Red Flag Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Red Flag Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Can’t Escape Forever (Dance)
2 alive
3 Russian Radio
4 Curtains (Prelude to a mix)
5 If I Ever (Bobby Clark mix)
6 Russian Radio (Radio Moscow edit)
7 Inner Sea
8 Pouring Rain
9 Serenity
10 Deeper Shade of Blue
11 Give Me Your Hand
12 Doom & Gloom
13 Machines (LP edit)
14 Russian Radio (Tremont & Webster mix)
15 Shame on the Moon
16 Satin Gown
17 Mockingbird
18 Control
19 All Roads Lead To You
20 Crazy
21 Illumination
22 The Thought of You
23 My Love
24 Twisted
25 Halo
26 Eternal Flame
27 Count To Three
28 Born Again (extended)
29 Russian Radio (No Nuke mix by Michael Marshall Andsteve Smith)
30 Shadow Warrior
31 In My Dreams
32 Time Is the Reaper (Already Dead mix)
33 Time Is the Reaper (Instigator Italy)
34 Doom And Gloom
35 Electromachine
36 Broken Heart
37 Born Again (Dark mix)
38 I Am the Wind
39 Hard Times for Dreamers
40 Ruby Roses
41 Time Is the Reaper (Original)
42 Glass Spider
43 Fallen Angel
44 Rain
45 Across the Endless Sea (Monster)
46 On The Highway
47 Talk About the Future
48 Things We Say
49 Time Is the Reaper
50 Beyond Hereafter
51 Codebreaker T133
52 Halo (Scribe Machine RF edit)
53 Doom and Gloom (Cease and Desist)
54 So Lie With Me
55 Illumination (extended)
56 I See You
57 Halo (original)
58 Look At Me
59 Count to Three (House mix)
60 If I Ever (Hot radio mix)
61 Save Me Tonight
62 Illumination (Something mix)
63 Rejection
64 Halo (Phase Theory edit)
65 Maybe This Maybe Is Gone
66 Count to Three (Razormaid remix)
67 If I Ever (12" dance remix)
68 I Don't Know Why
69 If I Ever (1000 Years mix)
70 Heaven in Medias Res
71 Unleash All Hell (original)
72 Fadeaway (Dance)
73 A Life Worth Living
74 If I Ever (LP version)
75 If I Ever (Extended remix)
76 Russian Radio (Razormaid mix)
77 L. O. V. E.
78 Unleash All Hell
79 Once Again (Dance)
80 Ambient Tier
81 Russian Radio (Nuclear Mutant mix)
82 Russian Radio (Razormaid dub)
83 If I Ever (Razormaid mix)
84 Tortured Daisy
85 Control (Craig DeGraff and L. Barron mix)
86 Can’t Escape Forever
87 Cry Me a River
88 Nevermind http: (Cosmicity mix)
89 hollow
90 The Pyramid Song
91 Goodbye
92 Cause and Consequence
93 Serenity (Dance)
94 Curtains
95 I Don't Know Why (Shades of Grey mix)
96 nevermind http
97 One Plus One
98 Russian Radio (Seibold mix)
99 Oxygen (Dance)
100 Destiny (Ode to Luscombe Close)
101 Oxygen
102 For the Dark
103 Russian Radio (Scribe Machine mix)
104 Take Care Love
105 Nobody's Perfect
106 Russian Radio (Decade mix)
107 Once Again
108 Fear of Red Planet
109 If I Ever
110 Black Rose
111 Take Care Love (Wave in Head mix)
112 Synthpopalooza
113 Thin Air
114 Take Care Love (Blind mix)
115 Destroy Me (Dance)
116 cliché
117 Pretty In Pity
118 Curtains (Ovation mix)
119 If I Ever (Provision mix)
120 Russian Radio ("Glasnost" club mix)
121 The Bitter End
122 Rescue (Razormaid mix)
123 One By One

Red Flag Bio

Red Flag is a synthpop band founded in 1984 in San Diego by brothers Chris and Mark Reynolds.

Hailing from Liverpool, England, and after growing up there, the brothers moved to locations such as Montreal and Seattle, following their father's itinerant job. In 1979, the family settled in California, arriving first in Los Angeles, then San Diego. The brothers first started playing electronic music in 1982, when Mark Reynolds bought a Roland Juno-60 synthesizer over a guitar on a trip to a music store. The first song they recorded, "Distant Memories", under the name "Shades of May", was selected for a compilation album, Local Heroes, by San Diego radio station 91X in 1984.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Flag_(band)