Public Enemy Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Public Enemy Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Meet The G That Killed Me
2 He Got Game
3 Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
4 Gotta Do What I Gotta Do
5 Yo! Bum Rush The Show
6 Night of the Living Baseheads
7 A Letter to the New York Post
8 Rebel Without a Pause
9 By the Time I Get to Arizona
10 I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Nigga
11 Louder Than a Bomb
12 Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man)
13 Give It Up
14 Crash
15 Pollywanacraka
16 I Stand Accused
17 Shut Em Down
18 Cold Lampin With Flavor
19 Who Stole The Soul?
20 Thin Line Between Law & Rape
21 Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic
22 Fight the Power
23 How to Kill a Radio Consultant
24 Louder Than a Bomb (JMJ Telephone Tap Groove)
25 Shake Your Booty
26 Lost At Birth
27 Leave This Off Your Fu*kin Charts
28 Godd Complexx
29 Crayola
30 Move!
31 Tie Goes to the Runner
32 Do You Wanna Go Our Way???
33 Nighttrain
34 Bring the Noise
35 Last Mass Of The Caballeros
36 Reggie Jax
37 And No One Broadcasted Louder Than... (Intro)
38 Makes You Blind
39 Living In A Zoo
40 Anti-Nigger Machine
41 Paid
42 Game Face
43 Prophets of Rage
44 Air Hoodlum
45 Bring tha Noize
46 She Watch Channel Zero?!
47 Can't Truss It
48 Fear Of A Black Planet
49 Politics of the Sneaker Pimps
50 Get The Fuck Outta Dodge
51 Public Enemy No.1
52 Raise The Roof
53 Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Da
54 I Stand Accused - Clean Version
55 41:19
56 More News at 11
57 Say It Like It Really Is
58 Sophisticated Bitch
59 Corplantationopoly
60 Caught, Can We Get a Witness
61 Party for Your Right to Fight
62 He Got Game
63 Son of a Bush
64 Unstoppable
65 Theatrical Parts
66 Get it In
67 Riotstarted
68 Timebomb
69 Earthizen
70 House Of The Rising Son
71 Night of The Living Baseheads
72 Dark Side Of The Wall 2000
73 What You Need Is Jesus
74 Harry Allen’s Interactive Super Highway Phone Call To Chuck D
75 Hitler Day
76 Hoover Music
77 Broke Diva
78 Too Much Posse
79 Praise The Loud
80 Swindlers Lust
81 You're Gonna Get Yours
82 I Shall Not Be Moved
83 Hard Rhymin'
84 Livin In A Zoo (Remix)
85 I Ain't Mad at All
86 Catch the Thrown
87 First The Sheep Next The Shepherd?
88 Rebirth
89 Welcome To The Terror Dome
90 Power To The People
91 Intro
92 Race Against Time
93 Go Cat Go
94 Fight the Power (Soul Power u2013 Who Stole This Soul)
95 Plastic Nation
96 Revelation 33 1/3 Revolutions
98 Here I Go
99 Cant Truss It
100 Lost at Birth
101 Mind Terrorist
102 Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man
103 Gotta Give The Peeps What They Need
104 66.6 Strikes Again
105 Live And Undrugged Part I & II
106 Truth Decay
107 FassFood
108 I
109 911 Is a Joke
110 Everything
111 Put It Up
112 Revolutionary Generation
113 Miuzi Weighs a Ton
114 Who Stole the Soul? (Sir Jinx Stolen Souled Out Reparation Mixx)
115 31 Flavors
116 House Sell Soul To A Souless People Who Sold Their Soul?
117 MKLVFKWR (“Make Love, Fuck War”)
118 WTF?
119 Kevorkian
120 Public Enemy #1
121 War At 33 1/3
122 Get Up Stand Up
123 Sudden Death (Interlude)
124 MKLVFKWR (Put Your Hands In The Air)
125 Shut Em Down
126 How You Sell Soul To A Souless People Who Sold Their Soul?
127 Don't Believe the Hype
128 Either We Together Or We Ain’t
129 Rage Against Time
130 1 Million Bottlebags
131 The Evil Empire Of...
132 LSD
133 Brothers Gonna Work It Out
134 Shut Em Down (Pete Rock) Remix
