Right Said Fred Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Right Said Fred Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Swan
2 Living On A Dream
3 No One On Earth
4 Infected
5 Girls And Boys
6 I'm A Celebrity
7 Deeply Dippy
8 I Am A Bachelor
9 Do Ya Feel
10 Is It True
11 Don't Talk Just Kiss (feat. Jocelyn Brown)
12 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
13 Happily Ever After
14 Dont Talk Just Kiss (feat. Jocelyn Brown)
15 Without Thinking
16 Come Dancing
17 Feels Like Love
18 I'm Too Sexy (Bettys Mix)
19 Those Simple Things
20 Yellow Metal Car
21 Two White Boys
22 Don't Talk Just Kiss
23 Upon My Heart
24 I'm Too Sexy (Original Mix (2006 Version))
25 I'm Too Sexy (Betty's mix)
26 Everybody Loves Me
27 Cherry Cherry
28 I'm Too Sexy Remix (Bonus Track)
29 Don’t Talk Just Kiss
30 Bumped
31 Don't Talk Just Kiss (Dick's mix)
32 MoJive (radio edit)
33 Mojive
34 Rocket Town
35 Don't Talk Just Kiss (Miss Brown's Dolly Mix-ture)
36 I'm Too Sexy - Remix
37 Insatiable You
38 Hands Up For Lovers
39 Don't Talk Just Kiss (Dicks Mix)
40 Deeply Dippy (remix)
41 Stop the World
42 Don't Talk Just Kiss (Miss Browns Dolly Mix-Ture)
43 Stand Up (For the Champions) (single edit)
44 Julianne
45 I'm Too Smurfy
46 I'm Too Sexy (7" Mix)
47 Melanie
48 Raining In England
49 I’m Too Smurfy
50 You're My Mate
51 Obvious
52 I’m Too Sexy (Extended Dance Mix)
53 You’re My Mate
54 Sex Is The Common Ground
55 Waiting for a Train
56 I'm Too Sexy (Feel Fine mix)
57 I'm Too Sexy (7" version)
58 Why Do I?
59 I Ain't Your Guy
60 I'm Too Sexy
61 I’m Too Sexy (7″ version)
62 Lord Have Mercy
63 Trouble With Love
64 I’m Too Sexy
65 Love for All Seasons
66 This Love
67 We're All Criminals

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Right Said Fred Bio

Right Said Fred are an English band based in London and formed by brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass in 1989. Guitarist Rob Manzoli joined the duo in 1990. The group are named after the song which was a hit for Bernard Cribbins in 1962. With over 20 million CDs sold worldwide, the group has achieved multi-platinum status and has also won two Ivor Novello Awards – for "I'm Too Sexy" and "Deeply Dippy". Before forming Right Said Fred, the Fairbrass brothers had played with Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

In July 1991, they released their debut single, "I'm Too Sexy", on the independent London-based record label Tug Records. The track is a distinctive dance song which takes a gentle swipe at the fashion industry and features an instrumental break based on "Third Stone from the Sun" by Jimi Hendrix.

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