Rockell Lyrics

Genre: Dance

Rockell Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Runaway With Me
2 Can't We Try (Duet with Collage)
3 Playin' My Love (Salsation3 Club Re Mix)
4 Tears
5 In a Dream (original mix)
6 Tears (Dezrok radio)
7 Playin' My Love (Salsation3 Bonus Beats)
8 If I'm Ever Lonely
9 Take You Higher
10 You Keep Me Hanging On (radio edit)
11 Playin' My Love (Salsation3 Freestyle Mix)
12 Playin' My Love (Euro Trance Radio Mix)
13 In a Dream (1:00 AM mix)
14 When I'm Gone
15 Playin' My Love (Original Pop Radio Mix)
16 Playin' My Love (Euro Trance Club Mix)
17 I Fell in Love
18 Tears (Dezrok radio mix)
19 Playin' My Love (Extended Original Club Mix)
20 When I'm Gone (Slammin' Sam's Wild Wsside Remix - Radio Version)
21 If You Don't See
22 Can't We Try (feat. Collage)
23 Playin' My Love (R&B Ballad Mix)
24 In a Dream (Freestyle Mix)
25 In a Dream (Funky Mix)
26 Waiting
27 The Dance (Hex/Dez radio mix)
28 I Fell In Love (Lenny B's Freestyle Radio Mix)
29 First Kiss
30 Show Me the Way
31 I Fell In Love (Lenny B's Freestyle Club Mix)
32 We Just Disagree
33 Love Won't Let Me Wait
34 What U Did 2 Me (Album version)
35 Say You'll Be Mine
36 In A Dream - 1:00AM Mix
37 What U Did 2 Me (JP's radio mix)
38 In a Dream
39 I Fell In Love (Radio Version)
40 What U Did 2 Me (Linus radio mix)
41 What U Did 2 Me
42 When I'm Gone (Radio Version)
43 What U Did 2 Me (Jonathan Peter's Club Mix)
44 The Dance (Hex/Dez club mix)
45 When I'm Gone (Carlos Berrios Mix - Radio Version)
46 What U Did 2 Me (Linus mix)
47 Can't We Try
48 When I'm Gone (Slammin Sam's Wild Wsside Remix)
49 One Kiss
50 What U Did 2 Me (JP's Dirty mix)
51 The Dance
52 When I'm Gone (Carlos Berrios Mix)
53 Are You Ready for My Love
54 What U Did 2 Me (JP's Sound Factory Time dub)
55 L.O.V.E.
56 Playin' My Love (Salsation3 Radio Re Mix)
57 Instant Pleasure

Rockell Bio

Rachel Alexandra Mercaldo (born March 4, 1977 in Staten Island, New York), better known as Rockell, is an American freestyle, dance, Hi-NRG and pop singer-songwriter.

In 1996, Rockell released her debut single, "I Fell In Love". In the late 1990s, she had major dance hits with the songs "In a Dream", "When I'm Gone" and "Can't We Try" (a duet with Collage and remake of the Dan Hill and Vonda Shepard 1987 hit song). All of these tracks appeared on her 1998 debut album entitled What Are You Lookin' At?. "I Fell In Love", distributed by the then BMG Canada, reached #1 on the Canadian Singles Chart while the follow-up "In a Dream" reached #6. She released a second album, Instant Pleasure, in 2000.

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