Revenge Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Revenge Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Cloud Nine
2 Deadbeat (edit)
3 Fag Hag
4 Untitled
5 Silent Enemy
6 The Trouble With Girls (Live)
7 Slave (extended mix)
8 State of Shock (extended edit)
9 Haunted
10 Cannonball
11 Desolation Insignia
12 Kiss the Chrome (Live)
13 Slave (alternative mix)
14 Little Pig
15 Metal & Wild
16 Home Again
17 Hate Nomad
18 Pineapple Face (Live)
19 Slave (club mix)
20 Pineapple Face (edit)
21 Can't Hold Me Down
22 E.T.H.R [Failure Erased]
23 Knock Me Out
24 Slave (dub mix)
25 State of Shock (L'Pool edit)
26 Flying
27 Nihilist Militant [Total Rejection]
28 Shake It
29 Slave (extended remix)
30 The Trouble With Girls
31 Bleach Man
32 Shelter
33 Exile (Lilith's Song)
34 Servants of the Myth
35 Slave (7" edit remix)
36 Slave (bonus Beats)
37 Indians
38 Bite the Bullet
39 Somebody's Other Blues
40 Possessed by Devil Music
41 Pineapple Face (Pineapple Face's Big Day remix)
42 Pineapple Face (Pickering & Park remix)
43 All We Are
44 Not the Same
45 Famous for a Broken Heart
46 Renegade
47 Pineapple Face (LP version)
48 Bleachman
49 Waco, TX A.D.
50 Dead or Alive
51 Vows
52 Wail from the Crypts
53 Pineapple Face (Pineapple Face's edit)
54 Surf Nazi
55 Nervous Wreck
56 Survival Instinct
57 End Is Near
58 Vendetta
59 Pineapple Face (Pineapple Face Calls It a Day bonus remix)
60 Kiss the Chrome
61 Annihilation
62 Crazy Nights
63 Motorider
64 Deal My Soul with Satan
65 Slave (smooth mix)
66 Pineapple Face
67 Manifest Destiny
68 Scum Defection [Outsider Neutralized]
69 Slave (Live)
70 Maniac Behavior
71 Big Bang
72 Deadbeat
73 Hang The Judge
74 Shock Attrition [Control in Decline]
75 Deadbeat (Live)
76 Riding in Hell
77 7 Reasons
78 State of Shock
79 Sleep Deprivation
80 Wolf Slave Protocol [Choose Your Side]
81 Bleachman (Live)
82 Sadistics Perversions
83 Slave
84 Deadbeat (Gary Clail Dub)
85 Burn To Death
86 Mass Death Mass
87 State of Shock (Live)
88 Slave (Lucky Quasar mix)
89 Deadbeat (Gary Clail remix)
90 It's Quiet
91 In God We Mistrust II
92 Mobilization Rites
93 7 Reasons (Live)
94 Slave (7" edit)
95 State of Shock (Paralized mix)

Revenge Bio

Revenge was a band formed by New Order bassist Peter Hook (vocals, bass, keyboards) and Lavolta Lakota and Rawhead singer Davyth Hicks (aka Dave Hicks) on guitar and vocals, together with Chris Jones (keyboards). Revenge formed during New Order's hiatus in 1989-1990 and played their final gigs in January 1993. After their rock/dance hybrid album One True Passion was written and recorded, the band was joined on stage by David Potts (bass and guitar) and Ash Taylor on drums.

The band toured the first album worldwide playing gigs in Europe, North and South America and Japan in 1991. It was after the Japan tour that Hicks decided to leave, quoting "musical differences", but more with the feeling of frustration over the direction of Revenge and his own desire to return to being lead singer. He formed Rawhead in Manchester and reformed the band in Scotland in 1993.

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