock Knock
26 Shoop
27 Do You Want Me
28 Expression
29 The Clock Is Tickin
30 Live & Let Die
31 I Like to Party
32 Upside Down (Round And Round)
33 Independent
34 A Salt with a Deadly Pepa
35 Negro Wit' An Ego
36 Clubhouse
37 Start Me Up
38 Heaven-N-Hell
39 Get Up Everybody
40 I Am Down
41 Get Up Everybody (Get Up)
42 Let's Talk About Sex! (true confessions edit)
43 Hyped On the Mic
44 Swift
45 Big Shot
46 Let's Talk About Sex! (super crispy mix)
47 Beauty And The Beat
48 Break Of Dawn
49 Ru Ready
50 Chick On The Side (Remix)
51 I've Got AIDS (PSA)
52 Hold On
53 Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing
54 Intro Jam
55 Brand New
56 No One Does It Better
57 R U Ready
58 Do Me Right
59 Express Yourself
60 Let's Talk About Sex
61 Friends
62 It's All Right
63 Somebody's Gettin' on My Nerves
64 Upside Down (Round-N-Round)
65 Whatta Man
66 Spinderella's Not a Fella (But a Girl D.J.)
67 Gitty Up
68 Somma Time Man
69 None Of Your Business - Album Version
70 I Am The Body Beautiful
71 Solo Power (Syncopated Soul)
72 The Showstopper
73 Step
74 Heaven or Hell
75 Imagine
76 Tramp (Remix)
77 Loneliness
78 Upside Down
79 He's Gamin' On Ya'
80 Sexy Noises
81 Shake Your Thing (Featuring EU)
82 Blacks' Magic
83 Let's Talk About AIDS
84 It's Alright
85 Let's Talk About Sex Baby
86 Groove Me
87 Doper Than Dope
88 Silly Of You
89 Here We Come
90 I Don't Know
91 None of yo Business
92 Emphatically No
93 Shake Your Thang (It's Your Thing)
94 Live And Let Die
95 My Mike Sounds Nice

Salt-N-Pepa Bio

Salt-N-Pepa is an American hip hop trio from Queens, New York, that was formed in 1985.

The group, consisting of Cheryl James ("Salt", now Cheryl Wray), Sandra Denton ("Pepa"), and Deidra "Dee Dee" Roper (Spinderella), has sold over 15 million albums and singles worldwide. Salt-N-Pepa is the best selling female rap act, and six of their singles have been certified either platinum or gold in the United States by the RIAA.

Originally calling themselves Super Nature (on their first single), James and Denton debuted in 1985 with the single "The Showstopper", an answer record to Doug E. Fresh's hit single "The Show". "The Showstopper" was produced by Hurby Azor. The song utilized a melody from the 1984 film Revenge of the Nerds. The finished recording garnered some airplay on a New York City rap radio program. The independent Pop Art Records gave it an official release, and "The Showstopper" became a modest R&B hit.

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