Rob Zombie Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Rob Zombie Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Demonoid Phenomenon
2 What?
3 House of 1000 Corpses
4 Two-Lane Blacktop
5 American Witch
6 Call of the Zombie
7 Burn
8 Living Dead Girl
9 Never Gonna Stop The Black Cat
10 Death Of It All
11 Dragula
12 How To Make A Monster
13 Scum of The Earth
14 The Man Who Laughs
15 Bring Her Down (To Crippletown)
16 Blitzkreig Bop
17 Jesus Frankenstein
18 Everybody Scream
19 Demonoid Phenomenon (Sin Lives Mix)
20 Death And Destiny Inside The Dream Factory
21 Super Beast
22 Iron Head
23 Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
24 Werewolf Women Of The SS
25 Meet the Creeper
26 Spookshow Baby
27 The Beginning Of The End
28 retuen of the Phantom Stranger
29 Sick Bubble-Gum
30 Dead Girl Superstar
31 Dracula
32 Feel So Numb
33 Virgin Witch
34 Meet the Creeper (Brute Man and Wonder Girl Remix)
35 (Go To) California
36 Sinners Inc.
37 The Lords Of Salem
38 Return of the Phantom Stranger
39 Superbeast (Girl on a Motorcycle Remix)
40 Superbeast
41 More Human Than the Human
42 Diamond Ass
43 Pussy Liquor
44 What Lurks On Channel X ?
45 Halloween (She Get So Mean)
46 Hands Of Death (Burn Baby Burn)
47 Little Piggy
48 The Great American Nightmare
49 Let It All Bleed Out
50 Mars Needs Women
51 Thunder Kiss 65 (JDevil Number Of The Beast Remix)
52 Demon Speeding
53 Rock And Roll (in a black hole)
54 Werewolf, Baby!
55 Drum Solo
56 Ride
57 Foxy, Foxy
58 The Scorpion Sleeps
59 Living Dead Girl (Photek Remix)
60 Behold! The Pretty Filthy Creatures
61 Let It All Bleed Out (Document One Remix)
62 White Trash Freaks
63 Return of the Phantom Stranger (Tuesday Night at The Chop Shop Remix)
64 The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe And Rosa Whore
65 Feed the Gods
66 Foxy Foxy (Ki:Theory Remix)
67 We're An American Band
68 Spookshow Baby (Black Leather Catsuit Remix)
69 White Zombie More Human Than Human (Big Black Delta Remix)
70 Lucifer Rising
71 Cease To Exist
72 I'm Your Boogieman
73 Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare Remix)
74 What Lurks on Channel X? (XXX Remix)
75 Dragula (Three Crosses Remix)
76 Teenage Nosferatu Pussy
77 Superbeast (Porno Holocaust Remix)
78 Girl On Fire
79 Pussy Liquor (Ki:Theory Remix)
80 Dead City radio And The New Gods Of Supertown
81 Transylvania Transmission
82 Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare)
83 Run, Rabbit, Run-
84 Lords of Salem (Das Kaptial Remix)
85 Transylvanian Transmissions Part One
86 Revelation Revolution
87 War Zone
88 Superbeast (Girl On A Motorcycle Mix)
89 Never Gonna Stop (Drumcorps Acid Remix)
90 We’re An American Band
91 Skin
92 Reload
93 Death & Destiny Inside The Dream Factory
94 Superbeast (Kraddy Remix)
95 The Girl Who Loved The Monsters
96 Super-Charger Heaven
97 Scum-Kill
98 Superbeast (Girl on a Motorcycle)
99 Sick Bubblegum
100 Devil's Hole Girls (Tobias Enhus Remix
101 More Human Than Human
102 Legs
103 How to Make a Monster (Kitty's Purrrrformance Remix)
104 What? (The Naughty Cheerleader Mix)
105 The Ballad Of Ressurection Joe And Rosa Whore
106 Burn (The Bloody Beetroots Motherfucker Remix)
107 Never Gonna Stop
108 Jesus Frankenstein (Halfway To Hell And Loving It Mix)
109 Mars Needs Women (Griffin Boice Remix)
110 Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga
111 Bring Her Down
112 The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe
113 Blitzkrieg Bop
114 Sick Bubble-Gum (Men Or Monsters... Or Both? Mix)
115 Trade In Your Guns For A Coffin
116 Mars Needs Women (Intro)
117 How to Make a Monster (Kitty's Purrrrformance)
118 Transylvanian Transmissions Pt. 1
119 Werewolf, Baby! (Las Noches Del Hombre Lobo Remix)
120 Theme For The Rat Vendor
121 Thunder Kiss ’65
122 Seventeen Years Locust
123 Perversion
124 I Am Hell
125 Gong Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga
126 Dead City Radio
127 The Devil's Rejects
128 Michael

Rob Zombie Bio

Rob Zombie (born Robert Bartleh Cummings; January 12, 1965) is an American musician, film director, screenwriter and film producer. He rose to prominence as a founding member of the band White Zombie which formed in the mid-1980s and rose to fame in the early 1990s. As a solo artist, he has released five studio albums, three compilation albums, two remix albums, a live album, a video album, and 15 singles. In 2003 he expanded his career and became a film director, and has directed a total of six films, the majority of which he also wrote or co-wrote. He has also released numerous brands of comic books, and appeared as an actor on numerous occasions.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rob_Zombie