Rihanna - Rated R Album

Artist: Rihanna

Genre: R&B

Album: Rated R

Rated R Lyrics Rihanna
1 Rockstar 101
2 Hole In My Head
3 Photographs
4 Mad House
5 Stupid In Love
6 G4l
7 Cold Case Love
8 The Last Song
9 Wait Your Turn
10 Fire Bomb
11 Russian Roulette (Donni Hotwheel remix)
12 Te Amo
13 Te amo
14 Te Amo
15 Te Amo
16 Te Amo
17 Te Amo
18 Te amo
19 Te amo
20 Te amo
21 Te Amo
22 Te amo
23 Te Amo
24 Te Amo
25 Russian Roulette
26 Rude Boy
27 Russian Roulette
28 Rude Boy
29 Russian Roulette
30 Rude Boy
31 Russian Roulette
32 Rude Boy
33 Russian Roulette
34 Rude Boy
35 Russian Roulette
36 Rude Boy
37 Russian Roulette
38 Rude Boy
39 Russian Roulette
40 Rude Boy
41 Russian Roulette
42 Rude Boy
43 Russian Roulette
44 Rude Boy
45 Russian Roulette
46 Rude Boy
47 Russian Roulette
48 Rude Boy
49 Russian Roulette
50 Rude Boy
51 Stupid in Love
52 Stupid In Love
53 Stupid In Love
54 Stupid In Love
55 Stupid In Love
56 Stupid in Love
57 Stupid in Love
58 Stupid in Love
59 Stupid in Love
60 Stupid in Love
61 Stupid In Love
62 Stupid in Love
63 Hard
64 Rockstar 101
65 Wait Your Turn
66 Wait Your Turn
67 Wait Your Turn
68 Wait Your Turn
69 Wait Your Turn
70 Wait Your Turn
71 Wait Your Turn
72 Wait Your Turn
73 Wait Your Turn
74 Wait Your Turn
75 Wait Your Turn
76 Wait Your Turn
77 G4L
78 Mad House
79 Fire Bomb
80 G4l
81 Cold Case Love
82 The Last Song
83 Mad House
84 Fire Bomb
85 G4L
86 Cold Case Love
87 Mad House
88 G4l
89 Cold Case Love
90 Mad House
91 Fire Bomb
92 G4L
93 Cold Case Love
94 Fire Bomb
95 Mad House
96 Fire Bomb
97 G4L
98 Cold Case Love
99 Mad House
100 Fire Bomb
101 G4L
102 Cold Case Love
103 Mad House
104 Fire Bomb
105 G4L
106 Cold Case Love
107 The Last Song
108 Russian Roulette (Donni Hotwheel remix)
109 Mad House
110 Fire Bomb
111 G4l
112 Cold Case Love
113 The Last Song
114 Fire Bomb
115 G4L
116 The Last Song
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Rihanna - Rated R Album Lyrics
1.Rockstar 101 Lyrics
2.Hole In My Head Lyrics
3.Photographs Lyrics
4.Mad House Lyrics
5.Stupid In Love Lyrics
6.G4l Lyrics
7.Cold Case Love Lyrics
8.The Last Song Lyrics
9.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
10.Fire Bomb Lyrics
11.Russian Roulette (Donni Hotwheel remix) Lyrics
12.Te Amo Lyrics
13.Te amo Lyrics
14.Te Amo Lyrics
15.Te Amo Lyrics
16.Te Amo Lyrics
17.Te Amo Lyrics
18.Te amo Lyrics
19.Te amo Lyrics
20.Te amo Lyrics
21.Te Amo Lyrics
22.Te amo Lyrics
23.Te Amo Lyrics
24.Te Amo Lyrics
25.Russian Roulette Lyrics
26.Rude Boy Lyrics
27.Russian Roulette Lyrics
28.Rude Boy Lyrics
29.Russian Roulette Lyrics
30.Rude Boy Lyrics
31.Russian Roulette Lyrics
32.Rude Boy Lyrics
33.Russian Roulette Lyrics
34.Rude Boy Lyrics
35.Russian Roulette Lyrics
36.Rude Boy Lyrics
37.Russian Roulette Lyrics
38.Rude Boy Lyrics
39.Russian Roulette Lyrics
40.Rude Boy Lyrics
41.Russian Roulette Lyrics
42.Rude Boy Lyrics
43.Russian Roulette Lyrics
44.Rude Boy Lyrics
45.Russian Roulette Lyrics
46.Rude Boy Lyrics
47.Russian Roulette Lyrics
48.Rude Boy Lyrics
49.Russian Roulette Lyrics
50.Rude Boy Lyrics
51.Stupid in Love Lyrics
52.Stupid In Love Lyrics
53.Stupid In Love Lyrics
54.Stupid In Love Lyrics
55.Stupid In Love Lyrics
56.Stupid in Love Lyrics
57.Stupid in Love Lyrics
58.Stupid in Love Lyrics
59.Stupid in Love Lyrics
60.Stupid in Love Lyrics
61.Stupid In Love Lyrics
62.Stupid in Love Lyrics
63.Hard Lyrics
64.Rockstar 101 Lyrics
65.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
66.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
67.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
68.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
69.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
70.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
71.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
72.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
73.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
74.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
75.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
76.Wait Your Turn Lyrics
77.G4L Lyrics
78.Mad House Lyrics
79.Fire Bomb Lyrics
80.G4l Lyrics
81.Cold Case Love Lyrics
82.The Last Song Lyrics
83.Mad House Lyrics
84.Fire Bomb Lyrics
85.G4L Lyrics
86.Cold Case Love Lyrics
87.Mad House Lyrics
88.G4l Lyrics
89.Cold Case Love Lyrics
90.Mad House Lyrics
91.Fire Bomb Lyrics
92.G4L Lyrics
93.Cold Case Love Lyrics
94.Fire Bomb Lyrics
95.Mad House Lyrics
96.Fire Bomb Lyrics
97.G4L Lyrics
98.Cold Case Love Lyrics
99.Mad House Lyrics
100.Fire Bomb Lyrics
101.G4L Lyrics
102.Cold Case Love Lyrics
103.Mad House Lyrics
104.Fire Bomb Lyrics
105.G4L Lyrics
106.Cold Case Love Lyrics
107.The Last Song Lyrics
108.Russian Roulette (Donni Hotwheel remix) Lyrics
109.Mad House Lyrics
110.Fire Bomb Lyrics
111.G4l Lyrics
112.Cold Case Love Lyrics
113.The Last Song Lyrics
114.Fire Bomb Lyrics
115.G4L Lyrics
116.The Last Song Lyrics

