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Genre: Rock

Razorlight Lyrics - by Popularity

1 North London Trash
2 You And The Rest
3 Burberry Blue Eyes
4 Golden Touch - Performed live for iTunes on 10th October 2006
5 Rip It Up (Sawmills '04)
6 Heartbreak Soup
7 Leave Me Alone (live)
8 Vice
9 Monster Boots
10 Back To The Start - Performed live for iTunes on 10th October 2006
11 In the City (Sawmills '04)
12 Stumble and Fall
13 In the Morning
14 Who Needs Love?
15 The House
16 Somewhere Else - Performed live for iTunes on 10th October 2006
17 Don’t Go Back to Dalston
18 For Georgia (At the Hammersmith Working Men's Club)
19 Hold On
20 Fall, Fall, Fall
21 Burberry Blues Eyes
22 Los Angeles Waltz - Performed live for iTunes on 10th October 2006
23 Don't Go Back To Dalston
24 Hang By, Hang By
25 Before I Fall to Pieces
26 Los Angeles Waltz
27 House
28 In The City - Performed live for iTunes on 10th October 2006
29 Wire to Wire (BBC Live Lounge)
30 Stumble & Fall
31 I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got
32 Hostage of Love
33 Star
34 Hold On (Live)
35 Wire to Fire
36 Golden Touch
37 Doctor, Doctor
38 Tabloid Lover
39 Get It And Go
40 Before I Fall to Pieces (Live)
41 Tabloid Lover (Live from London)
42 Up All Night
43 Pop Song 2006
44 To the Sea
45 Dalston
46 Somewhere Else (Live)
47 In the Morning (Live)
48 Bright Light (demo version)
49 America
50 Stinger
51 Wire To Wire - iTunes version
52 Los Angeles Waltz (Live)
53 Rip It Up
54 Losing Your Mind
55 Back to the Start
56 Englishman In New York
57 In The Morning - Live from Hyde Park
58 In the City (Live)
59 Spirit
60 If You Know What I Know
61 Teenage Kicks (live)
62 Leave Me Alone
63 Somewhere Else - Live at the Marquee
64 In The Morning (live de la Semaine)
65 Yes, You Should Know
66 Dean Take Your Time
67 In the Morning (acoustic)
68 Golden Girl
69 Which Way Is Out
70 Golden Touch - Live at the Marquee
71 Los Angeles Waltz (live de la Semaine)
72 For Georgia (At the Hammersmith Working Mens Club)
73 Keep the Right Profile
74 Back To The Start (Live)
75 America (Radio Edit)
76 To The Sea - Live at the Marquee
77 Golden Touch - Live Lounge
78 Back to the Start (Live At Royal Albert Hall)
79 Rock 'n' Roll Lies
80 Somewhere Else
81 Get It and Go (live from Brixton)
82 Before I Fall to Pieces (live @ BNN That's Live)
83 Hey Ya! - Jo Whiley Session
84 Before I Fall to Pieces (Live At Royal Albert Hall)
85 Action
86 Kirby's House
87 America (live)
88 60 Thompson
89 In The Morning - Performed live for iTunes on 10th October 2006
90 America (Live At Royal Albert Hall)
91 In the City
92 Hey Ya (BBC live version)
93 Wire To Wire
94 Hold On - Performed live for iTunes on 10th October 2006
95 Rock'n'Roll Lies (Sawmills '04)
96 When He Was 20...
97 Action!
98 Killing Casanova (Band Version)
99 Blood For Wild Blood

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Razorlight Bio

Razorlight are an Anglo-Swedish indie rock band formed in 2002. They are primarily known in their home country, having topped the charts with the 2006 single America and its parent self-titled album, their second.

At the beginning of their career Johnny Borrell's new outfit began by supporting The Libertines at various venues (including 333 in Old Street) where a young A&R scout, Justin Cross, found them and put them in Liam Watson's Toerag Studios where he produced the tracks "Rip It Up", "Rock 'n' Roll Lies" and "In The City" alongside John Fortis. Off the back of these tracks the band (now named Razorlight) began getting serious A&R heat due to the songs' success on radio stations such as John Kennedy Show on XFM.

Razorlight's debut album, Up All Night, was released on June 28, 2004, reaching number 3 in the UK album charts. The critical reception was generally good, receiving good reviews from NME, Q magazine and Billboard, although they were also accused of lack of imagination and unoriginality for allegedly borrowing ideas from other influential bands such as The Strokes.

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