Rhapsody Of Fire Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Rhapsody Of Fire Lyrics - by Popularity

1 From Chaos To Eternity
2 Custode di Pace
3 The Frozen Tears Of Angels
4 Bloody Red Dungeons
5 Son Of Pain
6 Tempesta Di Fuoco
7 A Tale of Magic
8 Reign Of Terror
9 The Mystic Prophecy Of The Demonknight
10 Ghosts Of Forgotten Worlds
11 Dark Wings of Steel
12 Dark Frozen World
13 Dark Reign Of Fire
14 Anima Perduta
15 Sad Mystic Moon
16 Crystal Moonlight
17 Defenders Of Gaia
18 Aeons Of Raging Darkness
19 A Candle To Light (Extended Version)
20 Danza Di Fuoco E Ghiaccio
21 A New Saga Begins (Single Edit)
22 I Belong To The Stars
23 In Principio
24 Lost In Cold Dreams
25 Son Of Pain (Italian Version)
26 Tornado
27 Distant Sky
28 On The Way To Ainor
29 Son Of Pain (French Version)
30 Heroes Of The Waterfalls' Kingdom
31 Into the Legend
32 Labyrinth Of Madness
33 Act I: The Pass Of Nair-kaan
34 Flash Of The Blade
35 Winter's Rain
36 Sea Of Fate (Orchestral Version)
37 Act III: The Ancient Fires Of Har-Kuun
38 Vis Divina
39 A Voice in the Cold Wind
40 Immortal New Reign
41 Act V: Neve Rosso Sangue
42 Rising from Tragic Flames
43 Valley of Shadows
44 Triumph Or Agony
45 Act VI: Erian's Lost Secrets
46 Angel of Light
47 Shining Star
48 Heart Of The Darklands
49 Act VII: The Angels' Dark Revelation
50 Tears of Pain
51 Realms of Light
52 Old Age Of Wonders
53 Act II: Dark Mystic Vision
54 Fly to Crystal Skies
55 Rage of Darkness
56 The Myth Of The Holy Sword
57 Act IV: The Betrayal
58 My Sacrifice
59 The Kiss of Life
60 Raging Starfire
61 Il Canto Del Vento
62 Ad Infinitum
63 Silver Lake of Tears
64 Volar sin dolor
65 Sea Of Fate
66 Silent Dream

Rhapsody Of Fire Bio

Rhapsody of Fire (formerly known as Rhapsody and, originally, as Thundercross) is an Italian symphonic power metal band led by Alex Staropoli. Since forming in 1993, the band has released nine studio albums, one live album, three EPs, and a live DVD. Rhapsody of Fire is known for its conceptual lyrics that constitute a fantasy story throughout all of their albums.

Rhapsody was created by Luca Turilli and Stratopoli, and is now seen as a pioneer of the symphonic power metal subgenre (through they refer to themselves as "Hollywood metal"). In July 2006 the band changed their name to Rhapsody of Fire due to trademark issues.

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