Raimundos Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Raimundos Bio

Raimundos is one band often categorized as punk/hardcore, sometimes as Forrocore, which plays brazilian hardcore punk. They have some minor influences of Forró and some major influences of 80's punk and hardcore bands, especially Ramones. It was formed in Brasilia, in 1987 by Digão and Rodolfo Abrantes.

The vocalist Derrick Green of Sepultura participated on their CD Kavookavala and João Gordo Of Ratos de Porão participated on their first album Raimundos (1994) providing backing vocals on the song MM's.

The band has had major successes with "Mulher de Fases", "Eu Quero Ver o Oco" and "Puteiro em João Pessoa", among others.

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