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Genre: Pop

Robyn Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Keep This Fire Burning
2 Bumpy Ride
3 Blow My Mind
4 With Every Heartbeat (Acoustic)
5 Anytime You Like
6 Ain't No Thing
7 Show Me Love
8 Here We Go
9 Curriculum Vitae
10 Jack You Off
11 The Last Time
12 Dream On
13 Don't Stop The Music
14 Bum Like You (Acoustic)
15 Moonlight
16 Oh Baby
17 Crash & Burn Girl
18 Should Have Known
19 Bionic Woman
20 I Wish (A Cappella)
21 Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan & Ned Radio Edit)
22 Fembot
23 Sayit
24 Dancing On My Own (Album Edit)
25 Dancing On My Own
26 Play
27 Every Tear Drop Is a Waterfall
28 Who's That Girl (Seamus Haji radio edit)
29 Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect) - Radio/ Video Edit
30 Just Another Girlfriend
31 Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan & Ned Shepard club mix)
32 With Every Heartbeat (Tong & Spoon Wonderland Remix)
33 Time Machine
34 With Every Heartbeat (Voodoo & Serano Remix) [With Kleerup]
35 Indestructible (Laserkraft 3D remix)
36 Indestructible - Acoustic Version
37 Big City
38 Keep This Fire Burning (Cherno Jah Remix)
39 Indestructible - Acoustic Version
40 Do It Again
41 Dancing On My Own (Michael Woods Remix - Instrumental)
42 Dancing On My Own
43 Do You Really Want Me (show respect)
44 Handle Me (original radio edit)
45 Who's That Girl (Seamus Haji vocal mix)
46 Be Mine! - 2011 / Acoustic, Live at The Cherrytree House
47 Robyn Is Here
48 Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix Dub)
49 We Dance To The Beat
50 Indestructible (Laidback Luke remix)
51 Indestructible - Acoustic Version
52 Keep This Fire Burning (Martin Landquist 2002 Remix)
53 Hang With Me
54 Every Little Thing
55 Dancing On My Own (Fred Falke Instrumental)
56 Dancing On My Own
57 In My Heart
58 Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemellor Remix)
59 Handle Me (RedOne Remix - Cherrytree Bonus Track)
60 Bum Like You - Acoustic, Live at The Cherrytree House
61 Dancing On My Own (Chew Fu Remix)
62 Dancehall Queen
63 Bionic Woman (Interlude)
64 Indestructible (video)
65 Fembot
66 U Should Know Better (Carli & Savage Skulls Remix)
67 Keep This Fire Burning (Twin 12" Club Mix)
68 Hang With Me
69 Inside The Idle Hour Club
70 Dancing On My Own (Azzido Da Bass vs. Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
71 Handle Me (Soul Seekerz extended mix)
72 Giving You Back
73 With Every Heartbeat (Dave Spoon Remix)
74 Handle Me (Red One Remix - Cherrytree Bonus Track)
75 Be Mine! - Live at the Nokia Green Room
76 Where Did Our Love Go
77 Electric (Extended)
78 Get Myself Together
79 Indestructible (Max Sanna & Steve Pitron club remix)
80 Hang With Me
81 Say You'll Walk The Distance
82 Keep This Fire Burning (Ingrosso & Father Remix)
83 Hang With Me
84 Show Me Love - Radio Version
85 With Every Heartbeat (HTLF Version) [Inc' Dialogue]
86 With Every Heatbeat
87 Cobrastyle
88 Dancing on My Own (Buzz Junkies remix radio edit)
89 Handle Me (VooDoo & Serano Radio Edit)
90 Who's That Girl? - Live at the Nokia Green Room
91 You've Got That Something
