RuPaul Lyrics

Genre: Pop

RuPaul Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Cover Girl
2 Main Event
3 Tranny Chaser
4 Jealous Of My Boogie
5 Theme From 'Drag Race
6 LadyBoy
7 Champion
8 Destiny Is Mine
9 Never Go Home Again
10 Let's Turn The Night
11 Devil Made Me Do It
12 Super
13 Superman
14 Back To My Roots
15 Kinky/Freaky
16 Throw Ya Hands Up (feat. Kennedy Davenport)
17 Throw Ya Hands Up (With Lady Bunny)
18 Coming Out of Hiding
19 Glamazon (Jared Jones Break It Down Remix)
20 Devil Made Me Do It (feat. Ben De La Creme)
21 L.A. Rhythm (feat. Michelle Visage & JROB)
22 Freaky Money (feat. Jasmine Masters)
23 Workout
24 Workout (Junior's Spirit Club)
25 Superstar (Matt Pop Amsterdam Remix)
26 Tranny Chaser (feat. Joslyn Fox)
27 Color Me Love (feat. Rebecca Romijn & Markaholic)
28 Can I Get an Amen (feat. Kasha Davis)
29 Workout (Junior's NYC Radio)
30 Glamazon (Macutchi Up Tut Knuckle Remix)
31 I Bring the Beat (feat. Vivacious)
32 I Met Him on the Dance Floor
33 Drop That Pimp (feat. Violet Chachki & Miles Davis Moody)
34 Snapshot
35 The Beginning
36 Sexy Drag Queen (Chris Thomas Execution Style Remix)
37 Superstar (feat. Adore Delano)
38 I Blame You (feat. Ellis Miah)
39 Let the Music Play (feat. Ginger Minj)
40 Love Is Love
41 Click Clack (Make Dat Money)
42 Drag U Theme (Jared Jones Movin' On Remix)
43 Let’s Turn the Night
44 Throw Ya Hands Up (feat. Lady Bunny & Ellis Miah 2015)
45 Sweet Kandy of Mine (feat. Kandy Ho)
46 Glamazon
47 Glamazon (Gomi Tribalistic Remix)
48 Ladyboy (feat. Gia Gunn)
49 This Is a Picnic (Interlude)
50 Drag U (feat. Katya)
51 I Need More
52 I Bring The Beat
53 LadyBoy (Revenge Of The Kingston Queens)
54 Can I Get an Amen
55 Die Tomorrow (feat. Frankmusik)
56 Hey Booty (feat. Pearl & Miles Davis Moody)
57 Superstar
58 Jealous of My Boogie (feat. Laganja Estranja)
59 Fly Tonight
60 The Realness (feat. Eric Kupper)
61 Geronimo (feat. Trixie Mattel)
62 Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous
63 Responsitrannity
64 Cover Girl (feat. Trinity K. Bonet)
65 Modern Love
66 A Dream You’re Having (Interlude)
67 The Beginning (feat. Jaidynn Diore Fierce)
68 House of Love
69 Live Forever
70 Sexy Drag Queen
71 Freaky Money
72 L.A. Rhythm (feat. Michelle Visage & Matt Moss)
73 Call Me Starrbooty (feat. Sasha Belle)
74 Supermodel (You Better Work)
75 Get Your Rebel On
76 Lick It Lollipop
77 Sissy That Walk
78 Born Naked (feat. Clairy Browne) [Stadium Remix]
79 Dance with U (feat. MAX)
80 Supermodel
81 (Here It Comes) Around Again
82 Glamazon (feat. Magnolia Crawford)
83 Geronimo
84 Drag Mocks Identity (Interlude)
85 Drag Race Theme (feat. Miss Fame)
86 If I Dream
87 Main Event (feat. Kelly Mantle)
88 Dance with U
89 Step It Up (feat. Dave Aud‚)
90 Sissy That Walk (feat. Tempest Dujour)
91 Just a Little In & Out
92 Sexy Drag Queen (Jared Jones La Push Remix)
93 Champion (feat. Courtney Act)
94 Adrenaline
95 LGBT (feat. Chi Chi Larue & Markaholic)
96 Thorns of a Rose
97 Hollywood U.S.A. (feat. The PitCrew)
98 All Alone On Christmas
99 Drag U Theme (Gomi High Heels & A Dream Remix)
100 Click Clack (Make Dat Money) [feat. Bianca Del Rio]
101 Let the Music Play
102 New York City Beat (feat. Michelle Visage)
103 Hollywood U.S.A.
104 Superstar (Hollywood Royalty Remix)
105 Destiny Is Mine (feat. Milk)
106 Born Naked