Saint Etienne Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Saint Etienne Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Wilson
2 Home
3 People get real
4 Calico
5 Hobart Paving
6 La La La
7 The Bad Photographer
8 Only love can break your heart
9 Heart Failed
10 Etienne gonna die
11 Nothing can stop us
12 Action
13 Downey, CA
14 Relocate
15 He's on the Phone
16 Downey California
17 Dilworth’s Theme
18 7 Summers
19 He’s on the Phone (radio edit)
20 Do It All
21 Shower Scene
22 Tonight (2 Bears Remix)
23 Girl VII
24 I’ve Got Your Music
25 Dutch TV
26 He’s on the Phone
27 I Was Born On Christmas Day
28 Lover Plays The Bass
29 I've Got Your Music (extended version)
30 No Rainbows For Me
31 Goldie
32 Sylvie (Stretch 'n' Vern mix)
33 Message In A Bottle
34 Soft Like Me
35 Last Days of Disco (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)
36 Boy Scouts of America
37 He’s on the Phone (Motiv 8 mix)
38 Archway People
39 Mario’s Cafe
40 Summerisle
41 How We Used To Live
42 I've Got Your Music (Leo Zero remix)
43 Jack Lemmon
44 He's on the Phone (Bungee vocal mix)
45 Suburban Autumn Lieutenant
46 Slow Down At The Castle
47 Record Doctor Dub
48 On the Shore
49 I've Got Your Music
50 Clark Country Record Fair
51 You’re in a Bad Way
52 Come On Christmas
53 Teenage Winter
54 Tonight
55 Conchita Martinez
56 Avenue
57 We're in the City
58 Here Come Clown Feet
59 4:35 In The Morning
60 Peter Pan
61 Former Lover
62 Nothing Can Stop Us (Masters at Work)
63 Kiss and Make Up (Pete Heller)
64 Red Setter
65 Gonna Have A Party
66 Over the Border
67 Through The Winter
68 Tonight (Extended Version)
69 In Dreams
70 London belongs to me
71 We’re in the City
72 Dream Lover
73 Lightning Strikes Twice
74 Lion Green
75 Pale Movie
76 Hug My Soul (Sure Is Pure)
77 Northwestern
78 Welcome Home
79 Answer Song
80 Fireside Favourite
81 Tonight (Two Bears remix)
82 Chicken Soup
83 Mr. Donut
84 Sadie’s Anniversary
85 Memo To Pricey
86 Thank You
87 Wouldn't It Be Nice
88 Amateur
89 Last Days of Disco (Erol Alkan remix)
90 Woodcabin
91 Snowbound On The South Bank
92 Record Doctor
93 No Cure For The Common Christmas
94 Who Do You Think You Are
95 Tonight (Club Clique remix)
96 Clock Milk
97 Goodnight Jack
98 He's on the Phone (radio edit)
99 You Can Count On Me
100 B92
101 Avenue (Edit)
102 Last Orders For Gary Stead
103 DJ (Stay+ remix)
104 Join Our Club
105 My Christmas Prayer
106 Popular
107 Wintertime Love
108 Like a Motorway
109 7 Ways 2 Love
110 Junk the Morgue
111 Lose That Girl
112 Don't Back Down
113 Excitation
114 Stars Above Us
115 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Richard X Extended Remix)
116 Popular (Tom Middleton Cosmos remix)
117 Shoot Out The Lights
118 I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You
119 Dj
120 Unwrap Me
121 Avenue (radio edit)
122 Leafhound
123 Been so Long
124 Don’t Back Down
125 Shock Corridor
126 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Richard X Extended Instrumental)
127 Sycamore
128 Heading for the Fair (The Time and Space Machine Waltzer remix)
129 Side Streets
130 When I Was Seventeen
131 Snow
132 A Good Thing
133 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Foxbase Beta mix)
134 You Know I'll Miss You When You're Gone
135 Erica America
136 Sadie's Anniversary
137 52 Pilot
138 Like the swallow
139 A Good Thing (OBR Remix)
140 Just A Little Overcome
141 Answer Song (White Horses remix)
142 Afraid To Go Home
143 Driving Home For Christmas
144 I Threw It All Away
145 Railway Jam
146 Method Of Modern Love
147 Spring (remixed by Air France)
148 Sushi Rider
149 Sylvie
150 I've Got Your Music (Golden Filter remix)
151 Queen Of Polythene
152 Postman
153 Hug My Soul (Motiv-8 mix)
154 Sun In My Morning
155 Haunted Jukebox (Summer Camp remix)
156 Milk Bottle Symphony
157 Hug My Soul (Juan ‘Kinky’ Hernandez Nu Bootz Groove)
158 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherhall mix)
159 The Way I Fell For You
160 Nothing Can Stop Us (12″ remix)
161 Night Vision
162 Split Screen
163 I've Got Your Music (Kisses remix)
164 Everlasting
165 Zipcode
166 Hug My Soul (Motiv8 mix)
167 I Buy American Records
168 DJ (Muddyloop remix)
169 You Can Judge A Book By It's Cover
170 Burnt Out Car
171 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Masters at Work mix)
172 21st Century Christmas
173 Taxi
174 Hug My Soul (12″ mix)
175 Saturday
176 Boy Is Crying
177 I’ve Got Your Music (Golden Filter remix)
178 Last Days of Disco
179 The More You Know
180 Heart Failed (In the Back of a Taxi) (Futureshock mix)
181 Hit The Brakes
182 Last Days of Disco (Beat Connection Remix)
183 Stop And Think It Over
184 This Is Tomorrow
185 She's the One
186 Summer Song
187 Spring
188 Let's Build a Zoo
189 Got A Job
190 I’ve Got Your Music (Kisses remix)
191 Heading for the Fair
192 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Masters at Work)
193 Madeleine
194 Mario's Cafe
195 Carnt sleep
196 Kiss and make up
197 Dilworth's Theme
198 Marble Lions
199 Snowplough
200 Let’s Build a Zoo
201 It's All Gone Horribly Wrong
202 Heart Failed (In the Back of a Taxi)
203 Twenty Five Years
204 Hug My Soul
205 He's on the Phone (Motiv 8 mix)
206 Hate Your Drug
207 You're in a Bad Way
208 Wood Cabin
209 Filthy
210 She’s the One
211 Tomorrow Never Dies
212 He’s on the Phone (Bungee vocal mix)
213 Abby, I Hardly Knew You
214 Groveley Road
215 Haunted Jukebox
216 New Thing
217 He's on the Phone (Motiv8 mix)
218 Finisterre

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Saint Etienne Bio

Saint Etienne are an English alternative dance act, fronted by Sarah Cracknell. Former music journalists Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs are the other regular members of the band. They are named not after the French city Saint-Étienne itself but rather its French football team AS Saint-Étienne.

Saint Etienne became associated with the "indie dance" genre in the early 1990s, typically combining sonic elements of the dance-pop that emerged in the wake of the so-called Second Summer of Love  e.g. samples and digitally synthesized sounds and a consistently strong emphasis on songwriting involving romantic and introspective themes more commonly associated with traditional British pop and rock music. The band's ethos could be compared to that of the Pet Shop Boys  but early work demonstrated the influence of 60s soul, 70s dub and rock as well as 80s dance music, giving them a broad palette of sounds and a reputation for eclecticism.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Etienne_%28band%29