92 Be Mine (Klas Åhlund Verschwende Deine Jugend remix)
93 In My Eyes
94 Indestructible (The Krays remix)
95 Hang With Me
96 Cry When You Get Older
97 Keep This Fire Burning (DJ Benji Remix)
98 Hang With Me
99 Indestructible - A-Trak Remix
100 Dream On (New Version)
101 Call Your Girlfriend (Edit)
102 Bum Like You
103 With Every Heartbeat (album version)
104 Handle Me (Instrumental)
105 With Every Heartbeat - Jo Whiley Radio 1 Live Lounge
106 Hang With Me (Starsmith remix)
107 Stars 4-Ever
108 Jack U Off
109 Be Mine (Redroche vocal mix)
110 Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
111 Dance Hall Queen
112 Call Your Girlfriend (Radio Edit)
113 Dancing On My Own
114 Hang With Me
115 Call Your Girlfriend (Kaskade remix)
116 Be Mine! (Acoustic) [Live at The Cherrytree House]
117 Robotboy
118 With Every Heartbeat (With Kleerup) [Hugg & Pepp Mix]
119 Handle Me (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
120 Indestructible
121 Hang With Me (Reset! remix)
122 Dancing On My Own - Radio Version
123 Tomteverkstan
124 Be Mine (Jori Hulkkonen vocal mix)
125 Fembot
126 None Of Dem
127 Show Me Love (Album Version)
128 Hang With Me
129 Konichiwa Bitches
130 Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan & Ned Shepard remix)
131 Message In the Bottle
132 Eclipse
133 Call Your Girlfriend (Kaskade remix radio)
134 Be Mine (ballad version)
135 Dancing On My Own
136 Hang With Me (Tim Bergling and Avicii's Exclusive club edit)
137 Criminal Intent
138 Be Mine! (Acoustic)
139 Be Mine (Meatboys mix)
140 Fembot
141 Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa
142 Include Me Out
143 With Every Heartbeat (Voodoo&Serano Remix) [Edit] [with Kleerup]
144 Dancing On My Own
145 Be Mine!
146 Dancing on My Own (album version)
147 Be Mine! (Acoustic) [Live]
148 U Should Know Better
149 Dancing on My Own (Fred Falke remix edit)
150 Be Mine! (Ballad Version)
151 Who's That Girl?
152 Electric
153 Hang With Me (video)
154 Indestructible - Acoustic Version
155 Be Mine (Ocelot Mthrfckrs remix)
156 Hang With Me
157 Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect) [QDIII Mix]
158 Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do
159 Dancing On My Own
160 Handle Me
161 Be Mine (Jori Hulkkonen radio edit)
162 With Every Heartbeat (Acoustic) [Live]
163 Dancing On My Own - Buzz Junkies Edit
164 Call Your Girlfriend (Azari & III remix)
165 Konichiwa Bitches (With Intro)
166 With Every Heartbeat - with Kleerup
167 Hang With Me (Pumped by Hot City mix)
168 Hang With Me - Edit
169 Be Mine (Dusty Kid in the Tunnels vocal remix)
170 Hang With Me
171 With Every Heartbeat (Voodoo & Serano Remix)
172 Do You Know
173 Dancing On My Own
174 Be Mine! - Live At The Cherrytree House
175 Be Mine (Klas Ahlund remix)
176 Bum Like You (Acoustic) [Live]
177 Dancing On My Own - Fred Falke Remix
178 Handle Me (Soul Seekerz Extended Mix)
179 Be Mine! (Roger Sanchez mix)
180 With Every Heartbeat
181 Dancing on My Own (Chew Fu extended remix)
182 Love Kills
183 My Only Wish
184 Be Mine! (Redroche Vocal Mix)
185 Fembot
186 With Every Heartbeat (VooDoo&Serano Remix)
187 Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan & Ned remix)
