Redgum Lyrics

Genre: Folk

Redgum Lyrics - by Popularity

1 One More Boring Night In Adelaide
2 Nuclear Cop (Live)
3 I've Been to Bali Too
4 I Was Only Nineteen (A Walk in the Green Light)
5 Carrington Cabaret
6 I Was Only 19 (A Walk In the Light Green) [Live]
7 Long Run
8 I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Green Light)
9 Killing Floor
10 Domination Quickstep
11 Caught In the Act (Live)
12 Beaumont Rag
13 Servin' USA
14 100 Years On
15 Stewie (Live)
16 The Last Frontier
17 Maria
18 Brown Rice And Kerosene
19 One More Boring Thursday Night In Adelaide
20 Lear Jets Over Kulgera (Live)
21 Brown Rice & Kerosine
22 Ted
23 The Federal Two-Ring Circus
24 Peter The Cabby
25 Fabulon (Live)
26 Nuclear Cop
27 Yarralumla Wine
28 A.S.I.O.
29 So Goodbye
30 The Diamantina Drover (Live)
31 Caught in the Act
33 Letter To B.J.
34 Where Ya Gonna Run To (Live)
35 Stewie
36 Spirit of the Land
37 Servin' U.S.A.
38 It Doesn't Matter to Me (Live)
39 Lear Jets Over Kulgera
40 Gladstone Pier
41 The Money's No Good
42 Long Run (Live)
43 Fabulon
44 Still Life
45 Your O.S. Trip
46 Poor Ned (Live)
47 The Diamantina Drover
48 Virgin Ground
49 Parramatta Gaol 1843
50 Raggin' (Live)
51 Where Ya Gonna Run To
52 Friday Night
53 I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green) - Live Version
54 The Last Frontier - Live Version
55 It Doesn't Matter to Me
56 Spark of the Heart
57 Beaumont Rag (Live)
58 The Drover's Dog
59 Poor Ned
60 Working Girls
61 The Last Frontier (Live)
62 H.M.A.S. Australia
63 Raggin'
64 I Was Only 19
65 Brown Rice & Kerosine (Live)
66 I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green)
67 I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light)

Redgum Bio

Australian folk and political music group formed in Adelaide in 1975 by singer-songwriter John Schumann, Michael Atkinson on guitars/vocals and Verity Truman on flute/vocals; they were soon joined by Chris Timms on violin. All four had been students at Flinders University and together developed an intensely passionate and outspoken outlook. They are best known for their protest song exploring the impact of war in 1983's "I Was Only Nineteen (A Walk in the Light Green)", which peaked at #1 on the National singles charts. The song is in the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) list of Top 30 of All Time Best Australian Songs created in 2001