Rogue Traders Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Rogue Traders Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Don't Think I Love You
2 Mary
3 We're Coming Home
4 Way to Go! (original mix)
5 I Never Liked You
6 Rescue Me
7 Like It Ends Tonight
8 Would You Raise Your Hands? (Chris Fraser’s unplugged remix)
9 We're Coming Home
10 Way to Go! (James Ash remix)
11 Better in the Dark (Klaus Hill remix)
12 Fashion
13 Skyline
14 Nightfall
15 We're Coming Home
16 Way to Go! (TV Rock remix)
17 Shout Out
18 White Lightning
19 Sign Language
20 Love Is a War
21 We're Coming Home
22 Voodoo Child (James Ash Lektric remix)
23 Watching You (Chris Lake's Downtown Vocal)
24 In Love Again
25 America
26 To Be Someone
27 We're Coming Home
28 Voodoo Child (radio edit)
29 In Love Again (live at the Chapel)
30 Casting Aside
31 So Alive
32 One Of My Kind
33 We're Coming Home
34 Voodoo Child (Tom Neville Vox mix)
35 Voodoo Child
36 Calling All Lovers
37 So Lonely
38 Make It Better
39 We're Coming Home
40 Voodoo Child (12" mix)
41 What You're On
42 Candy Coloured Lights
43 If You Wanna Taste It
44 Broken
45 We're Coming Home
46 Watching You (Original Radio Edit)
47 Watching You (Chris Lake's Downtown remix)
48 Speak & Destroy
49 Forever Love Have Vision
50 Revolution
51 Voodoo Child (Album Version)
52 Watching You (Dirty South Vocal Mix)
53 On Your Way to the Disco
54 Childlike
55 Ease Your Mind
56 Golden
57 We're Coming Home (Live At Adelaide Skyshow)
58 Watching You (James Ash's "Take Me Down" Club Mix)
59 Voodoo Child (electro mix)
60 8th Wonder of the World
61 Would You Raise Your Hands?
62 Give In To Me
63 Voodoo Child (Tom Neville Vox Remix)
64 Watching You (Dirty South Dub)
65 Watching You (Dirty South radio edit)
66 Better In the Dark
67 Would You Raise Your Hands? (Chris Fraser's Unplugged Remix)
68 Take It Deeper
69 Watching You (Olli Collins & Fred Portelli remix)
70 Way to Go (James Ash remix)
71 Way to Go! (Dada remix)
72 Throw Your Arms Around Me
73 We’re Coming Home
74 Lift This Planet
75 Voodoo Child (radio edit) (feat. Natalie Bass)
76 Watching You
77 Voodoo Child (Tom Neville remix)
78 The Price We Pay
79 We're Coming Home
80 Change The Channel
81 Voodoo Child (James Ash Lectric remix)
82 Voodoo Child (Tom Neville dub)
83 Way To Go' (Dada Remix)
84 Overload
85 We're Coming Home
86 Voodoo Child (12" remix)
87 Way to Go!
88 Believer
89 Stay?
90 Hearts Beat As One
91 We're Coming Home
92 Voodoo Child (Fuzzy Hair remix)
93 Don't You Wanna Feel
94 World Go Round
95 Girl In Gold

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Rogue Traders Bio

Australian electronic pop rock band fronted by Melinda "Mindi" Jackson with James Ash on keyboards, Tim Henwood on guitars and Peter Marin on drums. The group's original members (James Ash and Steve Davis) met in London in 1989. Before forming Rogue Traders, Ash and Davis worked together on many projects, most notably as dance act Union State. Davis still contributes to the band and is still an active part of the songwriting process. The band's name comes from the film Rogue Trader.