Sabbat Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Sabbat Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Demise Of History
2 The Best Of Enemies (Wulf's Tale)
3 The Church Bizzare
4 Mourning Has Broken
5 Mion’s Hill
6 The Best of Enemies (Live in East Berlin, 1989)
7 A Cautionary Tale
8 Horned Is the Hunter
9 Darkness and Evil
10 Hosanna In Excelsis (Live) [Bonus Track]
11 Hosanna in Excelsis
12 Advent of Insanity
13 Theological Void
14 Gokkanma
15 Behind the Crooked Cross (Live) [Bonus Track]
16 For Those Who Died
17 How Have the Mighty Fallen?
18 The Voice Of Time
19 Nekromantik
20 I for an Eye (Live) [Bonus Track]
21 I for an Eye
22 Wildfire
23 Without A Trace
24 Splatter
25 For Those Who Died (Live) [Bonus Track]
26 The Best of Enemies
27 Mythistory
28 Intro
29 Evil Nations
30 The Church Bizarre (Live) [Bonus Track]
31 The Clerical Conspiracy (live)
32 Paint the World Black
33 Flame on the Circle
34 The Clerical Conspiracy (Bonus Track: Live in East Berlin, 1989)
35 Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares? (live)
36 Dumbstruck
37 Karisma
38 Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares? (Bonus Track: Live Version)
39 The Best of Enemies (live)
40 The Answer Is Hell
41 Evoke The Evil
42 The Best of Enemies (Bonus Track: Live in East Berlin, 1989)
43 The Church Bizarre
44 Charisma
45 Evil Nation
46 Hosanna In Excelsis (Bonus Track) [Live In East Berlin, 1989]
47 Hosanna In Excelsis (Live)
48 Demonic Serenade – Brothers of Demons
49 Disembody To The Abyss
50 Behind the Crooked Cross (Bonus Track) [Live In East Berlin, 1989]
51 Behind the Crooked Cross (Live)
52 Sepulchral Voice (Sodom cover)
53 In League With Devils
54 I for an Eye (Bonus Track) [Live In East Berlin, 1989]
55 I for an Eye (Live)
56 Crest of Satan
57 Bowray Samurai – Samurai Zombies
58 For Those Who Died (Bonus Track) [Live In East Berlin, 1989]
59 For Those Who Died (Live)
60 Curdle the Blood
61 Satan Bless You
62 The Church Bizarre (Bonus Track) [Live In East Berlin, 1989]
63 The Church Bizarre (Live)
64 Hellfire
65 Heavy Metal Hunter
66 Satan Is Beautiful (live)
67 The Clerical Conspiracy
68 Dreamscape
69 Black Fire
70 The Clerical Conspiracy (Live in East Berlin, 1989)
71 Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?
72 Behind the Crooked Cross

Sabbat Bio

Sabbat is a thrash metal band from Nottingham, England.

The origins of the band started in June 1985, with vocalist Martin Walkyier and bassist Frazer Craske, who were members of a band called Hydra. Andy Sneap  joined Hydra as second guitarist, but the remaining guitarist left 2 weeks later. The arrival of former Striptease and Fallen Angel  drummer, Simon Negus (replacing Mark Daley, who left at the same time as second guitarist Adam Ferman) coincided with a name change to Sabbat.

In September 1987, the band travelled to Hanover, Germany to record their debut album, History of a Time to Come. This generated lots of media attention amongst journalists and fans alike for its unique lyrical approach and its difference to the "Big 4" approach at the time during the 1980s metal scene.

The second album Dreamweaver (Reflections of Our Yesterdays), was a conceptual album, based on the book The Way of Wyrd, by Brian Bates. The album demonstrated Walkyier's deep-held beliefs in Wyrdism, Anglo-Saxon spirituality, Celtic mysticism and paganism.

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