Queers Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Queers Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Can't Stop Farting
2 Too Many Twinkies (King)
3 Fuck This World
4 If You Only Had A Brain (King)
5 All Screwed Up (King, B-Face)
6 Ben Weasel (King)
7 Voodoo Doll (King)
8 Everything's Going My Way (King)
9 High School Psychopath (Part Two) (King, Vapid, B-
10 Hi Mom, It's Me
11 I Hate Everything
12 Monster Zero
13 She's A Cretin (King)
14 Half Shit-Faced (B-Face, King)
15 Noodle Brain
16 Rambo Rat
17 Fuck You
18 Danny Vapid
19 Debra Jean
20 Feling Groovy
21 I Didn't Get Invited To The Prom (King)
22 Psychedelic Mindfuck
23 Brush Your Teeth
24 Idiot Savant
25 Just Say Cunt
26 Granola-Head
27 I Knew GG When He Was A Wimp
28 Sidewalk Surfer Girl
29 I Enjoy Being A Boy
30 Yeah, Well, Whatever
31 I Can't Stand You
32 I Got A Girlfriend (King)
33 Keep It Punk
34 Another Girl
35 Don't Mess It Up
36 I Don't Want To Go To The Moon
37 Next Stop Rehab (King)
38 White Minority
39 Love Love Love
40 Sayonara Sucker
41 I've Had It With You
42 Peppermint Girl (King)
43 Don't Touch My Hat
44 I Can't Get Over You
45 Uncouth
46 Drop The Attitude Fucker (King)
47 I'm The Boy For You
48 Outta My Skull
49 Tamara Is A Punk
50 Little Rich Working Class Oi-boy
51 Grounded (King)
52 I Won't Be
53 Night Of The Livid Queer
54 I'm Pissed
55 Back To The Basement
56 Everything's O.K.
57 Strangle The Girl
58 Tangerine
59 Don't Back Down
60 I Didn't Puke
61 I'm Not A Mongo Anymore
62 Live This Life (King)
63 Teenage Bonehead
64 No Tit
65 Mrs. Brown, You've Got An Ugly Daughter
66 Stupid Fucking Vegan
67 Teenage Gluesniffer (King, Weasel)
68 Ursula Finally Has Tits
69 Punk Rock Girls
70 The Sun Always Shines Around You
71 In With The Out Crowd
72 You're Tripping
73 I'm Okay You're Fucked
74 Rancid Motherfucker
75 I Wanna Know
76 Cut It Dude (King)
77 Rollerdog
78 Number One
79 Punk Rock Confidential
80 Journey To The Center Of Your Empty Fucking Skull
81 You Make Me Wanna Puke (King)
82 Definitely (King)
83 Titfuck
84 I Only Drink Bud
85 Today I Fell In Love
86 I Hate Your Fucking Guts
87 Daydreaming
88 Fucked In The Head
89 I Always Knew
90 Pretty Flamingo
91 Babyface (Boo-Hoo-Hoo)
92 From Your Boy (King)
93 Everday Girl
94 Born To Do Dishes
95 Motherfucker
96 My Cunt's A Cunt
97 Pull Me Out Of It
98 Janelle, Janelle
99 Like A Parasite
100 I Just Called To Say Fuck You

Queers Bio

The Queers are a pop punk band formed in late 1981 by Portsmouth, New Hampshire native Joe King (aka Joe Queer) along with Scott Gildersleeve (aka Tulu), and Jack Hayes (aka Wimpy Rutherford). The band originally broke up in late 1984, but reformed with Joe Queer and a new line-up in 1986. In 1990, the band signed with Shakin' Street Records and released their first album Grow Up. The album earned the band notoriety within New England, but with the release of their next album 1993's Love Songs for the Retarded, on Lookout! Records, their following grew larger.

In 2006, after releasing six albums on Lookout!, the band rescinded their master rights from the label, citing breach of contract over unpaid royalties. Later that year they signed with Asian Man Records.

The Queers' cover of "Wipe Out" was featured in the 2007 Columbia Pictures and ImageWorks Studios mockumentary film Surf's Up, produced by Sony Pictures Animation and National Geographic Films.

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