Reel Big Fish Lyrics

Genre: Ska

Reel Big Fish Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Brand New Song
2 Big Star
3 I'll Never Be
4 Take On Me (Cover Of A-ha)
5 Ban the Tube Top
6 I Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend Too
7 Take On Me
8 Come on Eileen
9 Another F.U. Song
10 Keep A Cool Head
11 Mama We're All Crazy Now
12 Valerie
13 Snoop Dog, Baby
14 Where Have You Been
15 The Long Run
16 Go Away
17 A Little Doubt Goes a Long Way
18 Another Day In Paradise
19 Way Back
20 She's Famous Now
21 I Hate You, Fuck You, Leave Me Alone
22 Somebody Hates Me
23 Til I Hit The Ground
24 99 Red Balloons
25 New York, New York
26 We Care
27 Monkey Man
28 Somebody Loved Me
29 All I Want Is More
30 Hiding in My Headphones
31 Twist And Crawl
32 Trendy [Clean]
33 The Set Up (You Need This) [Clean]
34 Skatanic
35 Drinkin'
36 The Fire [Clean]
37 Boyfriend
38 I Dare You to Break My Heart
39 Live Your Dream
40 Veronica Sawyer
41 We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
42 What Are Friends For
43 Boys Don't Cry
44 The Bad Guy
45 Call You
46 Your Girlfriend Sucks
47 My Imaginary Friend
48 Authority Song
49 241
50 I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend
51 Trendy
52 One Hit Wonderful [Clean]
53 Fuck Yourself
54 Don’t Stop Skankin’
55 Slow Down
56 We Close Our Eyes
57 Alternative Baby
58 I Want Your Girlfriend To Be M
59 Spin the Globe
60 Famous Last Words
61 The New Version Of You
62 Won't Back Down
63 Mele Kalikimaka
64 I'm Cool
65 Gigantic
66 One Hit Wonderful
67 Hate You
68 Lost Cause
69 Will The Revolution Come
70 Ban The Tube Top [Clean]
71 S.R.
72 Give It To Me [Clean]
73 Down In Flames
74 Nothing But A Good Time
75 In The Pit
76 I Love/You Suck
77 Talk Dirty To Me
78 Boss DJ
79 Suckers [Clean]
80 Unity
81 Where Have You Been? (Modern Rock Version)
82 Everything Is Cool
83 Sayonara Señorita
84 Say Ten
85 P.S. I Hate You
86 Everybody's Drunk
87 Story of My Life
88 Brand New Hero
89 Nothin' But A Good Time
90 Why Do All Girls Think They're Fat?
91 The Fire
92 Give It to Me
93 Song #3
94 The Promise
95 Please Don't Tell Her I Have A Girlfriend
96 She's Got A Girlfriend Now
97 Cheer Up
98 Thank You For Not Moshing [Clean]
99 Don't Start A Band [Clean]
100 Scott's a Dork
101 I'm Cool (Acoustic demo)
102 Skank For Christmas
103 Fuck Off Song
104 Dateless Loser
105 Everything Sucks [Clean]
106 Beer
107 Talkin' Bout Revolution
108 Victory Over Peter Bones (The Legend of Alan Guile Versus Peter Bones)
109 Let's Go Smoke Some Pot
110 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
111 I'm Her Man
112 Drunk Again
113 Sellout
114 Everything Sucks
115 Don't Start a Band
116 Punisher
117 Big Fuckin' Star
118 Lickle Drummond Bwoy
119 NY, NY
120 Good Thing
121 Sell Out [Clean]
122 Hungry Like the Wolf
123 Thank You for Not Moshing
124 Everyone Else Is an Asshole
125 Whatever U Celebrate
126 Cannibal
127 She's Famous Now [Clean]
128 Where Have You Been? [Clean]
129 Join the Club
130 Turn the Radio Off
131 The Kids Don't Like It
132 The Set Up (You Need This)
133 She's Not the End of the World
134 Average Man
135 Carol Of The Beers
136 Brown Eyed Girl
137 Give It To Me [Explicit]
138 Rock 'n Roll Is Bitchin'
139 Take On Me [Clean]
140 Nothin'
141 Say Goodbye
142 Don’t Let Me Down Gently
143 Auld Lang Syne
144 Beer [Clean]
145 Cheer Up [Clean]
146 Sell Out
147 Super Hero #5
148 You Don't Know
149 I Know You Too Well to Like You Anymore
150 Party Down
151 Dateless Losers
152 Suckers
153 I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too [Clean]
154 She Has a Girlfriend Now
155 A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Reel Big Fish Bio

Reel Big Fish is an American ska punk band from Huntington Beach, California, best known for the 1997 hit "Sell Out". The band gained mainstream recognition in the mid-to-late 1990s, during the third wave of ska with the release of the gold certified album Turn the Radio Off. Soon after, the band lost mainstream recognition but gained an underground cult following. The band was no longer signed to a major record label in 2006 and is currently independent. After many line-up changes throughout the years, front man Aaron Barrett remains the only founding member in the band.

Reel Big Fish released a demo in 1992 which is now called "In The Good Old Days". With the departure of Ben Guzman, then backup vocalist Aaron Barrett took his place as lead singer. The band then changed their genre to ska.