Ricky Skaggs Lyrics

Genre: Country

Ricky Skaggs Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Crying My Heart Out Over You (1982)
2 I Had But 50 Cents
3 City That Lies Foursquare
4 Branded Wherever I Go
5 New Star Shining - Ricky Skaggs
6 What Is A Home Without Love
7 I Wouldn't Change You If I Could
8 Foggy River
9 I've Got a New Heartache
10 This Old House
11 There's More Pretty Girls Than One
12 Green Pastures In The Sky
13 This World Is Not My Home
14 God Holds The Future In His Hands
15 Why Did You Wander
16 Something in My Heart
17 Let It Be You
18 You've Got A Lover (1983)
19 Ricky Skaggs - Cajun Moon
20 Somebody's Prayin' - Ricky Skaggs
21 Shepherd's Voice
22 Crying My Heart Out Over You
23 Loving You Too Well
24 I Wonder If I Care As Much
25 Goin' Back To Old Kentucky
26 When
27 (Angel on My Mind) That's Why I'm Walkin'
28 Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong
29 You Can't Take It With You When You Go
30 You Are Something Else
31 It's Mighty Dark To Travel
32 Sally Jo
33 Old Kind of Love
34 The Old Home
35 Hallelujah I'm Ready
36 Little Cabin Home On The Hill
37 Woman You Won't Break Mine
38 Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
39 Hummingbird
40 Sis' Draper
41 Colonel Prentiss
42 Lovin' Only Me
43 Can't You Hear Me Calling
44 If I Lose
45 The Solid Rock
46 A Simple Life
47 He Was on to Somethin'
48 Love Can't Ever Get Better Than This
49 1st Corinthians 1:18
50 Restless
51 Country Boy
52 Cryin' My Heart Out Over You
53 I Run To You
54 Walls Of Time
55 Don't Get Above Your Raising
56 Enjoy The Ride
57 Little Maggie
58 From The Word Love
59 A Work Of Love
60 Ridin' That Midnight Train
61 Next to You, Next to Me
62 When I'm Good And Gone
63 Lonesome Night
64 Lonesome And Dry As A Bone
65 Sinners, You Better Get Ready
66 Can't Shake Jesus
67 I'm Tired
68 Another Night
69 Don't Cheat in Our Hometown
70 Forever's Not Long Enough
71 Uncle Pen
72 Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies
73 Brand New Strings
74 Pickin' In Caroline
75 You'll Find God
76 Cajun Moon
77 Drunken Driver
78 Same Ol' Love
79 If I Needed You
80 Somehow Tonight
81 On the Road Again
82 Spread A Little Love Around
83 Fire From The Sky
84 I Don't Care
85 Nothing Beats A Family
86 Gone Home
87 I Was Meant To Love You
88 I Hope You've Learned
89 Think Of What You've Done
90 Toy Heart
91 Appalachian Joy
92 Calloway
93 I'm Awake Now
94 Thanks Again
95 Things In Life
96 Are You Afraid To Die
97 It Takes Three
98 Hold Whatcha Got
99 Give Us A Happy Home
100 Blue Night
101 If I Had It All Again To Do
102 Instead
103 Spontaneous Worship
104 You Can't Hurt Ham
105 A Voice From On High
106 Reasons To Hang On
107 When You're Lonely
108 Home Is Wherever You Are
109 Love Does It Everytime
110 Make God First
111 Someday Soon
112 Music To My Ears
113 Remember The Cross
114 Hold On Tight (Let It Go)
115 Love's Gonna Get You Someday
116 You Don't Count The Cost
117 Don't Get Above Your Raising (1981)
118 Why Did I Wait So Long?
119 My Father's Son
120 Mosaic
121 Get Up John
122 What You Are Waiting For
123 You've Got A Lover
124 No Doubt About It
125 Talk About Suffering
126 Cajun Moon (1986)
127 Monroe Dancin'
128 My Cup Runneth Over
129 Have You Someone In Heaven Awaiting
130 New Jerusalem
131 Somebody's Prayin'
132 Hearts Like Ours
133 The Old Crossroad
134 Life's Too Long (To Live Like This)
135 You May See Me Walkin'
136 Rawhide
137 Picture
138 Heartbreak Hurricane
139 Soldier's Son
140 Heartbroke
141 Be Kind
142 Cat's In The Cradle
143 Jacob's Vision
144 Uncle Pen (1984)
145 You Make Me Feel Like A Man
146 Highway 40 Blues
147 Return To Sender
148 Tennessee Stud - Tribute to Doc Watson
149 Don't Get Above Your Raisin'
150 I Ain't Never
151 Honey (Open That Door)

Ricky Skaggs Bio

Ricky Lee Skaggs (born July 18, 1954) is an American country and bluegrass singer, musician, producer, and composer. He primarily plays mandolin; however, he also plays fiddle, guitar, mandocaster and banjo.

Skaggs was born in Cordell, Kentucky. He started playing music at age 5 after he was given a mandolin by his father, Hobert. At age 6, he played mandolin and sang on stage with Bill Monroe. At age 7, he appeared on television's Martha White country music variety show, playing with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. He also wanted to audition for the Grand Ole Opry at that time, but was told he was too young.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricky_Skaggs