Ricky Van Shelton Lyrics

Genre: Country

Ricky Van Shelton Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Sweet Memories
2 Just as I Am/He Smiled as He Ran Out to Play
3 Not That I Care
4 Let Me Live With Love (And Die With You)
5 Crazy Over You
6 Oh, Pretty Woman
7 Backroads
8 Living Proof
9 Don't We All Have the Right
10 Ultimately Fine
11 After The Lights Go Out
12 I Meant Every Word He Said
13 Keep It between the Lines
14 If It Weren't for Me
15 She Needs Me
16 I'm Starting Over
17 Life Turned Her That Way
18 Don't Send Me No Angels
19 Working Man Blues
20 Linda Lu
21 Borrowed Angel
22 Life's Little Ups and Downs
23 Wild Man
24 Somebody's Back in Town
25 Roses After the Rain
26 I Wish You Were More Like Your Memory
27 Who'll Turn Out The Lights
28 Swimming Upstream
29 He's Got You
30 Wherever She Is
31 Tic Toc
32 Love Is Burnin'
33 Call Me Up
34 Complicated
35 It Wouldn't Kill Me
36 I Don't Care
37 Don't Overlook Salvation
38 To My Mansion in the Sky
39 Lola's Love
40 Making Plans
41 I Shall Not Be Moved
42 Winter Wonderland
43 Silver Bells
44 Family Bible
45 I Thought I'd Heard It All
46 He's Not the Man I Used to Be
47 Mansion Over the Hilltop
48 The Picture
49 Holy (I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy)
50 Then for Them
51 Our Love
52 The Old Rugged Cross
53 Jingle Bell Rock
54 You Would Do the Same for Me
55 Suppertime
56 Baby, Take a Picture
57 The Best Thing Goin'
58 I Saw a Man
59 Blue Christmas
60 If They Turn Off Our Lights
61 Love Without You
62 The Best Is Yet to Come
63 Rockin' Years
64 Baby, I'm Ready
65 I Still Love You
66 A Bridge I Didn't Burn
67 Been There, Done That
68 Some Things Are Better Left Alone
69 Crime of Passion
70 My First Reaction
71 Love and Honor
72 If You're Ever in My Arms
73 I Wouldn't Take Nothin' For My Journey
74 Wild-Eyed Dream
75 A Couple of Good Years Left
76 Where the Tall Grass Grows
77 Life's Little Ups And Downs (1991)
78 Where Was I
79 I Know the Way by Broken Heart
80 Thanks a Lot
81 I'll Leave This World Loving You
82 I've Cried My Last Tear For You (1990)
83 From a Jack to a King
84 Talking to God
85 Just Say Goodbye
86 Hole In My Pocket
87 I Meant Every Word That He Said (1990)
88 Somebody Lied
89 I Am a Simple Man
90 Heartache as Big as Texas
91 When the Feeling Goes Away
92 Oh Heart of Mine
93 I've Cried My Last Tear for You
94 Statue of a Fool