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  • Keith Thebelele Chirwa

    Uyamthanda heee?

  • Pamela Ngwenya

    u js e best.

  • Thwala Nomthandazo

    your tracks rock...i like them especialy the one called photographs n cold case love.

  • Anonymous

    rihanna you are my favorite artist and you are beautiful, i love rihanna kissssssssss

  • Anonymous

    my head explodes when i hear that sh*t. Unfortunately the more a rihanna's so-called song will suck, the more u'll love it ;P

  • Anonymous

    I think this is her best CD yet,her fuc'n aulbm is so hard, ilisten 2 it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    None of this is appropiate and it is very degrading to women. After what she experienced she should be writing to tell young ladies how NOT TO tell a youn man to "get it up" or more. Women need to love themselves as Queens and not B's. Much prayer for all who feel this is ok. and more

  • Anonymous

    I love this song it is the third best song of rihanna she is preety to she is sick.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happens i don't want her to stop doin her thing she god at it and she rocks i love all her albums but this is my favorite i just love her and i hope she finds someone soooooooooo much better than CB

  • Anonymous

    I respect Rihanna as an artist after this latest lp. This CD has been in my car for as long as I can remember. I listen everday from beginning to end. GREAT ALBUM!

  • Anonymous

    this jizzer rite here is rocking the beats big time shes so awsome man i cant get over it. RIRI YOU ROCK !!! , x .

  • Anonymous

    dang............i jus love dis album its so koo evry since dis album came out wif some music they were kool espically the rude boy dat 1 was a kick ass music dat barely came out & now im all trying 2 download it so ican listen 2 it evry day nonstop maybe until i die.......jk....lol....

  • Anonymous

    i totally love this album.
    my respect for her as an
    artist just continues to grow.

  • Anonymous

    love it totally it holds soo much pain but shows she's strong too
    luv ya ri

  • Anonymous

    omfq rhianna did haa thinq ohn this
    one...love haa music & haa period..
    great artist