Rocky Votolato Lyrics

Genre: Folk

Rocky Votolato Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Time Is A Debt
2 Whiskey Straight
3 Your Darkest Eyes
4 The Blue Rose
5 Silver Trees
6 Lilly White
7 Postcard From Kentucky
8 Before You Were Born
9 Red Dragon Wishes
10 The Old Holland
11 Montana
12 Red River
13 The City Is Calling
14 October
15 Work Hard
16 Television of Saints
17 Eyes Like Static
18 A Discourse On Killing
19 Mix Tapes/Cell Mates
20 Tinfoil Hats
21 Start Over
22 Treepeople
23 Sparklers
24 Wait Out The Days
25 Coast Lines to Follow
26 Streetlights
27 Sparks
28 Instrument
29 Death-Right
30 The Bed Is Warm
31 Don't Walk Out On Me
32 Writing Fiction
33 What Waited For Me
34 The Rain Will Come
35 I'd Be Fine
36 The Night's Disguise
37 Crooked Arrows
38 Sun Devil
39 Silent
40 Suicide Medicine
41 Where We Left Off
42 Boxcutter
43 The Wrong Side Of Reno
44 Don't Be Angry
45 I Remember Music
46 People to Impress
47 Blood in Your Eyes
48 The Hereafter
49 Where We Started
50 Like a Mother
51 Secrets Of A Salesman
52 Portland Is Leaving
53 Hospital Handshakes
54 White Daisy Passing
55 I'll Catch You
56 Swallowing Swords
57 Tennessee Train Tracks
58 Royal
59 Don't Be Angry
60 Every Red Cent
61 End Like This
62 Uppers Aren't Necessary
63 White-Knuckles
64 Holding onto Water
65 One More Work Song Blues
66 Goldfield
67 She Was Only In It For The Rain
68 Rumi
69 Cut Me In Two
70 Treasure Chest
71 One Day You Won't Be Here
72 Little Spring
73 A New Son
74 Victims
75 Without Eyes Still Seeing
76 Alabaster
77 Ghost Writer
78 Sawdust & Shavings
79 The Light and the Sound
80 Plastic Jesus
81 Blue and Gray
82 Fool's Gold
83 So Unexpected
84 Lucky Clover Coin
85 In A Cabin
86 Blues Shaker
87 These Old Clothes
88 Above the Water
89 This Is My Work
90 Fragments
91 Deep in the Earth
92 Like Silver
93 Crabtree and Evelyn
94 Sunlight
95 The Finish Line

Rocky Votolato Bio

Rocky Votolato (born March 8, 1977 in Dallas, Texas), is an American singer-songwriter. He was raised in a small town called Frost, roughly 50 miles south of Dallas, until the age of 13. After his parents were divorced, his mother remarried and moved the family to the Pacific Northwest in 1991, where he attended Inglemoor High School in Kenmore, Washington. Alienated by his southern roots, the isolation led him to focus all of his attention on learning to play guitar and writing songs. Inspired by seeing many punk shows including bands like Jawbreaker and Fugazi, he started several different musical projects while in high school.

When his former band Lying on Loot disbanded in 1996, Votolato, along with friends Rudy Gajadhar (drums) and Andrew Hartley (bass), started playing under the name Waxwing. His younger brother Cody (The Blood Brothers) soon joined the band on second guitar, and the band recorded their debut 7" for Henry's Finest Recordings. In 1999, Second Nature Recordings released their first full-length, entitled For Madmen Only.

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