Ringo Starr Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Ringo Starr Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Now That She's Gone Away
2 Whispering Grass (Don't Tell The Trees)
3 In My Car
4 It Don't Come Easy
5 Oh My My
6 I Wanna Be Your Man
7 La De Da
8 No No Song
9 Tuff Love
10 Dear Santa
11 You Always Hurt The One You Love
12 Going Down
13 A Dose Of Rock 'N' Roll
14 Back Off Boogaloo
15 Puppet
16 The Moonbeam Song
17 It's All Down To Goodnight Vienna
18 If It's Love That You Want
19 Octopus's Garden
20 Drift Away
21 Call Me
22 I Don't Believe You
23 One
24 Honey Don't
25 In The City: Bang The Drum All Day
26 Y Not
27 Think About You
28 Down and Out
29 Love First
30 Satisfied
31 Blink
32 Memphis in Your Mind
33 I Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way
34 Right Side Of The Road
35 This Be Called A Song
36 I'd Be Talking All The Time
37 I'm Yours
38 After All These Years
39 King Of Broken Hearts
40 Everybody Wants You
41 Show Me The Way
42 Who's Your Daddy
43 For Love
44 I'm A Fool To Care
45 Trippin' On My Own Tears
46 Runaways
47 OK Ray
48 Imagine Me There
49 Not Looking Back
50 Six O'Clock (Short Version)
51 Photograph
52 Who Needs A Heart
53 I Was Walkin'
54 Free Ride
55 Girls Talk
56 Free Drinks
57 Sentimental Journey
58 The End
59 Only You (And You Alone)
60 I'm Home
61 What Love Wants to Be
62 Bamboula
63 Remember (Christmas)
64 Down
65 You're Sixteen
66 Picture Show Life
67 A Love Bizarre
68 Groovin'
69 Wrong All the Time
70 Gone Are The Days
71 Love Don't Last Long
72 Early 1970
73 Mindfield
74 Give Me Back the Beat
75 Act Naturally [Live]
76 I Keep Forgettin'
77 Island In The Sun
78 Christmas Time Is Here Again
79 I Think Therefore I Rock 'n' Roll
80 Instant Amnesia
81 Husbands And Wives
82 Without Understanding
83 Don't Mean Nothin
84 People Got To Be Free
85 Fading In Fading Out
86 Give It A Try
87 Pure Gold
88 Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing
89 Las Brisas
90 Oh My Lord
91 Yellow Submarine [Live]
92 Woman Of The Night
93 Touch And Go
94 Blue Christmas
95 Love First, Ask Questions Later
96 White Christmas
97 I'll Be Fine Anywhere
98 She's Not There
99 Black Maria
100 Night And Day
101 Blindman
102 It's No Secret
103 Intro
104 Some People
105 Gave It All Up
106 Bad Boy
107 Confirmation
108 Loser's Lounge
109 Elizabeth Reigns
110 Coochy Coochy (Long Version)
111 Yellow Submarine
112 Desperado
113 Harry's Song
114 Think It Over
115 Lady Gaye
116 Hey Baby
117 Don't Hang Up
118 Simple Love Song
119 Lipstick Traces (On a Cigarette)
120 Let Love Lead
121 Without Her
122 Hopeless
123 English Garden
124 Oh My My [Live]
125 Write One for Me
126 Frankentstein, Merlin And The Operation
127 American Woman
128 Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love)
129 Pasodobles
130 In Liverpool
131 Goodnight Vienna (Reprise)
132 Choose Love
133 Can She Do It Like She Dances
134 Heart on My Sleeve
135 Drumming Is My Madness
136 Fastest Growing Heartache In The West
137 Who Can It Be Now [Live]
138 Fill In The Blanks
139 Should've Known Better
140 Iko Iko
141 I'm the Greatest
142 Wonderful
143 Drowning In The Sea Of Love
144 With a Little Help from My Friends
145 Me and You
146 Sure To Fall (In Love With You)
147 Everybody's In A Hurry But Me
148 Without You
149 With A Little Help From My Friends [Live]
150 Peace Dream
151 The Glamours Life
152 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
153 Six O'Clock
154 Love Is
155 Rock Island Line
156 Jump Into The Fire
157 Come On Christmas, Christmas Come On
158 Mr. Double-It-Up
159 Christmas Eve
160 Let The Rest Of The World Go By
161 Bye Bye Blackbird
162 What In The... World (Live)
163 The No-No Song
164 Photograph [Live]
165 The Other Side Of Liverpool
166 Cryin'
167 Step Lightly
168 R U Ready?
169 Samba
170 $15 Draw
171 Winter Wonderland
172 Sometimes
173 The Christmas Dance
174 Oo-Wee
175 Goodnight Vienna
176 Dream
177 Weight Of The World
178 Boys [Live]
179 Walk With You
180 Rock Me Tonite
181 Attention
182 Devil Woman
183 Waiting
184 Anthem
185 Old Time Relovin'
186 I Wanna Be Santa Claus
187 Good News
188 Where Did Our Love Go
189 Easy For Me
190 Don't Pass Me By
191 Silent Homecoming
192 What Goes Around
193 Dream Weaver [Live]
194 Time
195 Hold Your Head Up
196 Pax Um Biscum
197 Have You Seen My Baby
198 The Turnaround
199 Slow Down
200 Gypsies In Flight
201 Rory And The Hurricanes
202 The Little Drummer Boy
203 Hard To Be True
204 Missouri Loves Company
205 Never Without You
206 Never Without You [Live]
207 Everyone Wins
208 Act Naturally
209 Beaucoups Of Blues
210 Alibi
211 Tonight
212 All by Myself
213 Wings
214 Vertical Man
215 You Bring The Party Down
216 Stardust
217 Occapella
218 In A Heartbeat
219 Introduction
220 Free Ride [Live]
221 Mystery Of The Night
222 With A Little Hope From My Friends
223 Don't Know A Thing About Love
224 "Blue, Turning Grey Over You"
225 S.O.S.
226 Don't Be Cruel
227 Out On The Streets
228 Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go
229 Bridges
230 Dead Giveaway
231 Love Me Do
232 All In The Name Of Love
233 Daybreak
234 What Goes On
235 What Goes On [Live]
236 Can't Do It Wrong
237 Liverpool 8
238 Golden Blunders
239 You Don't Know Me At All
240 Snookeroo
241 Everyday
242 Eye to Eye
243 Wine, Women And Loud Happy Songs
244 Postcards From Paradise
245 Sneaking Sally Through The Alley
246 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

