Saint Vitus Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Saint Vitus Bio

Saint Vitus is a highly influential American doom metal band from Los Angeles. They have been regarded as one of the first bands of the genre, starting out as early as the late 1970s, along with Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Trouble and Candlemass.

For most of their career, the band comprised vocalist Scott Weinrich, bassist Mark Adams, guitarist Dave Chandler and drummer Armando Acosta. After breaking up in 1996, Saint Vitus briefly reunited for a tour in 2003, and are back together again as of 2008.

The band was formed in 1978  under the name Tyrant, with Scott Reagers (vocals), Dave Chandler (guitar), Mark Adams (bass), and Armando Acosta (drums). After recording two demos, the band changed their name to Saint Vitus in 1980 after the song "St. Vitus' Dance" by Black Sabbath. Their main influences were Black Sabbath and Black Flag, the latter of which Saint Vitus toured with during the 1980s. Greg Ginn of Black Flag would also sign Saint Vitus to his label, SST Records, which eventually released 4 LPs and 2 EPs by the band.

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