135 Welcome To The Terrordome
136 Rebel Without a Pause
137 Bring The Noise(Anthrax)
138 New Whirl Odor
139 Shut Em Down (Live in the UK)
140 Revolution
141 So Whatcha Gone Do Now?
142 Dont Give Up The Fight
143 Swindler's Lust
144 B Side Wins Again
145 Harder Than You Think (London Radio edit)
146 Get the F... Outta Dodge
147 911 is a Joke
148 Living In A Zoo (The 13th Message)
149 Preaching To The Quiet
150 How to Kill a Radio Consultant (The DJ Chuck Chillout Mega Murder Boom)
151 Check What You’re Listening To
152 Stop In The Name...
153 A Letter To The NY Post
154 1 ( PEace )
155 What What
156 Burn Hollywood Burn
157 No Sympathy from the Devil
158 White Heaven / Black Hell
159 Welcome to The Terrordome
160 Bring That Beat Back
161 What A Fool Believes
162 Megablast (The Madd Skillz Bass Pipe Gett Off Remixx)
163 As Long As The People Got Somethin’ To Say
164 They Used To Call It Dope
165 2 ( resPEct)
166 World Tour Sessions
167 Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man
168 Me To We
169 Fight The Power (Soundtrack Version)
170 Gett Off My Back
171 Hoover Music
172 Y'All Don't Know
173 Y'all Don't Know (So What Ya Saying?)
174 Party for Your Right to Fight (Blak Wax Metromixx)
175 Either You Get It By Now Or You Don’t
176 Beyond Trayvon
177 Miuzi Weighs A Ton
178 Contract On The World Love Jam
179 Man Plans God Laughs
180 Incident At 66.6 FM (Instrumental)
181 Black Steel in the Hour/Do You Wanna Go Our Way
182 Harder Than You Think
183 Is Your God a Dog
184 You're Gonna Get Yours (Reanimated TX Getaway version)
185 Superman’s Black In The Building
186 What Kind A Power We Got?
187 ...Everything
188 M.P.E.
189 Give Peace a Damn
190 Kill Em Live
191 Hazy Shade of Criminal
192 Show 'Em Whatcha Got
193 Revolverlution
194 Terminator X Speaks With His Hands
195 Aintnuttin Buttersong
196 Run Til Its Dark
197 What Side You On?
198 Fame
199 Those Who Know, Know Who
200 Super Agent
201 Hit da Road Jack
202 Bring The Noise
203 The Enemy Battle Hymn Of The Public
204 Resurrection
205 Countdown To Armageddon
206 Bedlam 13:13
207 Get Up Stand Up
208 White Heaven/Black Hell
209 Icebreaker
210 Mine Again
211 Donu2019t Believe the Hype
212 Watch The Door
213 Show ‘Em Watcha Got
214 Death Of A Carjacka
215 Most of My Heroes Still..
216 Whole Lotta Love Goin On in the Middle of Hell
217 Notice (Know This)
218 Incident At 66.6 FM
219 Lost in Space Music
220 Megablast
221 Can't Truss It
222 Pump The Music, Pump The Sound
223 Super Agent...He Is What He Is
224 Security Of The First World
225 I Shall Not Be Moved

Public Enemy Bio

Public Enemy is an American hip hop group consisting of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff, The S1W group, Khari Wynn and DJ Lord. Formed on Long Island, New York in 1982, they are known for their politically charged lyrics and criticism of the American media, with an active interest in the frustrations and concerns of the African American community.

They remain one of the most critically acclaimed bands in history. Their first four albums during the late 1980s and early 1990s were all certified either gold or platinum and were, according to music critic Robert Hilburn in 1998, "the most acclaimed body of work ever by a hip hop act." In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Public Enemy number 44 on its list of the Immortals: 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, the highest ranking for a hip hop act.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Enemy_(music_group)