188 Dancing On My Own
189 Call Your Girlfriend - Feed Me Remix
190 With Every Heartbeat (Steve Angello Dub)
191 Show Me Love (2008 Mix)
192 With Every Heartbeat - Acoustic, Live at The Cherrytree House
193 Handle Me (Soulseekerz extended mix)
194 With Every Heartbeat (VooDoo&Serano Edit)
195 Who´s That Girl?
196 My Only Reason
197 Dancing on My Own (Chew Fu radio remix)
198 Fembot
199 Indestructible - Acoustic Version
200 Be Mine! (Ocelot mthrfckrs Remix)
201 Fembot
202 Fembot
203 Hang With Me
204 Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan & Ned Dub)
205 Dancing On My Own
206 Dancing On My Own - Fred Falke Radio Edit
207 With Every Heartbeat (Kleerup Remix)
208 You've Got That Somethin'
209 O Baby
210 Be Mine (Jori Hulkkonen dub mix)
211 With Every Heartbeat (Hugg&Pepp Remix)
212 Hang With Me - Acoustic
213 Dancing on My Own (Michael Woods edit)
214 Hang With Me
215 Breakdown Intermission
216 Be Mine! (Dusty Kid In The Tunnels Vocal Remix)
217 Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
218 With Every Heartbeat (HTLF Version) [Includes Dialogue]
219 Show Me Love (Radi Version)
220 Dancing On My Own
221 Indestructible - Radio Edit
222 Indestructible (A-Track radio edit)
223 Don't Want You Back
224 Do You Know (What It Takes)
225 Be Mine! (Jori Hulkkonen Dub Mix)
226 With Every Heartbeat (With Kleerup) [Corenell Remix]
227 Hang With Me - Acoustic Version
228 Psycho
229 Dancing on My Own (Rex the Dog edit)
230 Hang With Me
231 Be Mine! (Meat Boys Mix)
232 Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
233 Handle Me (Soul Seekerz extended mix)
234 Hang With Me (Original)
235 Dancing On My Own
236 Call Your Girlfriend
237 With Every Heartbeat (With Kleerup) (Steve Angello Dub)
238 You’ve Got That Somethin’
239 Crash And Burn Girl
240 How
241 Dancing on My Own (Skrillex remix)
242 With Every Heartbeat (With Kleerup) [Kenson Remix]
243 With Every Heartbeat - with Kleerup - Voodoo&Serano Remix (Edit)
244 Cobrastyle (Muscles remix)
245 Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
246 Be Mine! (Jori Hulkkonen Vocal Mix)
247 Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
248 Monument
249 Hang With Me (Pumped By Hot City)
250 Dancing On My Own
251 Dancing On My Own - Radio Edit
252 Do You Know (What It take)
253 Don’t Want You Back
254 Keep This Fire Burning - Radio Original
255 I Wish
256 Tell You (Today)
257 With Every Heartbeat (Jo Whiley Radio 1 Live Lounge) [With Kleerup]
258 Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
259 Still Your Girl
260 Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do (Mylo & Sharooz mix)
261 Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
262 Call Your Girlfriend (Kaskade Edit)

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Robin Miriam Carlsson (born 12 June 1979), better known by her stage name Robyn, is a Swedish recording artist. Robyn became known in the late nineties for her worldwide dance-pop hit "Do You Know (What It Takes)" from her debut album Robyn Is Here (1997). The popularity of her U.K. #1 song "With Every Heartbeat" and subsequent international album release Robyn (2005) in 2007 brought her mainstream success worldwide. Robyn released the first of a trilogy of albums to be released over the course of 2010 titled Body Talk Pt. 1, in June of that year, peaking at number one. It was her first album since Robyn. The album's lead single "Dancing on My Own" was released a few weeks prior to the album's release; it became a hit single worldwide and earned her a Grammy Award nomination for the category of Best Dance Recording in 2011. A follow-up album, Body Talk Pt. 2, was released on 6 September, entering straight at number one on the Swedish chart, and the final album of the trilogy, Body Talk, was released on 22 November 2010 with lead single "Indestructible". "Call Your Girlfriend" was the second single to be released from Body Talk. Robyn sings soprano.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robyn