Runrig Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Runrig Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Rocket To The Moon
2 Every River
3 The Ocean Road
4 Something's Got To Give
5 Year Of The Flood
6 This Day
7 An Ubhal As Airde
8 In Scandinavia
9 Protect And Survive
10 I'll Keep Coming Home
11 Siol Ghoraidh (Pronounced She-All Ghaw-Ree)
12 That Final Mile
13 Sona
14 Always The Winner
15 City Of Lights
16 Edge Of The World
17 This Beautiful Pain
18 The Mighty Atlantic
19 When The Beauty
20 Smalltown
21 Transl The Big Wheel
22 Atoms
23 Skye
24 18th July
25 Tear Down These Walls
26 Transl The Crowed River
27 An Dealachadh
28 Day In A Boat
29 An-Diugh Ghabh Mi Cuairt
30 Alba
31 Nothing But The Sun
32 The Place Where The Rivers Run
33 Tir A' Mhurain
34 The Apple Came Down
35 Somewhere
36 Transl Of Siol Ghoraidh (The Geneology Of Goraidh)
37 Transl Of Tir A' Mhurain
38 Hearts Of Olden Glory
39 Pog Aon Oidhche Earraich (A Kiss One Spring Evening)
40 World Appeal
41 Our Earth Was Once Green
42 And The Accordian Played
43 Ravenscraig
44 Abhainn An T - Sluaigh
45 Pride Of The Summer
46 The Dancing Floor
47 Siol Ghoraidh
48 Saints Of The Soil
49 Wonderful
50 An Cuibhle Mor
51 Dream Fields
52 Going Home
53 The Cutter
54 Canada
55 The Story
56 Eirinn
57 Flower Of The West
58 The Only Rose
59 Rhythm Of My Heart
60 Onar
61 Headlights
62 Worker For The Wind
63 Harvest Moon
64 Rise And Fall
65 News From Heaven
66 Healer In Your Heart
67 Things That Are
68 Elegy
69 Only The Brave
70 Hearthammer
71 Roadtrip
72 The Greatest Flame
73 Every Beating Heart
74 Precious Years
75 Clash Of The Ash
76 This Time Of Year
77 The Years We Shared

Runrig Bio

Runrig are a Scottish Celtic rock group formed in Skye, in 1973 under the name 'The Run Rig Dance Band'. Since its inception, the band's line-up has included songwriters Rory Macdonald and Calum Macdonald. The current line-up also includes longtime members Malcolm Jones, Iain Bayne, and more recently, Bruce Guthro, and Brian Hurren. To date, the band has released thirteen studio albums, with a number of their songs sung in Scottish Gaelic.

Initially formed as a three-piece dance band, which played wedding receptions, the trio's first performance took place at Kelvin Hall, in Glasgow.

Runrig's music is often described as a blend of folk and rock music, with the band's lyrics often focusing upon locations, history, politics and people that are unique to Scotland. Songs also make references to agriculture and land conservation.

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