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Genre: Electronic

Rednex Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Sad But True Story Of Ray Mingus...
2 Cotton-Eye Joe (Slide to the Side mix)
3 Spirit of the Hawk
4 McKenzie Brothers
5 Wish You Were Here (radio edit)
6 Bottleneck Bob (Run Like Hell Mix)
7 Football Is Our Religion (Extended Mix)
8 The Chase
9 Cotton Eye Joe 2002
10 Rolling Home (New version)
11 Wish You Were Here (live at Brunkeflo Town Hall)
12 Football Is Our Religion
13 The End
14 Cotton Eye Joe
15 Wish You Were Here
16 Old Pop in an Oak (DJ Cerla + Moratto remix)
17 Wish You Were Here (Stampede remix)
18 Mary Lou
19 Racing (Gangnam Style Eeey)
20 The Way I Mate
21 The Song of Silence
22 Cotton Eye Joe 2002 (Aquagen remix)
23 Get the Truck Loaded
24 Riding Alone
25 Wild and Free (Remix Extended)
26 Cotton Eye Joe (extended original version)
27 Love Me or Leave Me
28 Cotton Eye Joe 2002 (extended version)
29 Cotton Eye Joe (radio version)
30 Fat Sally Lee
31 Wild 'n' Free (original mix)
32 Cotton Eye Joe (original single version)
33 Ride the Hurricane's Eye
34 Cotton Eye Joe 2002 (Dance Nation remix)
35 Cotton Eye Joe (Armand's Dosey-Doe mix)
36 Nowhere in Idaho
37 Hittin' the Hay
38 Cotton Eye Joe (Madcow mix)
39 Rolling Home
40 The Chase (single edit)
41 Wild 'n' Free (original edit)
42 Cotton Eye Joe - Original Version;Clean Version
43 Cotton Eye Joe (Armand's Funky Trance mix)
44 Cotton Eyed Joe
45 Mama Take Me Home
46 Rolling Home (Tretow's Treatment radio)
47 Cotton Eye Joe (Original Version) (Clean Version)
48 Cotton Eye Joe (Overworked mix)
49 Old Pop in an Oak (original radio edit)
50 Wish You Where Here
51 Old Pop in an Oak (one more mix)
52 Wild 'N Free (Remix Edit)
53 Old Pop In An Oak
54 Old Pop in an Oak (Doug's Klub mix)
55 The Spirit of the Hawk (instrumental)
56 Devil's on the Loose (single version)
57 McKenzie Brothers Part 2
58 Wild 'N Free (Original Extended)
59 Wild 'N Free (Remix Extended)
60 The Spirit of the Hawk (F.A.F. Radio mix)
61 Old Pop in an Oak (original extended mix)
62 The Spirit of the Hawk (F.A.F's "Heap Bigg" remix)
63 Devil's on the Loose (radio version)
64 Bottleneck Bob
65 The Spirit of the Heart
66 The Devil Went Down to Georgia
67 Old Pop in an Oak (Doug's Phantom dub mix)
68 Hold Me for Awhile
69 Cotton Eye Joe (remix)
70 Country Roads
71 Wild 'N' Free
72 Ranger Jack
73 McKenzine Brothers
74 The Way I Mate (single version)
75 Where You Gonna Go
76 Cotton-Eye Joe (Original)
77 Fat Sallie Lee
78 Message From Our Sponsors
79 Rolling Home (extended)
80 The Way I Mate (extended version)
81 Maggie Moonshine (extended version)
82 Cotten Eye Joe
83 Hold Me for a While
84 Mckenzie Brothers II (Continued)
85 Cotten Eyed Joe
86 The Way I Mate (Rally remix)
87 Is He Alive
89 The Spirit of the Hawk
90 Bottleneck Bob 2000
91 Shooter
92 The Way I Mate (Humoing Stompin' remix)
93 Wild and Free
94 Football Is Our Religion (Single Mix)

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Rednex Bio

Rednex are a Swedish techno/folk/bluegrass band. They had an international novelty hit with their cover version of the song "Cotton Eye Joe" in 1994. They were very popular in Germany, where the band holds the record of most total weeks (25) at number one on the German singles chart over the past 30 years—scoring such hits as "Old Pop in an Oak", "The Spirit of the Hawk” and "Wish You Were Here".

Rednex usually record their songs with studio musicians, to complement the redneck performers who represent the group on stage and in music videos. As of 2012 there have been 19 different stage performers. Though most of them are not involved in the actual music making, they are responsible for the Rednex image and live shows as a whole, and thus are considered as much part of the group as the actual musicians.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rednex