Reef Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Reef Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Choose To Live
2 Love Feeder
3 Funny Feeling
4 Metro
5 Moaner Snap
6 Give Me Your Love
7 Lately Stomping (Live At Metropolis Studios/2012)
8 Feed Me
9 Lucky Number
10 End
11 Hiding
12 Set The Record Straight
13 Scary Movies Instrumental
14 Undone and Sober
15 Stone for Your Love
16 Don’t You Like It?
17 Getaway
18 Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
19 Place Your Hands
20 Allotment
21 Lately Stomping
22 I’m Not Scared
23 Consideration - Live At Metropolis Studios/2012
24 Higher Vibration (live)
25 New Bird
26 Don't You Like It?
27 Choose to Live (live)
28 Comfort
29 Place Your Hands - Live At Metropolis Studios/2012
30 All I Want
31 Sweety
32 Higher Vibration
33 All I Want (Radio Edit)
34 All I Want To Do
35 Summer's In Bloom - Live At Metropolis Studios/2012
36 Good Feeling
37 Back Into Line
38 I'm Not Scared
39 Wake (Acoustic Radio Session)
40 Naked - Live At Metropolis Studios/2012
41 Loose
42 Uncomfortable
43 Robot Riff
44 Place Your Hands (Live)
45 Won't You Listen
46 Summer's In Bloom
47 Resignation
48 Replusive (live)
49 Lullaby
50 Give Me Your Love (Radio Edit)
51 Stone for Your Love (Live)
52 Naked
53 Superhero
54 Naked (live)
55 Place Your Hands (live at The Wireless)
56 Consideration (Live)
57 Consideration
58 Solid
59 Come Back Brighter (live)
60 Summer's in Bloom (live at The Wireless)
61 I've Got Something to Say (Live)
62 Yer Old
63 Hold On
64 Who You Are
65 Higher Vibration (live at The Wireless)
66 New Bird (Live)
67 Come Back Brighter
68 Saturday
69 Who Are You
70 Lately Stomping (live at The Wireless)
71 Wandering
72 Yer Old (Live)
73 Foot One (Live At Metropolis Studios/2012)
74 I Do Not Know What They Will Do
75 Choose to Live (live at Norwich UEA)
76 Yer Old (live at Derby 1997)
77 Pretenders
78 Mellow
79 I Would Have Left You (Live At Metropolis Studios/2012)
80 I Would Have Left You
81 Back In My Place
82 Repulsive
83 Together
84 Stone For Your Love (Live At Metropolis Studios/2012)
85 Summers in Bloom
86 I've Got Something to Say
87 Locked Inside
88 How I Got Over
89 Don't You Like It? (Live At Metropolis Studios/2012)
90 Talk to Me
91 Weird
92 Foot One
93 Levels

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Reef Bio

Reef are an English band from Glastonbury, England. The band members included Gary Stringer on vocals, Kenwyn House on guitar, Jack Bessant on bass and Dominic Greensmith on drums.

Although most members of Reef have West Country connections, it was not until the four members met in London that the band was formed.

In 1993 while Bessant and Stringer were looking for band members, House had met up with Dominic Greensmith (from Barnstaple, Devon) in London, and discussed forming a band. The foursome finally got together, and started to jam, producing the extremely rare "Purple Tape" demo. The band initially called itself Naked, but later renamed themselves to Reef as other bands had the same name.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reef_(band)