Ringo Starr Bio

Richard Starkey MBE (born on 7 July 1940), better known by his stage name Ringo Starr, is an English musician, singer-songwriter and actor, best known as the drummer for The Beatles. Starr was the last to join The Beatles line up, replacing Pete Best, and was the oldest member of the band.

Starr mainly served as a drummer for The Beatles, but also achieved success as a songwriter with the group for the songs "Don't Pass Me By" and "Octopus's Garden", served lead vocals on songs such as "Yellow Submarine", "With a Little Help from My Friends", "What Goes On", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "Boys", and "Good Night", and achieved success in his solo career, with songs such as "It Don't Come Easy", "Photograph" and "You're Sixteen".

Ringo Starr was born Richard Starkey to Richard and Elsie Starkey (née Gleave), at 9 Madryn Street, Dingle, Liverpool. Starr's parents split up when he was three years old; his mother, Elsie Starkey, married Harry Graves, whom Starr liked and who encouraged his interest in music. His childhood featured numerous hospital visits, in 1947 he contracted appendicitis. This progressed to the stage Starr fell in to a coma. At the age of 13, Starr was brought to hospital with chronic-pleurisy which caused him to be admitted to a sanatorium for two years. After his last extended visit to hospital, beginning at age 13, he did not return to school. His health problems had another enduring effect: allergies and sensitivities to food. When he travelled to India in 1968 with the other Beatles, he took his own food with him.

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