Rainbow Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Rainbow Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Catch the Rainbow
2 I Surrender
3 Midtown Tunnel Vision
4 Street of Dreams
5 Stargazer
6 Fire Dance
7 If You Don't Like Rock And Roll
8 Self Portrait
9 Since You Been Gone
10 The Temple of the King
11 MISS Mistreated
12 Tearin' Out My Heart
13 16th Century Greensleeves
14 Tite Squeeze
15 Desperate Heart
16 Jealous Lover
17 Fool For The Night
18 Man on the Silver Mountain
19 Can't Happen Here
20 Death Alley Driver
21 Eyes Of Fire
22 Magic
23 No Release
24 Stone Cold
25 Lost in Hollywood
26 Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
27 Spotlight Kid
28 Starstruck
29 Hall of the Mountain King
30 Kill the King
31 Burn (Deep Purple cover)
32 Can't Let You Go
33 All Night Long
34 I Just Want To Make Love To You
35 Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover)
36 Black Sheep Of The Family
37 Makin' Love
38 Temple of the King
39 Can’t Happen Here
40 Drinking With The Devil
41 Introduction
42 Eyes Of The World
43 Beethoven
44 Too Late for Tears
45 All Night Long (Live at Donington)
46 Since You've Been Gone
47 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
48 Gates Of Babylon
49 Make Your Move
50 Hunting Humans (Insatiable)
51 Stranded
52 Still I'm Sad (Live)
53 Wolf to the Moon
54 Bring On The Night (Dream Chaser)
55 Tarot Woman
56 Paul Morris's Keyboard Solo
57 Do You Close Your Eyes
58 Still I'm Sad (The Yardbirds cover)
59 Freedom Fighter
60 Run with the Wolf
61 Black Masquerade
62 Mistreated (Live)
63 Ariel
64 Power
65 A Light in the Black
66 Since You Been Gone (Russ Ballard cover)
67 Rock Fever
68 Danger Zone
69 Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple cover)

Rainbow Bio

Rainbow (also known as Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow or Blackmore's Rainbow) were an English rock band, controlled by former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore from 1975 to 1984 and 1994 to 1997. It was originally established with former Elf  members, though over the years Rainbow went through many lineup changes with no two studio albums featuring the same line-up. In addition to lead singers Ronnie James Dio, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner and Doogie White, the project consisted of numerous backing musicians. The band started out combining mystical lyric themes with neo-classical metal, but went in a more streamlined commercial style following Dio's departure from the group.

Rainbow was ranked #90 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.

In 1974, Ritchie Blackmore became infuriated at the funk/soul (or as Blackmore called it, "shoeshine music") elements being introduced to Deep Purple by David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, as well as with the rejection from his bandmates of his suggestion to record a cover for inclusion on Stormbringer.

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